How I was scammed for the First time ("Find the Lady" scam).

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When I was just 15 years old, in 1972, I went to London for the first time. I lived at the end of the Central Line subway. London held many promises and every young boy wanted to venture to see the lights and entertainment. There were so many interesting things to do or buy. I especially wanted to see soho, known for its underground culture and sex shops.

I readiness for my trip to London, I had drawn out all my money. I had four five pound notes with me. That was a huge amount of money for 1972. You would have to be mad to put so much money in your pocket.

The bright lights of London

I was having a great time walking round Soho, Piccadilly, Leicester Square, Oxford Street, Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. People were everywhere.

It was so exciting. There were street entertainers, magicians, dancers, and street singers. All the shops had bright lights. There were slot-machine arcades, gadget shops and street sellers with crafts of all kinds.

The card dealer

In a side street I came across a small group of 4 or 5 people watching a man dealing cards. The dealer had an up-turned cardboard box. He was dealing cards onto it shouting "Find the lady and double your money. Everyone wins"

"Find the lady"

I approached to better understand what was happening. As if by magic the group parted to let me come close up and get a good view. The dealer had three cards - two low black ones and a queen of hearts, ("the Lady"). He would show the three cards, deal them face down, and mix them up. "Find the lady and double your money", he would shout.

It wasn't hard to follow "the Lady". People were betting on where the queen lay. Sometimes people got it right, sometimes they got it wrong. To me it seemed really easy to find "the Lady". I would have been able to win all the time. Most of the other punters didn't seem to be much good at following the queen card.

The exception was the player on my right. He could always spot the queen. He seemed to be winning almost every deal.


"It's a £20 minimum bet" called the dealer. "Come on sonny, want to have a go?", he said looking at me.

"No, no no, I'm just looking", I said.

I was quite tempted. It seemed like easy money, but in those days £20 was a huge fortune. Funnily enough it corresponded to all the money I had in my pocket. I would need some of it for my train fare home. The rest was for all the wonderful things I planned to buy in London. I couldn't afford to take the risk of betting it, even on a dead-cert like this.

The winning player

The game continued. The man, standing next to me, on my right, seemed to be winning all the time. He would slam his hand down on the chosen card to make sure the dealer didn't switch cards. He'd put his bet, - a bundle of fivers, on the table, between his fingers and the card.

One time he slammed his hand on the card and said to the dealer "twenty quid for me and twenty kid for this man next to me". He was pointing at a man in a suit on his right. The dealer said to the suited man, "Show me your money first.". The suited man seemed reluctant and shook his head. The dealer turned the card over and sure enough it was - as I already knew, the queen. "Too bad", said the winning guy, "All you had to do was show him your money".

Another round of cards. The dealer shouted "Find the lady and double your money - it's minimum twenty quid". I was starting to be tempted. I knew which of the three cards was "the lady". I could feel the four five pound notes in my pocket. The winning guy once again picked the right card, and said the same thing to the dealer, "Twenty quid for me and twenty quid for this gentleman", referring again to the man in the suit.

"Put your money on the table sir - if you want to bet", said the dealer. Gingerly the businessman pulled out his wallet, counting out 20 pounds and put them on the table. The dealer turned over the card, and sure enough it was the queen again. The dealer paid the two winners £20 each.

The Sting

The dealer showed us the three cards and laid them face-down on the table, swapping their places before calling out "Find the lady and double your money". This time, the winning player on my right slammed his hand on the queen saying "Twenty quid for me and twenty quid for this little lad here", pointing at me. "Show the dealer your money son", said the guy.

I pulled out the four five pound notes from my pocket.

"Put your money on the table", said the dealer. I put my money down.

The adrenalin was running high. I was ecstatic at the thought of the £20 I was about to win. My heart was beating so fast. I couldn't wait for the dealer to turn over the queen and hand me back £40.

My Shock - It's not the Queen of Hearts!

The dealer started to turn over the card. I watched him intently. I didn't want any cheating when my huge fortune was on the table. I was going crazy with the anticipation.

My heart stopped. I froze. It was the 2 of clubs! What? Where was the queen? I saw him put it there. I always knew where the queen landed. I felt vomit and bile coming up into my throat. It was impossible for the queen to be somewhere else. I stared at the two of clubs. I wasn't seeing right? It must be the queen?

I was in shock. I couldn't understand it. The dealer had been paying everyone. Everyone had been winning. He had to pay me too? This couldn't be happening to me.

Asking for my money back

I stuttered "I...I... I.. er... made a mistake.... can I have my money back?"

Before I had finished uttering those stunned words, someone down the street shouted "The bill!". "The bill" was cockney slang for "The police". The group suddenly seemed to melt away, as if by magic. Six people went in six directions. I never saw the dealer leave. It all happened so quickly. I found myself alone on the side street next to the over-turned cardboard box.

Penniless with nothing but a cardboard box

I was penniless. I didn't have any money left to spend in London. I didn't have my train fare. Everything I had was gone. All I had left was an empty cardboard box.


