how to do darkland "Tutorial" Wiki, Regions and Quest Rules update 1.0

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part one: How to play the game
part two:: Resources/items wiki
part three:Regions
part four:Quest Rules

this post get regulere updates on changes adding new items etc.
up vote values part one
added hearb cabin part two:
Regions list part three
Barracks part four

is a mix between settlers and skyrim. its a slow moving texts based Rpg it has a turn every Monday/Sunday. and a option to do quests as and advanced options.

UP votes your post and comments. at the moment The darkland is a dolphin whit over 7000 steem power.
creativity and dedication is getting more reward in game and by up votes.
The game is free to play but has a option to delegate to get more workers in the colony. and bigger up votes.
u need to expect miss spelling in the post. Game is made by a Dyslexic, its a work in progress on many levels.
Your first turn.
when you are joining the game u will get and section in the Monday colony post.
its going to be like this.
you will get tagged.

is arriving from on a ship he has little resources with him. start
traveling into the land a narrow valley its a small river he thinking this is it. he settling down.
Resources Phase:
SP Delegated: 0 SP (zero worker)
Silver workers (zero)
Wood 5
Stone 5
Food 3
Silver 5

Colony conditions:
Current Modifiers: Cold/missing bed/fire (-30% production)

Colony Phase:
U can hire one worker 5 silver
you have one worker you can move him around
0 Lumberjack;0 Forager;0 Miner;0 Builder;

u can build building if u have the materials and a workers/player to do it.
Fireplace 5 wood (uses 1 wood per turn)
Bivouac/Bed 5 wood 3 stone
Research bench 10 wood

Discovered the immediate area (easy)
1.Resources Phase (how much resources you have and delegation)
2.Colony conditions (+- bonus and problems in the colony and the reason)
3.Colony Phase (overview over workers and available jobs)
4.Buildings (overview over buildings you have access to and the cost to get them)
5.Quest (by doing quest you get need buildings items and resources its a god way of getting silver.)
6.Diplomatic phase: in the comments you can offer and trade or buying from colonist or the outpost. or just make a deal or anything you want.
the back bone in every colony. every week you can move your workers around. workers can only do one job a week. workers cant do quests alone.
most workers is eating one food a week. more advance buildings need 2 food.
the player is and better worker you don't eat food and you can do quests.

how to get workers.
its two ways. silver is a rare resource you can get it in mining you need a silver mine or in questing and trade.
you need 5 silver to hire one worker the next one is 10 and 15 and so on.

Delegation up vote values
by Delegation to the @darklands you can get workers to and a bigger up vote two times a day.

  • 00 sp 0 workers 20% up vote
  • 10 sp 1 workers 28% up vote
  • 20 sp 2 workers 32% up vote
  • 40 sp 3 workers 42% up vote
  • 80 sp 4 workers 55% up vote
  • 160 sp 5 workers 70% up vote
  • 340 sp 6 workers 90% up vote

how much resources make my workers.
lumberjack and miner has a 1-6 dice (the game doing it) +-Modifiers
Forager has a 1-4 (the game doing it) +-Modifiers
special buildings make a stable amount
NB: you need a silver mine to get silver.

your first 3 weeks.
wood is the most important in the beginning.
Recommend and hire a lumberjack from the silver you are starting with.
and put him to work. you have 3 weeks of food in the colony so u don't need to worry immediately.
The player. starting quest or Build the fireplace/bed.
normally you will find some food and some weapons on the Discovered the immediate area (easy) so this is good to start with. also this will unlock the specialty of your colony. and maby its better to mine stone and selling it to get more wood faster. the outpost is always trades resources.
all colonists has +- Modifiers on their wood ,stone and a food specialty.
its two ways to do questing either playable or passive
passive the game is doing all the work. on playable you a quest on the quest post
on Wednesday.
easy quest (passive no combat)
medium (playable or passive) Recommend to have some armor and weapons.
hard (don't go alone u need good items)
the quests are adjusted after the items you have and how many player are inn it.
you can do a hard or medium quest alone but then you need to think more on your actions.
Only real rule in the game is participation.
you need to comment on the Monday post what you plans are the following week
u have a few days to do your turn. Lack of participation will result in your up vote being removed
if you are not sure what to do just ask in the comment or jump over tho the discord. Questions are expedited. and Appreciated
to jone just comment or go to



