Fundraising for the London Marathon and Chicken’s Feet!

in running •  14 days ago

On Sunday, 28 April 2019, my wife @bingbabe is running her dream event, the London Marathon.

In the past she has tried in vain to book a place using the ballot entry system. However, there is huge competition to able to partake in this famous worldwide running event and all has been in vain until this year.


Gaining entry via a charity is another method, but they require you to raise a LOT of money. £2000 is her target goal, and though I don't believe the charity will stop you taking part (though they claim they will), I feel it in the interest of the runner to raise this challenging target.

The runner, after all, accepted the place in return for the place and that could be considered the price paid. You need to accept this reality if you want to gain admission through this method.

I have had little success so far getting people to dig into their pockets. Truth is I detest asking, and feel genuinely embarrassed. I approached a couple of my friends with mixed success, one blanked me and the other has confirmed he will donate.


@steevc has very generously donated £25 even though I have only personally met him twice, and that speaks volumes about his character. I know @bingbabe was very touched by this and she will be sending him a small personal thank you for it.

Last night @bingbabe hosted a fundraiser with the aid of her two Filipina friends. She has parted with a load of her personal items such as designer handbags, shoes, jewellery, cosmetics, and watches.


To say it was a success would be an understatement. We raised £800 in CASH and have some more coming in the form of ‘payment by installments’.


I had my doubts about people paying ‘on tick’, but @bingbabe is confident her friends and acquaintances will cough up.


There was also some food put on by host ‘Lutchie’ including Chicken’s Feet. I had to try a ‘foot’ which looks like something from a horror movie but the Filipina’s all insist they are ‘tasty’.


@mender1, my Urban Exploration buddy also attended the fundraiser, and went for a foot with rather muted enthusiasm.

Where’s the meat’, was the first comment.


I too failed to find any meat on these feet and was told that it’s the flesh that you should be enjoying (sorry veggie people).

My verdict on Chickens Feet was rather the same as @mender1’s and we quickly ditched them for the Curry which was a little spicy but excellent.


Don't you just hate it when mirrors are in the wrong place and you end up in the picture. Yeah that's me in there! (below).


(These THREE ladies are all avid distance runners and regularly do 12 miles in a single session)

I initially approached @pennsif and @shanibeer about ideas to raise some cash for this, but to be honest if the ‘on tick’ people come through we will be very close to the target of £2000, so I am not going to ask for Steemians to donate anything besides your vote.

What I will commit to is that ALL rewards from this post, I will delegate to the account that is a passive voter for good Steemians who I feel are contributing to the platform in a good way. currently has 2444SP and thus delivers a modest vote. I would love to get this much higher and add some new people to it giving them a hand and some inspiration to create more content.


As well as this delegation, I will personally match the rewards and add that amount to @bingbabe’s Just Giving account in the form of Sterling.

A vote costs you nothing but some voting power. Please give her some support; it’s for a good cause.



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I really hope she can achieve her target, but I know the run itself is well within her ability. I'm sure a few Steemians will support this.

Can't say I'd fancy the chicken feet even in my carnivore days. You can argue that it's better to eat more of the animal. Brits are a bit squeamish, which makes me laugh as they don't mind that the animal had to die for them.


Can't say I'd fancy the chicken feet even in my carnivore days.

The feet were always going to be a point of interest. They were not bad but it felt like I was eating spicy bone.

I'm sure a few Steemians will support this.

I'm just hoping it get's some attention, I buy STEEM all the time so it would be like me buying and instantly delegating it.


A little off topic:

I was reading more about stuff like Mad Cow, etc. It’s for recertification in blood bank. There were interesting bits of animals used in meat products back in the days. So it’s kind of funny that Brits get squeamish.

I mean, check out what were in puddings and sausages in those days.


Black pudding is still popular in some parts of the UK, as is offal, but a lot of people won't eat those when they are happy to eat the rest of the animal. Some animal diseases got spread because animals were being fed on parts of other animals even though they are not carnivores. The meat industry is all about efficiency and animal welfare may be low on the priorities. That's one of the reasons I gave up meat.


I'm a northerner but cant abide Black pudding, @bingbabe loves it though. It's funny how some parts of the animal are a turn off; that's if your are carnivorous though.


These days, I avoid some parts due to potential health concerns. Some of them include livers, brain matter, etc.


Should she be concerned about eating brains, besides potentially turning into a Zombie? I have never read up on it.


Those tend to be under the category of latent/hidden diseases.

A lot of unknowns. I just prefer the route to not deal with them.

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The A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.


Thanks @pennsif!!


You're welcome.