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The same thing happened to me in Caracas, on a visit to the capital. That mode of operation is a very common scam. while you take out your money, they turn the box over. The only way to avoid losing, is to be accompanied by someone who holds the card while you take your money and bets, or you already have the money at hand.
If you take your eyes off the letter, you lose. These scammers are very fast.

The best part is, do not bet.
and if it has already happened to you, that lesson is expensive, but it helps you shape your character for the future.


I know you are right. It is best not to bet.

This story happened 45 years ago.

I did not know that you can't win a bet.

These scammers still operate today on the streets of London.

You can see how the game is played in London here:


hehehe that man speaks very fast, I could hardly read the subtitles of the video. thanks for sharing my friend.

Temptation for a quick gain can sometimes backfire. Hope you learned your lesson and did not have to go through it again. I feel your pain as I been through similar scam but with playing dices. Really makes me feel sick to my stomach every time I think about it.

Thank you for sharing your first scam story. I had a visual in my head of them scattering like rats.
It triggers me remembering my own which maybe I'll post.
Have a great Sunday.

Eyah!!! It was a sorrowful experience. Those people are not ordinary people, they use magic. I could remember the time I fell into their victim around 2011 while I was doing my degree program. I went to market with the intention to buy a printer and food stuff. They were advertising fairly used phones for a cheap prices, it was tue price of the phone that enticed me. After I paid for the phone, they said I had to play before having it. I don't used to play gambles before but I saw people winning, so I picked, when I lifted it, it was the wrong one. Shit! My money was not complete again, I said to myself. They scoped me to play another one that I may be lucky. I played again, I still picked the wrong one. Now I started to be feeling pains inside. I couldn't figure out what was actually happening. The man that was winning now told me that he can help me recover my money that I should drop the remaining balance I had, that he would pick for me. I did as he said. But to my surprise, he picked the wrong card. I was totally in a confused state. They used the same format for me by shouting police!!! Before I know, everyone of them have disappeared. I was left alone.


Lol. This seems to be a very old trick which is always played on very new people.

What a staged scenario. This is almost the same format they use with cards. They set up a stage and also set the people around the stage, it is the decoy, the person appears to be neutral and with such can influence your judgements for the particular period. I have my own episode but I guess I should share it on the writing competition.

Awww! What a relieve!

When I saw your title:

How I was Scammed for the First time

I felt so sad and sorry, thinking It happened recently. Especially for the fact that it has been a long time I last read your blog post... I thought a lot had happened to you.

You've got a way of telling stories that get my eye glued all to the end!

Sorry for that experience, but you learned a lesson thay perhaps has saved you a lifetime.


Lol... Same here bro, the story was really captivating

Scam every, we all have been scammed one way or the other but this is a bad experience.

Sigh... A lot of people outsmart innocent people this days, this still happening everytime! I had similar experience too, I understand how it feels. But when you remember those days you fell victim you will just smile and hope those scammers will ever change!

Dont know if I should laugh about this or take it seriously, as I found it somewhat interesting to read and also a eye opener, personally I think they were all together and the man was the bait to fish you in and after going through the above process as you mentioned, you were convinced and it was time to bring the big fish you in.

Sorry to all that have been dupe, one way or the other.

Same thing happened to me some weeks back, but I always thought, in order for one to be dupe, you had to be careless until it happened to me.

Well if you ever be duped, I say this to you, its not your fault and there was absolutely no way you could know, so dont beat yourself, smile and move on, through experience we are able to become more vigilant and careful


Now when I look back on the last 50 years I can say I have been scammed many times - sometimes for far more money than you could imagine. But the one which had the most impact was the first one - that I described in this story. I maybe could tell 20 stories like this. For example, how I was taken to the Chinese tea festival by some nice young "students" in Shang-hai, only to get a bill for hundreds of dollars. you live and learn and get more wary as you get older and wiser.


Yes exactly anyway you could share some of these stories with us, probably when you a little bit chance, the above was really entertaining.

I cant recall the last time I had fun reading something lengthy like the above

Hahaha. What an interesting story. I guess you learnt your lessons right away.
I've always been a hater of gambling and luck-games. Tricksters are everywhere. They are even actually very much here in Nigeria called money doubler and all sorts. It's interesting to know they're also here in England. I enjoyed the story and i hope people learn from it.
I remembered once asking where you're from and you choose not to tell. I guess I've found out now. Gat ya!!!! Lol

It's been a while you made a post though. You've been away for a while. Hope there's no problem??


Actually the problem is that real life sometimes gets in the way of my online virtual world. These parralle worlds both want to take all of my time.


It's not really easy dealing with both the real world and the internet world at the same time.
All the same we miss you. And we hope we'd be online more often.

Wow! Sorry for such experience. Its common and i've also fallen for it here in my country. But here they don't use cards. They use matchbox, two empty and one filled matchbox. They hold the filled matchbox up and show it to participants and then shuffle it randomly on the table for you to identify the filled matchbox.

