Another spammer leaves Steem!

in #scam5 years ago (edited)

A few days ago I posted about an usual account @sdr-7 making tons of duplicate posts and comments and generating considerable rewards. I gave the account the benefit of the doubt and asked for confirmation of their activities and I got a reply that suggested everything was here was legitimate.

After giving it fair consideration, I replied and outlined some concerns asking for additional verification of this charitable work and ending with this:

Short of that, you may want to reconsider your efforts to join a community that continues to reject you.

I have not yet received a reply, but I did see this new post which seems to show they took my advice.


Rather than offering further proof of their charitable work, they have tucked their tail between their legs and are running off to safer ground. Actually, my phrasing here suggests far more humility than I'm seeing. Instead, I sense a blaming and accusatory tone.

We understand the perspective that this portal to donate to charity is considered to be spam...

A "portal to donate" is a Paypal link on your website. And if you understand this is considered to be spam, why did you continue?

It sure would have been nice to have a warning...

My post 3 days ago is exactly the warning they are asking for, which they dismissed behind unverified claims.

Shutting down and redirecting our Steemit fundraising methods to...

I checked and I see a 100 SP delegation to @smartsteem from @earthnation so I'm tagging them along with @therealwolf so they can consider all of these facts before accepting that delegation and paying out rewards on it.

Unless I see a reply with the verification I've requested, I believe it is fair to say this is a well-organized collaboration of people supporting a false charity to manipulate donations and draw off the rewards pool. I am thankful they summoned the posting keys of all their supporters on my earlier post so now I can continue searching their curation trail for more abuse like this. I'm almost afraid to see what I'll find.

And lastly, "in the real world" everything I'm seeing appears plainly unlawful and I wonder if any of the people involved could possibly face criminal charges in their local jurisdiction?

I'm interested to see what, if any, response @sdr-7 and @earthnation will make now.


I don't understand what you mean by

to @smartsteem from @earthnation so I'm tagging them along with @therealwolf so they can consider all of these facts before accepting that delegation and paying out rewards on it.

It's their SP and the return will be their money, they can do what they want with it, Like give it to a charity.

Great friend can you support me with a resteem or a vote I will be grateful greetings blessings

The Sincerity API has identified you as a spammer because you have made this sort of comment many times.


The Steemit FAQ offers this Steemit Etiquette Guide which explains why asking for votes in comments is spam. Please reconsider your approach to find better ways to engage with the community.

also chetaah is a spammer that must be stopped.

Thank you for trying to keep this place clean.
It's sad to consider that an account such as this needs to exist in the steemit world, but I'm glad it does 😊
Keep being awesome and protecting ducks like me!

I'm glad to do my part to clean this place up, thanks for your support!

Is sdr-9 and 11 still active? I noticed a little flowing their way.

Well, this was interesting to see, they are undelegating so it looks like they are moving away from these accounts.


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