Good luck to the wife. It is a hard thing to ask, especially coz everyones situations are so mixed.

No way I would/could try those feet, OMG, no LOL!

Which of the several accounts mentioned would be best to donate some Steem to?


Thank you for your donation @preparedwombat, it has been used to power up the account to help positive Steemians. I have also matched the 10 STEEM at a price of 30c each in Sterling and added it to the @bingbabe JustGiving page!


I'm a little taken aback that you have offered this, honestly your vote would be good enough. If you do want to donate some STEEM though, please make it to the account. Thank you so much.. I have had more support from Steemians than any of my so called 'other' friends.

Just made a donation to your account. I would have donated directly through the Justgiving page, but my debit card is incompatible apparently :-/

Also, what's this about?

My love of running came after my husband called me 'fat' while we were on holiday in Egypt.

Caught red handed @slobberchops!


Justgiving page, but my debit card is incompatible apparently :-/

Thanks @daan! The support I have got on here constantly surprises me, and TBH it's better this way as the chops account can grow and I will add the money to the JG page manually now.

Caught red handed @slobberchops!

It's all made up lies!

Best of luck with her run! Hopefully she gets the cash needed!

I am pretty brave about trying new things, but Ihave to admit, those chicken feet look gross! Most people I know use those to make broth, and personally, I use them for my dog and cats' raw feeding...
Chewing stuff off of bones grosses me out anyway though.


those chicken feet look gross!

LOL, there's different opinions depending if you come from the west or not. I cant say I enjoyed chewing them too much. Thanks for the resteem.

Trust me. The chicken feets are magical. You gotto bite them only you find the meat. I am from Malaysia, nearby to Philippines and most of us love chicken feets. You should try. 😉 All the best to @bingbabe.

Upvoted and resteemed.


I did try but just don't get it. @bingbabe (my wife who is filipina) tells me I need to chew the bones until all the skin and meat are gone. Is that the secret?

That is awesome. I don't think I could do the chicken feet either. You should check out fundition. You might be able to do some kind of fundraiser there. I think this is for a good cause. What is the charity that she is going donate to. I think I understood all of that right. Also, what is your timeline?

I've donated a very small amount of SBD - money is tight just now, as what I thought was going to be a boiler repair has turned into a boiler replacement *sob... However it's a wonderful cause, and I'd love to see @bingbabe run that marathon. I had no idea it was so difficult to join!
Chicken feet - urgh! And this is from the person who enjoys fishheads! Something about those feet though. I'm sure the rest of the meal was delicious.

I never experience to join this kind of event but I want to try.😊

I was never a fan of chicken feet. But, my grandfather told me they were best as snacks with a drink. Try it with some fine wine next time.

Good luck on the fundraiser and marathon! I’ve only ever ran a half before.


I'm impressed that you have tried. I have avoided them until last night. Fish brains (sucking them out) and Fish eyes are yet more delicacies that I have still yet to feast on!


Never had fish brains. Had fish eyes when I used to live with my grandparents...I still don't get them because I feel like I didn't eat anything. lol


My wife insist that I am missing the best parts of fish simply because of my squeamishness. Eyes are included in this...

You guys don't know what you're missing with chicken feet 😂

When I was working in Hong Kong, whenever we had overseas visitors we would always take them to dim sum lunch. We'd order chicken feet and persuade/con them to eat it. In all those years I think only one guy tried it, but it was fun just watching their reaction when they saw it served!!


You guys don't know what you're missing with chicken feet

Actually, I do know what I'm missing after last night's 'taster'. Maybe they will grow on me... after around 100 years of trying? :)

Did I see chicken feet? You really need to try it out!! Seriosuly!!


Oh It tried them, but just dont get it. Why are they so good? Where's the meat!


Hahahha if you find bigger ones it’s better Cos there is a tad more meat. It’s yummmmmmmyyyy

First off good luck to her to raise enough for the entry

I must say I have tried chicken feet once and thats more than enough for me



Thanks @tattoodjay, and hats off to you for trying the feet. It needs to be done at least once!


Yes indeed I do between should try all kinds of foods at least once but for some once is more than enough lol 😂

I used to join charity runs around London but stopped when that exposé about charities came out. Now i go run in the park and canalside.
Goodluck to your wife!


Thanks for your support @bayanihan, are you from the UK?


Out of UK atm.

pinays really have big hearts for others . regards to your wife. and by the way chicken feet so delish when grilled! 😍

Your post has been recommended by @leereyn26 for my up-gage challenge


pinays really have big hearts for others

They have, I can see that.. what they did last night for her was incredible and I will be forever grateful for their help.

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