I was passing by this road on a sunny afternoon and saw people gathered. The dealers voice caught my attention and i went to observe what was happening. It didn't take me too long to give in, and i decided to play. When he raise the filled matchbox up, i saw it and my gaze never left that matchbox even as fast as he could try shuffling i was certain i was looking at the filled matchbox. I dropped my bet and boom, it wasn't. No one had to tell me to leave while its still early.

The truth is, some of the people around there watching the game are accomplice. They help make it look real to entice others. Like the guy who kept slamming his hand on the queen i your case is definitely an accomplice.

Well,lesson learnt for you. I'm you never tried that again and you will always advise people against doing such.


Sorry for such experience. You made a good choice by leaving when it was still early. Guess you didn't lose much


Yea @steemsoccershow. I just had to leave knowing it could never be profitable and at least i could still bear the little loss. No need staying there to lose everything

Wow! That must be a hard pill to swallow my friend. You would feel like entering the ground. How did you manage to leave eventually? I have seen lot of people do that and the guy that always win which you said, i am sensing he is with the card guy just to pull crowd. So sorry cutie heart. That was some story. Feel good talking about it now, but not then.

This is so sad.We all should be watchful of scammer and try relentlessly to learn from this story.Thanks a lot for sharing your experience even though it must have be bitter.I admire your courage....CHEERS

This is really funny and at the same time not funny cos I've heard same experience before here in Nigeria. Don't know this same thing has been happening in London as far back as 1972. Those guys are real scammers.

Here is my own story......
It happened to me 5years ago in the the ancient city of Ibadan, Nigeria. I was going home from I program I went for and I only had 2000naira on me.
When I got to iwo-road under the bridge, I saw a group of people gathered around the card man(dealer). He will just shuffle 3 cards (2 black and 1 red) and ask someone to pick the red. The deal was to double the amount put if one can pick the red.
I watched for some time and felt it was too easy to pick though I never wanted to use my Money. All of a sudden the card man pointed at me to pick the red and asks me to put 1000naira. As I was about to pick, he immediately asked me to increase the amount to 2000naira just before I touched the card which I initially refused but when he insisted, I gave in as I was so sure to pick the correct card.
I was so surprised when I picked the card and it was black. I couldn't believe and I felt I've been charmed or maybe the whole thing was magic. He asked me to go another round which I declined cos I had no money left on me and immediately they realised that I was not ready to stake any money again, they asked me to leave. That was when I knew the card man was not alone. Other people I met there that has been winning are to gather with him.
I refuse to leave and wanted to create a since when one mane called me aside and asked to leave the place before the gang up to beat me.
I have to trek back home that faithful day.

After one week, I saw those guys again and went there to watch them, that was when I discovered what they do. After asking you to pick, if they discover that your hand is going to the right place, they will look for what to use to distract you and change the card. That was exactly what they did when they asked me to increase my stake form 1000naira to 2000naira.

Well sorry @swissclive for what happened and thanks for sharing this for everybody to learn. I hope everybody has learned from this your post especially Nigerians cos I still see this people around


Interesting that they distract you to increase the bet so they can switch the card. Many scams involve the use of distraction.

I was soaked in the story! The scammers are everywhere, unfortunately, they gang up and make it seem so 'easy' to win, but that's one of their dirty tricks.


The older you get the wiser. It gets easier to spot scams as you get older.

Whoa! Organised scam, I've had my share of scam as well, I was 21 years old I went to Lagos, the most busy city in Nigeria where everything happens. I had about 15,000 with me, huge money then still huge now as the minimum wage here in Nigeria is 18,000 Maura which is about 13 sbd. It was a Sunday afternoon I went with my friend to a place known as computer village to get a phone but only few shops were opened, so we were strolling and we saw two guys discussing about a phone and the apparent seller said no as the amount the apparent buyer was pricing wasn't enough, it was a Nokia Symbian phone, immediately we walked pass them the seller just passed us and flashed me the phone, so I stopped him to know how much he was giving it out for, he told me 8,000 and it looked like a sweet deal to me, then I told him 4,000 but he insisted the best he could go for was 8,000 and had said the other guy pricing the phone had offered him 5,000 but he refused it, excited I asked my friend what he thought about the phone he said it was good deal so I offered him 6,000 so he took me to a corner, I gave him the money and he gave me the phone but before I realized he said he doesn't want to sell again that the money is too small and handed over my money but before I could say a word I saw three men crossing over from the other side of the road shouting so na una de buy stolen phones abi, they are referred to as agberos or omonile (touts) scares I quickly put my money in my pocket and boarded a bus with my friend to get of the scene, about to pay the bus conductor I reached for my money only to find papers wrapped with a single bill, I had lost 5,800 what was left was 200 from the 6,000 I gave him 😎 Lagos heart of scam.


