Vote your Running Author of the Week [The Steem Running Project] WK9 by @runningproject

Hello all! Welcome to the 9th edition of VOTE YOUR RUNNING AUTHOR OF THE WEEK!!!

There are always so many interesting running blogs from approved runners of the @runningproject that we have a real struggle to choose the 4 to nominate. All of you approved runners are a real inspiration and we are really happy that this platform @runningproject is progressing so well! We are excited to share them with you all in one photo... but before we continue with individual nominations...



Readers of the post will vote which is the Running Author of the week, who will be awarded with the part of the earnings of the same report.

  • The main criteria we use in order to nominate the candidates is the Quality and Originality of the Post, but nevertheless we will try to choose also posts done by Approved Runners which visibility is low due to, either, they are newcomers to the STEEM ecosystem and to the @runningproject initiative or, also authors that have not been nominated before or have been nominated, but we feel, they should be nominated again!

  • The ''Running Authors'' will be awarded with a portion of the 50% of the SBD earned on this post approximately after one week of its publication, so all of them will be rewarded but just one will be the ''Author of the week''.

  • The prize will be split as follows:

        ''Author of the week'': 70% 
        ''Consolation Prize'': 30% divided among the other authors.

A dedicated post will be published by @runningproject announcing the winner on following Saturday.


@sylvesterjohn: ''Running for NEO #15 | Cardio Blaster interval training | Total 166 KM''


Those who follow @sylvesterjohn know that he is preparing for the Berlin Marathon in September this year. He has added an unusual crypto spice to his preparation. Namely, as an experiment, he will be using a variant on dollar cost averaging, at which he will invest 1 dollar for each kilometer that he runs in preparation of the Berlin marathon in both NEO and GAS. Interesting approach and we felt it has to be shared here!

@steevc : ''Parkrun: Third time in Letchworth''


@steevc is a loyal and avid supporter of the @runningproject since the very beginning. He is also a regular runner, a running blogger and he is constantly improving his level of running fitness. One of his recent activities is very well and vividly captured in this blog. Congratulations @steevc on your achievement! Also, the blog is capturing so well how the park run looked like that the reader feels like he/she is there! Thank you, @steevc!

@primersion : ''Daily Running Challenge - Day #19 - Uphill Run"


We believe it is only right to nominate @primersion again after 2 weeks of his first nomination. He is very successful in his attempt to prove himself that he can do the streak running. He is also very ambitious regarding the type of training he includes in his running streak. Very impressive and well done!

@shazza : ''Countdown to my first Marathon - 29 days to go [47/50 #fiftyrunstillmay]''


Shazza is preparing for her first Marathon, which will be The London Marathon in less than a month. In this blog, she is explaining, how her long run went. It was the longest training distance 20 miles (32 km) she ever did, so already for this, the nomination is more than well deserved. We believe that she did very well! A Long run is a difficult part of marathon training and the most important part is to do it and finish it... timing is just a number. Also: good luck on your marathon @shazza!


  • If you like this post, please, give a good upvote first and resteem it if possible in order to increase the number of views.
  • Then, have a view of the nominated runners and selected posts.
  • Put a comment writing which has been your preferred author
  • You can vote until end of Friday, 30th of March and we will announce the winner on Saturday the 31st of March.

Anyone can participate in this!

HOW TO GET INVOLVED and BECOME an "Approved" Runner

The main milestone of the @runningproject now is to get as much STEEMPOWER as possible so the UPVOTE power will be growing day by day with the entrance of new members as well as because of the reinvestment of all the curation and the majority of the earnings produced on the post published by @runningproject.

In order to get enrolled you just need to do the following steps:

  1. Write a comment in this post or any other from @runningproject with a link to one of your posts about running, requesting its review.

  2. After checking your post, @runningproject will decide if you are or are not an "Approved" Runner. "Low quality" post will not be considered.

  3. If you are definitely an "Approved" Runner, @runningproject will reply to you asking to send 1SBD or 1STEEM as an "Enrollment Fee."

  4. You will be included in the "CURATION LIST"

The initial "Enrollment Fee" is entirely used as STEEM POWER. This fee, 1 SDB/STEEM, may increase in the future depending on the number of members and Market price.
Additional donations will be also fully invested in STEEM POWER.


For more information about the @runningproject please read ''The Steem Running Project: Introductory Post'' and also ''The Steem Running Project: New Services Available & 6th Status Report''.

Post created by @dailyrunner as assigned Runner Witness of @runningproject


My vote is for Shazza I know how difficult that first marathon can be.

Love this challenge!❤❤❤❤

Solid list of runners here!!

Do not forget to vote for your favorite... it is only today, 30th March 2018 till midnight that you can do it!

My vote for @steevc ! :)

Hard choice again, but my vote goes to @primersion this time round. All those mountains and daily running!

Congratulations to all the nominees! My vote goes to @shazza :)

@steevc gets my vote for his ongoing support and writing about running

I think this keeps getting harder as I start to get to know everyone a bit better! I will vote for @shazza this week to give her some support as she finishes out those tough long runs and gets closer to race day! You've got this! :)

I am liking the posts from @primersion and the images he is posting are awesome.

Run and have fun!

I’m voting for @shazza this week, but as usual you made it hard to choose.

My vote goes to @syljohn since I really like his experiment

my vote goes to @shazza :)

My vote goes to @steevc this week. I like his approach to running in general and I congratulate him on his personal success on this park-run!

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