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bots are quite normal to run in both the crypto comunity and real world economy. Just think for a second that you own bitconect, you run this trading bot. You give it forexempel 100 btc(100 btc is quit easy to optain for startups) to play with. Then I deside to invest 100 dollar of my money. Thats not much bitcoin comperd to what the bot alreddy have. then 10000 people do the same then the bot get quite rich after a while. And let say you get 1% +50%( of the initial main profit of the bot) from the profit of the deposits to the bot and 10% goes direct to make the bot grow in wealth. Your site grows each day. Customers withdrawels happens mostly in bcc. that they exhanged for the dollar number standing on the page. ore they use your exchange. You get more rich from running the site with a real trading bot then running with the money. Pleas stop spreading stuff that you don't know fore sure. It is a ton of money in trading. So returns are not that out of the world. The Bitconect bot actually have dry weeks. And the ref-program is totaly defendebel that they need alot of trafic to atract people to the bcc token. that one go up in price they have more money then it is posible to pay out to the afliate marketers.
PS:This numbers are totaly made up not based on facts at all. it was to paint a picture of how it could be.


BitConnect is working just fine for me

A ponzi scheme always work fine for the first people that jump in it ! When I see the market cap of BCC and all the buzz on youtube about it, I can guess for sure it will alive during many months (maybe 1 complete year or more if the global market cap about crypto still going up.


You should understand that the only reason that you receive your daily profit it's because news subscribers jump on the BCC boat and feed it by adding some fresh $ or Bitcoin in their website.

But at the end when no customers will enter or when the market cap of this thing will catch a HUGE amount, it will disappear with all the money !

Bitconnect is just a titanic boat and it's not because the music and lights still going on that it will not diving and dying on the middle term because this boat has never been able to float anyway ! It's base on an unstable and irrealistic model !

djey, completely agree with you but is it wrong to join a a ponzi scheme during the beginning? In all ponzi schemes the first people make there returns ++++++ I mean the early people that actually make a profit can't be blamed for profiting from a scam, they joined under the same pretenses as the people at the end that loose all of there $. Such is the lottery of life in my opinion.

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Honestly same for me, I put in $100 with no F***s given to see what happens, if it is a scam then I will go out less 1 night, if it isn't then WOOT. Honestly I know alot of scammer are using it and promoting it so maybe giving it a bad name. But some money already recouped so...... update to be pending.

Cool man this is the spirit ! Let's try ! 100 bucs you spend in a good dinner !

So how is that going?

The numbers are not made up. They are taken straight from their website. Tell me which number you think I made up, and I will provide you with the exact link to the information on the BitConnect website.

Agreed, good post


But I just watched your videos advocating bitconnect? Hmmm Fishy

??? Craig grant you of all people should defend the platform! What do you mean with perfect?

Perfect balace, every story needs 2 sides

So why not share your side of the story in this post where so many people agree it is a scam? I assume you have an interest in defending your views on bcc. I'm on the fence but you know what they say about something which sounds too good to be true...

If it sounds too good to be true, then you fear, so dont do it

I merely seek the truth and you seem to be in a better position than me to offer it due to your better knowledge of BitConnect.

Still good to go? Congrats

I'm still not sure whether it's a scam or not...I've done an analysis on the rate of return vs. BTC price volatility, pls check and let me know your thought:

I read, upvoted and commented on your article @ka82. Nice work!

even graig grant doesn't have any trust in it at all even though he uses it. he sees that his reputation is on the online.

And the "paint pictures" are screenshots from their website.

This token in now 100.00 and I have made a ROI of 9.4% in just eight days. I totally agree with you. With the volatility in BTC it is easy for a bot to be profitable with a 1% return to investors trading BTC. These scam claimers obviously do not trade BTC or are terrible traders...a monkey can earn 10% returns daily trading in this market.

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