Lol. This your own bad gan.. A lot of things happen everyday on the street. I'm sure the so called omonile were all part of the game..

This is a really bad experience , try to get over it, its just a challenge in your phase of life , be strong

That was sad really. Over here, in my country, they come with phones and wristwatches and a belt. They fold the belt into two then they wrap the belt about itself like a snake. Your job is to stick your finger into the hole in the middle and when the belt is unfolded, your finger should be in between the first fold to win either a phone or a watch. Folks fail all the time, as simple as it may have seemed when they did it at home.

The funny thing is, they tell you to try it without money first before you make your stake and when you try without money, you win. Lol... Scammers all of them


That's a very interesting trick. I would love to see how it works in practice.


The belt is folded like so

Your job is to put your finger into either of the two holes in the middle.

So when the loop is loosened, it becomes this

Simple right? People still lose. That's the part that baffles me.


Thanks for the pictures. It looks easy to win. Only one hole works?


Yes. You have to pick the right one. It looks easy; I don't know how they make folks lose


This is amazing, i practiced almost every day as a kid to know the secret, yet i know nothing about the trick till date....

Card scam is one of the biggest, you do without knowing all you av got as cash is gone... I can really relate to this

Your experience in the hand of the scammers still happens openly till today and police seems to be aiding them.

I stuttered "I...I... I.. er... made a mistake.... can I have my money back?"

There is always a spirit behind gambling that makes one make mistakes (even when they are not mistakes in the original sense),
Unfortunately, it's always almost impossible to get a refund.

Sorry to hear your story.

I still get mad at myself for being scammed just December last year on football betting.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I had similar experience but mine happened last year and it's something I won't forget the whole of my life

Very good narrative, I do not know if you noticed but has a splendid ability to describe the moment, it seems as if it were a movie. The desire to earn a little money always blinds us a little, probably in your place, it is possible that I made the same mistake. But now I'm left with the intrigue, what happened next?


I slept that night in a cardboard box and the next day I walked hungry for 12 hours to get home.


Haha, really?

A bit sad, but at least you learned a lesson that you can use even now, never put at risk what you need most, if you cannot do without it, do not gamble, not even for something that seems safe.

It is similar to the cryptomarket, don't use the money you need to try to earn a little more, much less bet things more important than money.

This is quite painful, no one could really predict such times but we can take some precautionary measures. It is worth sharing and I have learnt from it. Thank you so much.

My dear, scammers are everywhere. There was a time in Nigeria that money doubling was rampant. They even made a movie out of it.

I am sure that experience made you wiser.


I am sorry to hear that you also have scammers in Nigeria. I thought we only had scammers in London. you must write about some Nigerian scams so we can all learn and be careful when we visit your country.


I definitely will.

Scam in all it forms is very bad. I can bet it with you that all of them ( the six guys) are on the scam and you my friend is the prey. They are very cunning at preying on our covetousness afterall who wouldn't want to make more money without stress. I have witness different kinds of similar kinds and being a Nigerian, I can even make claim that they originated from here.
The golden rule remains never to wait, just ignore and go about your own business. The moment you stop or wait to see what's going on, then surely you'll be scammed.
It's just one of life experiences, thanks for sharing.

Hahahahaha you were young so I would say you did it out of curiosity, besides in games like that you only see the trick from the outside when you're not playing but as soon as you join in, it's a whole new world and you begin to lose details no matter how careful you are.Your write up was entertaining and educative at the same time, good thing it's a thing of the past now, Thank you.

Gambling has never been a good means to earn real money, because it's just like putting money in a pocket full of holes,today you are rich and tomorrow you are poor, so I wouldn't get scammed with it anyway. You really had a hard luck, guessing it just wasn't a good day for you. We all need to be vigilant, so we don't get scammed, Scammers are everywhere even on steemit (lol) .

Mehhhn over here in Nigeria that's how I went for shopping and found guys along the road playing matchstick.... The game is they'll empty one of the 3 matchsticks n fill it with groundnut so just like finding the lady, here we were finding the groundnut.... I lost up-to $18. That's when I realized I had where togo.

Its really a funny experience. My Adrenalin moves at the speed of light when i do things am sure of. You left all your fortune with them . I remembered being scammed too. Then I was new to cryptocurency, I was desperately looking for a way to earn from cryptos.I went to google, I joined many platforms. All they did then was asked me to refer and win free bitcoins, I obliged fully until I discovered I have wasted my data on how did you survived the shock you must have gone through that day?


It was 45 years ago. That day I learned a valuable lesson.

Now I am older and wiser.

I still see them playing the same scam in London and young men with little knowldge and wisdom fall for the scam believing the world is honest.

You are a good story teller. But I won't forget to ask about your baby.


@swissclive, how is the Miracle baby doing?

I trust he is doing great.

Do say me well to him. Cheers!

