Running for NEO #15 | Cardio Blaster interval training | Total 166 KM

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Today I did my weekly interval training using the cardio blaster approach. I doubled the amount of warm-up time to 20 minutes as it was still pretty early. In the morning it takes a little longer to get my muscles warmth up. I used the app Imptetus this app is really great for interval training as it let's you completely customize your timings and is supported by text to speech so you know exactly when to run and when to rest.

Android App Impetus download

Cardio Blaster
The cardio blaster is a standard approach of interval training, but still highly effective. Next to improving your cardiovascular capabilities, it also burns an enormous amount of calories. This work-out takes 50 minutes to complete.

  • Warm-up for 10 minutes.
  • Run for 3 minutes at about 90% of your maximum. Afterwards take 3 minutes rest while still running at a slow pace. I will repeat this for 5 times.
  • Finishing off with a 10 minute cool-down


Dollar Cost Averaging NEO for every kilometer!
If you have been following me for a little longer you know that I''ll be running the Marathon of Berlin on the 16th of September. As an experiment I will be using a variant on dollar cost averaging, at which I will invest 1 dollar for each kilometer that I run in preparation of the marathon in both NEO and GAS.

The market has been correcting slightly, but most of the gains after the sell off have remained. For NEO the price is at around $67 and for GAS around $22. Today's run of 8 kilometer buys me an additional 0.17 NEO and 0.51 GAS. The total now sums of to 1.88 NEO and 6.28 GAS.

DateKMNeo PriceGas PriceNeoGas
25 February 201817.01$115.87$35.380.150.48
26 February 20188.19$121.15$37.420.070.22
27 February 201810.23$144.03$44.670.070.23
28 February 20188.04$142.59$42.830.060.19
01 March 20185.01$126.57$39.900.040.13
04 March 201819.05$120.29$
05 March 20185.04$118.89$
07 March 20188.03$105.40$29.600.080.27
09 March 20189.18$89.94$
10 March 20185.77$92.61$26.790.060.22
12 March 201820.02$87.82$
18 March 201823.15$52.97$15.180.441.53
20 March 20188.02$69.78$21.310.110.38
21 March 20188.06$76.14$24.420.110.33
24 March 201811.44$67.71$22.310.170.51

My weighted average price is now $97 for NEO and $29 for GAS. So the return of 30% and 24% respectively.

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