part two:: Resources/items/NPC/Speels wiki

Basic resources
Resources can be obtained trade, quest. some need special buildings not all colonist are ability to produce everything.
wood (Lumberyard)(Lumberjack)
stone (Stone quarry)(minder)
food (hunter cabin,farm,fish cabin)(Forager)
hide (hunter cabin) (colony specialty)
wheat (farm) (colony specialty)
Silver (silver mine) hire workers (construction) and trade
iron (iron mine)
herbs (herb cabin)
gem (one D20 per worker in) (Stone quarry and miner)(iron mine)(silver mine) . 1-5 to get one (game is doing it)

advance resources
need a special building every colonist can make it.
ale (Brewery) using wheat (+2 to hit +1 in production) one worker can make 2 ale a week
armors and shields (armorer) need hide , iron and gems
weapons (Blacksmith) need wood, iron and gems

potions (herb cabin),by hiring a herb Forager he collecting herbs the alchemist is making potions
you start whit the ability to make the health potion. the alchemist can research more recipes using astride book (only way to unlock the cabin is by doing the (talk to Astrid quest)
Resource in a potion (herbs,wheat,silver,food and gem) one potion per alchemist a turn.

are and very important Resources you can find in silver,iron mine , stone quarry,in quests and the miner
by adding gems and hide to armor and iron gem to weapons using and (Blacksmith) and (armorer)
you can improve the items. adding damage + on the armor or make a amulet, ring to increasing your hit
in combat. by see the cost you need the building
potions, wizard armor also need gems.


Common weapons
most weapons be obtained (Blacksmith) trade, quest
sword, axes, hammers,clubs, spears and bow.

  • stone/bone +3 to hit. 2 damage
  • iron +4 to hit. 2 damage
  • bow +3/+4 2 range damage.

all items can be fund in quest and trade but small chance and good items.

advance weapons

  • Crossbow (Blacksmith) (bad hit but good damage)
  • Hunter bow (Blacksmith) (good hit chance)
  • Long sword (Blacksmith) (good hit chance)
  • Hunter ax (Blacksmith) (good hit chance)
  • Battleaxe (Blacksmith) (two hands)(removing secondary weapon slot)
  • Warhammer (Blacksmith) (two hands)(removing secondary weapon slot)
  • Scimitar (Blacksmith) (very good hit chance) 2 damage
  • wizard staff (Blacksmith)(quest)

armor Common classes
can be obtained (armorer) Trade, Quest
boots,leggings,chest and helmet.

  • hide armor (armorer) just hide
  • studded hide armor (iron spikes mounted) (armorer) need iron/hide
  • Iron armor (armorer) need iron/hide
  • Archer armor (armorer)(hide) low armor + on hit
  • Wizard armor (armorer)(hide,silver,Animal skulls only in quest/Trade) low armor adding spell power
  • iron armor (armorer)(hide,iron) high armor

shield wood/iron/tower (armorer)(shield attack) can knock back enemy's two squares and dealing 2 damage. shield has a high armor value, cant be used whit a bow or crossbow. and are in your second weapon slot,

  • Shield Small (armorer)(wood and iron)
  • Shield Large (armorer)(wood and iron)
  • Shield Tower (armorer)(wood, iron and silver)

your colony need the wizard tower to have the option.
the spells are in your staff your colony can have both sides.

  • Dark magic (getting its its power form the underworld the heal is strong but hes consequences and life for a life) specialty damage
  • Light magic (using clean energy form the earth) specialty boosting friendlys and dealing damage.


  • Gunnar (is and human but he grev up whit dwarfs he belive he is and dwarf dont tell him this. he living at the outpost)
  • Astrid (is gunnars sister she is and gifted potion maker. she alsow is living in the outpost.)
  • Tim (and soldier form the outpost he will accompany the colonist on quests now and then)


part three:Regions

  • by holding and region your colony gets and additional bonus.
    in form of Resources, access to special buildings, Trade ports and up votes, shares in
    steembasicincome. etc

  • The amount and type is different form region to region. determent by the difficulty degree.