Sorry for the experience which I'm sure you learnt a lot from. Experience the say is the best teacher. I also have learnt from the experience of card tricksters. Here I was thinking that it's only in nigeria that we have such card scammers but your story just proved me wrong. The thing is, the dealer is always surrounded by various people most of which, I later learnt, are his accomplices. They would make bets, winning most of the time, and goad innocent naive bystanders who are attracted by the promise of easy money. My experience also cost me all the money I had on me and would have cost me my phone too, but for the reason that the dealer refused to allow me use it as a stake because he was so Bush that he wasn't familiar with touch screen phones at the time lol. It was an experience that would forever remind me to steer clear from such fraudulent gatherings, as I'm sure yours too is.


I didn't know there were scammers in Nigeria! I thought they were only in London.


U knw sometimes its actually good to have parental advice on things like this.. Tho I have beem duped before but not by those card tricksters, and I dnt think they will ever see me. Right before I even became a teenager, my dad had always been telling and warning my siblings and I about several scamming techniques in our country Nigeria.. Thats why as I keep on growing and coming across several things related to what I have heard him say before, I run for my life.. But something about life is; sometimes, you must experience somethings.. And thats why I got duped too.. But I encourage parents to always let their children know about things like this so they be more careful as they grow

Wow reminds me of the first time I was scammed well funny enough someone just entered my room in school and it's like it's a thief m a bit scared tho

Funny .
Most times i see people play stuffs like this and when i watch, i might just observe where the queen is but for the fear of not getting it Correctly, i simply put my money back and walk away.

Hello @swissclive
Glad to hear from you after a long time.
Being scammed at an young age must have hurt. Am sure growing up you let that mistake guide you.
No body wants to be scammed, at first it looks like a joke or a dream and in a fraction of a second you realize that you've lost something of importance to you.
Am from a country where scamming is the order of the day. Down here people take scamming as a serious business and everyday i pray not to encounter any of them, both online and offline.

I've also been scammed too, not at an early age.. Well none that i can remember.
But the last time, i can remember vividly how i lost 50k naira to a ponzi scheme, i was told I'll be getting 100% ROI in 48hours .... Sounds like a good deal, right?
I needed funds badly and i stuck with the saying "No risk, No reward".
To cut the story short, the next day the site was no longer available on the internet, i was kicked out of the group and i couldn't reach any of the admins. I've never felt so helpless in my life.

Ever since then i have been cautious. And i found a good philosophy to help me

If it's too good to be true, then it probably isn't.


Hahahahahhahahaha gosh...sorry I am laughing but this is funny. You know why? Coz I was duped in just a similar manner in the streets of Lagos when I went visiting my aunt over there some years back. I think what kills us is our level of inquisitiveness . If only we were able to mind our business, we wouldn't have been duped. I will tell u my story.

Back then in 2002, I was still very young and my adrenaline was very high. I had high energy and wanted to explore everything I saw. Wanted to get involved with everything I saw others do.

On that fateful day, I was sent to the nearby market to get some stuff for cooking dinner. We wanted to have rice and stew that night and I was sent to get some tomatoes , meat and a few other items. Lagos has always been known for its mischivious occupants and so I was sternly warned to be careful...if only I listened.

I set out for the market and on my way there I saw a group of guys gathered and just like the inquisitive cat that I was , I went to know what was going on. This time they weren't dealing with cards but with a special kinda Stine and three cups. They guy would cover the stone quickly, roll his hand over and ask the spectators to choose the cup underneath which the stone was. And just like in your own case, people were winning and I was getting interested the more.

I though to myself , if I use the 2000 naira I was given to play this game, I could easily make 4000 and keep 2000 to myself. I tried fighting the urge but couldn't resist anymore and I finally gave in.

I opted to play the game and I won. When I won, I took the money and wanted to leave but they said I couldn't , that I had to play for atleast 4 times. I was scared but at the same time excited. I was excited coz it was another opportunity for me to win 4 more times and that's a lot of money (foolish me).

I played again and won. Again I played and won and at this point I was feeling really comfortable . After playing 3 times , I opted for the last shot so I could leave and that was when they struck . I was asked to put all in. I asked why and they said it was the rule of the game. I bet all I had and when it was time to select the cup, with sweat all over my face I reach out for the cup I new the stone was under and behold I lost...I couldn't believe my eyes. My eyes were Red and I couldnt say anything.

When I lost, the man started parking his stuffs to leave I asked him why and he said he was done for the night and at that point others started leaving one by one too...What I didn't know was that they were all working together and it was a collective effort to dupe me.

I went home that day without money and I was given the beating if my life.

If only I was less inquisitive, I wouldn't have fallen a victim. But I am happy is happens coz I learnt my lesson that day and have never fallen victim again.


Much later we learn that NOBODY ever wins this game.

Well I see this happen in my country very often, most times I tell my friend when I'm walking by their normal junction that the winning guy is always working with the card dealer. Soon enough we just laugh and walk passed the place and laugh about it. At a point I almost got tempted.. I'm so sorry about your incident and I know most of that doesn't matter but thanks for letting us into this intimate part of you.

I can equally remember an experience with a card dealer. honestly, I was told not to go around there but I didn't listen. I learnt a lot from that experience.


I equally learnt a lot too from all this card dealers and I made a vow never to go around where they are.


I have never had such an experience and I pray never to.

Very funny.people are full of 419.just out there to make someone bittered and make them selfs happy.thats how they wanted to scam and dop me if not for God.i received a test that they have block my atm that i should call this customer number so as to unlock it for me and i did they now started asking me my atm pin number and bvn number.immidiately my friend collected the phone from me insult them and end the called.


I am so glad you did not give them your ATM pin number.-

@swissclive thanks for sharing your experince with us here on this platforn.i believe we all have learn from it? Please let be very careful,mindful and vigilant.God bless you and increase your intelligency and creativity @ swissclive


Evil never sleeps, how terrible are swindlers.
This happened 46years ago and its still fresh in your head, in reality this story is still trending in our 21st century.
I took all the salient point from every story line.



After I lost my phone I didn't have appetite for 3 days.
I was made a scape goat. The Memories are still flesh in My Head.
That will be all


I've not been scammed before but I ve been pickpocket by thief's, I lost the only phone that cost me my live savings worth roughly $20. The cell phone was just 5 days old I can never forget this, just like you said the six of them left in six different direction and you were left in "limbo" not knowing how the scammer left the cardboard scene.

All of those people you met there were part of the same gang. They were there to make you feel more comfortable and relax. Well, I would have said sorry about that but I know such experience are there to help teach us lessons faster. But what I would wants to know is how do they always seems to hide the real card and no matter what you choose, its always the wrong card?


now we have YouTube, it is easy to watch on YouTube and see how they do the trick. Look up "Three card monte" or "Find the Lady"

London is always a busy place, so one will definitely see different kind of people there. I still remember the crowd in Trafalgar Square when I visited in 2008
Sorry for what happened


curiosity kill the cat

Most scammers feed on human greed. We always wanting to have more with little or no effort. I believe you learnt your lesson well after that day.
I will share my experience with you as requested in your other post


Yes I learned THAT lesson. there were many more I still had to learn.

Thanks for sharing this with us. I hope people will learn from it cos we now have scammers everywhere

It's terrible that they would even stoop to taking the money of a mere lad. Surely they had to have some idea that this 20 quid was all you had. Shameful.

How in the world did you ever get back home?


I had to sleep rough that night as I could not buy a ticket. The next day I walked 12 hours hungry.

These scammers are still playing the same trick in London.


That had to be quite a sad walk home as well as being hungry.

Wow, nearly 50 years later and they're still doing the same scam. That's kinda incredible.


oh my gosh! that is really really horrible. :(

Good story. I wonder what happened next.

That was such a bad experience, you shouldn't have trusted those guys, I am so sorry to hear that...

So what have you done next, how did you managed to get back with the train?

Hi @swissclive long time no see, hope you doing great?

Scam have been in existence for a very long time now, it will be very difficult to wash them all out.
This new scam trending all over the internet now called crypto scam, where there pretend to be admins of an ICO on social networks to ask for peoples private keys or sending them their coins with promise of sending them back, have seen lots of my friends falling for this scams. And I have also made a general awareness announcement in other for people not to fall for this trick.


This is a familiar thing here too. They always have a common song 🎵come and see American wonder... 🎵

Sometimes, they let you win one or two times, they then drain you dry. They have the same techniques just as you described. I was around one of those spots one day when a lady fell victim of this act. She lost all her money and tried getting it back with her phone. She was just too sure she could recognize 'the Lady' but Mhen, those guys were heartless; she cried profusely and no one gave her attention.

Scanners are evercywhete

That was quiet an experience having lost all your money.. The man that had been winning and the man playing the game all made up the team.. I can only imagine how you were able to go through the day with such an experience in London.

Shit happens @swissclive, it's all about winning and loss.....greed is sometimes the factor and ignorance makes you gain knowledge.

Everyone has a story about scam, i have several too.

But for you to remember this event perfectly am sure you gained wisdom, knowledge and understanding of how scam works.

There's a probability this particular event can still happen.

It's life.... sometimes we learn the hard way, we cant stop some bad things from happening.
But we can reduce it.

Ying Yang @swissclive..


They are still running this scam 45 years later in London.


Oh dear :( ...lot of victims.

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This made me laugh somehow. Must have been really heartbreaking when it happened tho....

That must be a bad experience how did you finally get home?


That night I slept in the cardboard box. The next morning I started walking. It took me about 12 hours to walk home.


Wow... That was such a long walk back home ... I'm just glad that you were not hurt...we all learn from our mistakes everyday.. Keep sharing your experience because you might be saving someone

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Oh my God!
How did you end up leaving London?


See answer below. Thanks.

This is what the urge to gamble does to us, I know that feeling. I once paid for a fixed football game and placed a fortune to bet on it, the score turned out to be the opposite of what I paid for.