  • you can only hold one region at the time. you will not loos your Colony conditions just add more to it.
    the region works you are receives payment from the locals in region you will defend them form the snake clan etc.

  • In a region it can be max two colonists occupied it the bonus is divided 50/50 if more the two is there no bonus.

-All regions are occupied by the snake clan to take it you get a quest. you can get Allies to help you take it. the colonists ho are staring the quest is going to be the owner.if several colonists starting the same quest (same week) its going to be more colonists occupied the region,

  • At any time you can move to a different region if the region is occupied by a player you have the option to attack him. by doing this the defending player can leave the region or defend it. it will trigger a quest.
    working same as a normal quest, you will be on opposed side. both sides can call in Allies.

-By holding a Region you will be attacked by the snake clan on a regular bases the harder the Region you are controlling the harder the attack will be. its activating a quest. you can call in Allies to help you, to attack is going to happen in your home colony. if you dont want to fight you can leave the region. but then loos your bonus.

  • if you are the only one occupied and region and leaving it, the snake clan will take it back. and
    to take it back you need to invade it one more time in a quest.

  • If you dont have a Region you will never be attacked.
    8 of 15 Regions Discovered

1. Crimson forest (medium) weekly bonus : 4 food and 2 hide +5% up vote owner: @methus,

2. Shattan lumberyard (medium) bonus +6 wood +5% up vote Owner: The snake clan

3. Seven Sister (medium) bonus +6 stone +5% up vote Owner: @cyber.explorer

4. Orange hills (medium) bonus +6 wheat +5% up vote Owner: The snake clan

5. Black harbor (hard) bonus: special trade agreements +5% up vote Owner: @ecoinstant

6. Green wally (hard) bonus +8 wheat access the Brewery +5% up vote Owner: The snake clan

7. Shrubs (medium) bonus: Tomas or Gertrud, jone your colony +5% up vote Owner: The snake clan

8. Lake Sherwood (hard) bonus: Occupied regions tax 20% or min one item. the region is sending more resources to pay it not affecting the owner +5 up vote Owner: The snake clan

9.(undiscovered) need to be Scout by a player
10.(undiscovered) need to be Scout by a player
11.(undiscovered) need to be Scout by a player
12.(undiscovered) need to be Scout by a player
13.(undiscovered) need to be Scout by a player
14.(undiscovered) need to be Scout by a player
15.(undiscovered) need to be Scout by a player


part four:Quest Rules

by using the @ rolld20 a @ rollthedice
Turns in every round you have 3 actions

Movement The player has a max movement distance of 6 squares per action. you can go any direction.
Example: waking 2 squares and shooting your bow.Then waking 6 squares This is 3 turns.

Attacks using D20 u most hit under your number
how to calculate your hit chance. in the quest post, your player will be mentions whit your equipment. by adding your base stat and weapons ale etc u get a number to get a successful attack you need to Hit under the number
normally and weapon has 2 damage but all info on your equipment are in the colony file.

blockurator 5 (+5 iron long sword)(+3 crossbow "4 dam")
4 hit points (+3 armor)

using the (+5 iron long sword)

rolld20 (31) · 18 hours ago
Shake shake shake, you roll the 20-sided die.

You rolled a 8.

Replay: it's a hit a did 2 damage attacking one more time

rolld20 (31) · 18 hours ago
Shake shake shake, you roll the 20-sided die.

You rolled a 11.

Replay: it a miss.

If u have a question it's helpful to make a separate comments marking it with OOC (out if character)

Range attack working exactly the same as and normal attack using the D20
throwing Range weapons has a max range of 3 square. like the spear and javelin. Bows-Crossbows are unlimited. "line of sight" .
Example You must draw a line from the center of your square to the center of the square your attacking. If it crosses over any walls you can not attack.
Recover throwing weapons take one action
Example action one u throw your spear, action two u recover it the last action u stabbing the enemy with it. turn over. (by recover your spear u will move to where your spear is and if its hit and enemy u are now in melee distance to the enemy.