I felt like it was all a bad dream... Glad i finally quit betting.

Aww.. I'm sorry to hear this swissclive! But yeah, this is in the way scammer works, and well not sure if you said this but, there was always and always will be people who will find new tricks, to get some easy money from the good ones.

By the way, i'm the guy who you filled a request of 3000 SP on MinnowBooster recently.

I saw you made a writing competition, about scammers and our own experience with them, i'm in for sure.

Anyways have a good week lady, and hope everything is cool with you!
Hugs! :)


Good luck with the contest. I read loads of the stories and they are sooooooo interesting, so you have tough competition!

I am studying the concepts of leasing vs selling votes, and various related models. It’s like a parralel world. Newbies can become whales or dolphins for a while.


Hello there swiss, that sounds quite interesting so far. I'm really interesting about how to grow, in my case i found that renting SP is not worth at all, but well as you said, is a way to promote yourself a bit, but well.

Have you in mind to make a post talking about that concepts your study? Or is there a way to know a bit more about it? I'm really curious right now :)

And well, don't worry about the contest, i saw many good entries too, so i'm glad if you choose the one you liked more.

Have a good lady, thanks for the replys :)

Ouch, what a great story!

So... how did you get home??

This is so touching, I could imagine what the scenario felt like for a 15years old boy.. Were you able to get money for your trip or how do you got home since you are left with those worthless cards? Smile


I had to sleep rough that night like all the other dossers under the arches. My bed was a cardboard box. The next day I walked 12 hours to get home.

I was not the sort of person to beg for money. It would have been too degrading.


Oh, sorry about walking that long "12 hours walk is just too much for a 15years old child. But thank God it's in the past now and that's the beauty of history.
I love your self-confidence even as a 15years old child,im sure that has helped you a lot in your life journey?

Scamming is very common here. I haven't experienced this type of card scamming before due to one of my friends that was scammed too with cards. He was ripped off all the money on him that very day since then, I have been skeptical about it. But I have been scammed in many various ways even by a friend I do feed during my youth service as a graduate, very painful though.


When we are young, we learn lessons like this. As we get older, we are wiser.

wow I wasn't expecting that ending, that they were all in on the deal together!

How did you end up getting home?

You are SUCH a good story teller. "I could feel the bile rise in my throat." I loved that line! It put me right in your shoes as if I were you. That's incredible talent to be able to do that!

I really felt the sense of loss as well. You make magic with your words!

Very interesting your story and I regret that you have lived that experience, in my country that kind of things happens a lot but it is the lived experiences that open our eyes to avoid falling into the traps that some people put to catch victims of deception. When I was 10 years old, something similar happened to me: an older man came to my house buying damaged gold clothes that we did not use, he came and told me that he could give me a cell phone if I sold him a small chain of gold that I had for me was a very good proposal, I went to my house to tell my mother what happened and she went out to verify what was happening and until she was convinced, the chain had given me her and we had already verified that it was of pure gold, suddenly the man said that he had to check the chain and that he added a liquid to verify it, we agreed, after the man added the liquid as magic the chain disappeared, it was totally faded and this exclaimed "it was not a genuine gold chain because if it had not been melted". I was shocked and my mother also because we were sure it was pure gold. The man left. After the days. Several neighbors commented that they had been victims of the same scam, that this man changed the jewel before adding the liquid to verify its authenticity. This way I can tell you that you should not trust man fully and that the experiences of life are what make us understand and see how you can scam people as it happened with you was not a bad luck streak was that the man hid the letter as the magicians do and so you could not get "the lady" the queen of hearts

Wow! Quite the scam!! Simple but amazing all at the same time!

An amazing account @swissclive. I'm particularly impressed for several reasons -

  1. The ability to recall and then articulate so well the happenings of that day, even though it was 45 years ago!
  2. The memory of the minute details, such as the cockney-rhyming slang and London specific language used.
  3. The length! You told a story in a short space, perfectly structured to keep my interest and attention - I probably would have used double the words and had half the effect with a story like this! Note taken!
  4. The way you captured both the innocence of a young kid out in the big bewildering streets on London - The feeling of hope, of certainty, and then of disbelief and foolishness that swiftly followed, and the physical sensations this roller coaster ride of emotions leads to!
  5. The ingenuity of this whole contest and co-creation you've established here. Great work as always. You've taken your own story and turned it into something much greater for this whole community to benefit from... Thank you!!

I felt vomit and bile coming up into my throat.

Betrayal and deceit has such a power to create instant physiological effects like this... especially when you see it happen before your very eyes and are left powerless to do anything.

I keep seeing the word 'fool' mentioned in peoples stories and comments... It's such a dis-empowering feeling but it seems many of us have felt that at one stage throughout or lives or more.

I'm really into this contest, I think it's a really healing thing to invite people to recount times passed by where they were deceived. As well as that - It's educational for the rest of us and will help to ensure that others don't get played the same way again!

Just excellent on all counts my friend. You are rocking it <3 What you've brought here with your story and this contest is a true asset to the community.

Keep up the amazing work always, and I look forward to sharing my own story of woe and despair!!

With love
Hart Floe


@hartfloe thanks for your great message. I am looking forward to reading your story. There are so many interesting stories to read in this scammers section. They are all worth reading and we can learn from every one of them.

By the way, what is the meaning of the <3 in your blog?


So true. Such a great idea :)

This is just simply a heart sign <3

I like to spread a little extra love wherever I go,
However I can.


With Love my friend! <3
Hart Floe

Thanks for sharing this @swissclive, really interesting to see the first time that you got scammed! The first time I was scammed was after I developed a full website and did not get payed - it's too long of a story to get in to right now!

By the way, I am running a project called the Steemit Success Initiative, which is a project that aims to grow and develop Steemit as a platform. We will be opening a "Bloggers' Hub", if we get the support on Steemit, which will be in terms of SP delegations, upvotes and advice on how to improve the project. We will also be developing guides, a curation trail and more. I won't spam with a huge comment, but if you want to know more, let me know and I can tell you. Any support that you can offer would be greatly appreciated. There will be a delegation program in place so that if you delegate, you will get an autoupvote worth more than what you delegated (this is only for the first 10 delegators, there are currently 5).


Thank you for sharing your first scam story.
Many scams involve the use of distraction.
Regards @herdi.steemit

This served as a wonderful lesson for you. This experience you will never lose. You wrote this article very nicely. It was very pleasant and interesting to read it.

Это послужило для Вас замечательным уроком. Этот опыт Вы никогда не потеряете. Вы очень красиво написали эту статью. Было очень приятно и интересно читать ее.


Thanks for your kind words @cranium

Same thing happend to me in NYC! LOL
Do all young ones get taken in with this one? SMH
It is a painful lesson too ... UGH


I guess the obvious victims are the young. They are naturally naive and trusting because they’ve never been scammed before. After you’ve been stung, you are wiser and more wary of possible tricks.

What is SMH?


Yes, most definitely wiser! I could not remember every detail as good as you so my scammer stories would be party filled in with made up info. LOL
Shaking My Head. :)


Some people remember more than others. Believe it or not, I still remember one or two things from when I was less than 2 years old. They are things that had a big impact at the time.

For example:

My sister was newborn, and I was 21 or 22 months old. I can determine the year and month precisely.

In this memory, my mother was pushing my sister down the lane in a large baby pram. That tells me precisely which year it was. It was the year my sister was born.

I was walking in the lane behind my mum in my wellingtons, and ignoring her pleas to follow closely. I was jealous of the attention my newborn sister was getting. I was kicking up the huge piles of fallen leaves and not looking at mum to make the point that I wasn’t getting my share of love.

I was deliberately walking slower in an act of disobedience. The distance between me and mummy was getting bigger. The more she told me to hurry up, the slower I walked. I was very jealous that everyone loved my baby sister more than me.

The piles of fallen leaves tell me the month was probably October or November. In any case it was autumn, as the piles of brown leaves by the side of the path were already higher than my wellingtons. Knowing the both the year and season put my age at 21 or 22 months old at the time.

The incident happened when I finally looked up. Suddenly I could not see my mother. I burst into tears screaming my heart out. I was alone. Frightened and afraid. I had lost mummy. I screamed and screamed shouting “Mummy mummy....”. I was so scared.

In no time at all, another lady appeared to ask me where is my mummy. Seconds later mummy re-appeared. I suppose mum had gone into a drive or hidden behind a tree to teach me a lesson to follow her more closely. She must have been fed up by my non-cooperative attitude.

I don’t know if I learned my lesson, but it was certainly the first terrifying event of my young life, and I never forgot it.


wow, that is amazing! See so i remember snippets of things even in my mother's womb, however, i just remember floating and hearing mumbles not exact words. i can make up stories or maybe a few paragraphs like you did above. Which is amazing by the way! LOL
You are so very talented and thank you for sharing that experience. This definitely does help me figure out how I can add this aspect to my writing. I am flexing my creative muscles, so any type of exercise like these help.
I have not been scammed too many times, but find the lady definitely got me! LOL
thank you again, xx Eagle

In fairness, you were only 15.

An easy target for the unscrupulous.
Being philosophical about it, the best lessons are always the ones that cost the most.

Hello there @swissclive ( Im the guy from minnowbooster ) Hows going lady?

I saw there is some really good entries about the writing contest you did, and well that's just great i guess.

I wanna ask you about, you sayd you are investigating a way that minnow users, could be some little dolphins in a while.

Have you in mind to make a post talking about it? I'm really interested about how i could grow my SP in a better way, cause well, its quite hard. At least seems to be.

Thanks you swiss, hope i don't bother you with this comment in the post, but i don't have any other way to contact you.

Have a good day lady =)


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