Charge attack you can Charge up to 3 square and do a melee attack. You get a +2 on the attack

  • Green and dark green can do a Charge attack this will put them in the same square as the "Red enemy"
  • Blue and turquoise can not do a Charge attack blue is in the same square and turquoise is 4 square away.
    Example you have used you javelin from 3 square range. you take you stone club and ruining at the enemy. your base 5, +4 weapon (+2 charge attack) now on your d20 its a hit 1-11 next action dropping down to 1-9

walls are around 8-10 ft tall
if and enemy is standing in the same squares or next to the wall he is cower. out of sight rule is Applying to see him you need to be max 3 squares max away.
if he is out side this distance you can see him. if you are next to the wall on the inside.

Sneak attack. by performing and Sneak attack u can do this attack only one Time in a quest
U need to do a Sneak roll. using the D6 dice. and success roll is set to 1-3.4-6 is a miss. if success u get a +10 on your first Attack.
Example you are sinking on to and enemy u roll the d6 u get a 2 now you can add +10 on your first attack working wit all weapons but Only working on your first turn special condition may apply its always going informed to you in the quest post.

hide you can move to a location out of sight of the enemy's (forest,darkness, behind house, mountains etc.) and roll a @ rollthedice if you get same value as and Sneak attack 1-3 (or special number depend it on the quest) Then you are hidden you next attack has and +5 to hit.

shield attack the shield has a knock back skill. D20 dice. if you are in the same square
as and enemy u can do a shield attack on success the enemy will be moved two square back, allowing you to be in Charge attack range on your next attack. its only working same size enemy's not on a ogre etc. its also do 2 damage.

magic spells
you need a wizard tower in your colony to activate the option to use magic

  • normal one spell take one Acton to do. if not it will be in your colony file

  • Touche spells you need to be in the same square or next square to and enemy to activate it.
    see in your colony file if the spell require and dice. normal passive spells dont need a dice. damage spells do. on a dice add your staff has and base value of +5.

  • Range spells working the same way as a normal range attack using the "line of sight" rule.
    the activate is the same as and Touche spell.

  • On a quest you can only have three spells whit you they are in your wizard staff.
    u can bring and wizard worker whit you and he can have his one staff whit three spells also.

Hit points all players has a 4 hit points
if you get hit down to 0 (unconscious) you are out of the quest. next week your character get a -3 on hit if you are going to a quest and u get a -50% on production and u dont get any loot on the quest.

Armor when u get hit your armor is socking up the damage when its gone you are losing hit points

Can you recover hit points and armor?
yes you can. by using health potions or magic spells. you can give a health potions to any coloinst it take one turn to do so, you need to be next to the colonists when you do so. the Basic health potions will immediately give him/you 4 hp. magic spells give back armor and hp (see how the spells work to do it.) big health potions Also do this.

workers/unit players can take one worker whit them on a quest.
the unit can have the same Equipment as the player.
if the worker getting killed you need to rehire and new one the next week.

Barracks if your colony has it. you can send a one or two soldier on your behave. the soldier is working exactly the same way as your character. if he get unconscious he dont get loot your colony the following week get a -3 to hit and -50% on production.

-you have two weapon slots
-if you using a shield its take one weapon slots. it cant be used whit a bow or crossbow.

  • two hands weapon removing the second weapon slot.

-Armor is a set off. boots,legings, chest and helmet. you can mix armor types.

  • Special items two slots Amulet, Ring ,Cape etc
  • Potion pouch you can have 3 potion whit you
  • max three spells

When you are entering a playable quest remember to take equipment whit the with you doing this in the colony post.

Example: I put on my bear cape, studded +2 leggings, +1 helm and +2 chest armor, and arm myself with my +4 bow and +5 sword.

To keep track on the comment section when u are doing your turn. Replay to your comment. U need to do one attack per comment. Remember the worker is and separate player.



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