The Road to Steem Fest | My Budgeting for SF4

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First of all thanks much to @anomadsoul and @blocktrades for this amazing contest about SteemFest 4. I had submitted my posts for prior 2 contests and this is another contest about the budgeting.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 6.55.04 PM.png

Budget is the first and most important thing and has to be taken care of in the planning. I have made an estimate of my expenses of SF4 in US Dollar currency and Indian Rupee to make it easy.

VISA Cost-

Being an Indian I will get benefit on Visa on arrival so this will save my time to apply first and then wait for the approval to come. I can get the visa on arrival there at the airport itself and it would be hassle-free and this will cost me around INR 2500 and in USD this amount is approx USD 35.

Steemfest Ticket-

I have gone through the steemfest website and checked tickets type and pricing details. There are 7 types of tickets and being a minnow I fall in the second type which will cost me USD 380 approx (SBD 482, Euro 333.33). I would like to mention that this amount covers only 75% of the cost so Steem is encouraging plankton and minnow users to participate in the event and they are offering ticket at subsidized prices. This is indeed a very good move by the company.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 8.34.19 PM.png


Air Fare (To and Fro)

I have checked out the flights from New Delhi India to Bangkok for two Airlines- Go Air and Spicejet are offering the lowest prices in economy class and return ticket will cost me around USD 250. I always go for non-stop fights and this non-stop journey would be between 4 to 4.5 hours.


I have never been to Bangkok before so have no idea about the location and places. Steemfest team has listed Prince Palace Hotel on the website and I have checked their prices in agoda website and for this period of stay, they would charge approx 225 USD. Since Prince Palace Hotel is officially recommended hotel so I would go for this one only.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 9.03.25 PM.png



As I have already mentioned that I am not aware of the locations there so Google map will be my assistant to find the places and know the distance. I can see on the map that the Hotel is almost 32 km away (almost half an hour by taxi) so for this taxi charges, I am keeping as $ 100. This amount may be a bit on the higher side but I think it's ok to keep it a higher to avoid unexpected issues.

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 9.13.49 PM.png



This is MUST for me to stay online so I will buy tourist SIM there (should be available in the airport) and hope $ 50 would be sufficient for 1-week internet cost. I am sure there would be wifi in the hotel premise but still, mobile data is required for calling and steem usage.


I am vegetarian and hope there would be enough veggie options for me in the hotel. I think few lunches, dinner would be provided as a part of SteemFest ticket but still, I keep this amount to enjoy the food there. I am not sure whether this will be sufficient to cover or not but if required I can extend it depending upon need.

Shopping and Gifts

Visiting Bangkok and No Shopping! not possible, so have the plan to do some shopping for my family. I am not sure what I will be buying but will see what is good and I would like to buy. It depends upon my liking or if some steem friends (who visited Bangkok already) suggests me something to go for and for this I keep $ 300 as shopping funds.

Misc Expenses

We plan many things on the trip but few things just happen and we can't plan for them. Bangkok is such a nice place to be and after SteemFest I have decided to extend my stay by 1 more day. I also hope many more steemians will do the same to enjoy Bangkok after the event. So I keep a fund of $ 300 for this miscellaneous expenses and to cover the cost of an extended trip.

I have talked about all the expenses for Steem Fest and here is a summary of all. Here is the table having all details at one place. I need to have a sum of USD 1840 and in INR 130k approx to fund my trip to SF4. Few expenses heads are considered on an approximate basis so little movement in total is possible. Since INR is my fiat currency so I have also added a total in INR currency.


How much I have in my hand?

I have shared detailed expenses about SteemFest 4. I need approximately a sum of USD 1800 to fund my trip to the event but currently, I don't have any amount in my hand as of now. This is what makes me unsure to attend the event but I am hopeful and positive. Almost 3 months are left for the event and if everything goes well then this is more than enough to arrange this amount.

I have also submitted my posts in the prior contests about The Road to Steem Fest.

Official Contest pos by @anomadsoul
The Road to Steem Fest | Budgeting

My Prior Participation-

Steemians I would like to meet in Thailand
I want to go but I doubt this year. Still hopeful

Thank so much for reading the post. Appreciate your time

Have a great weekend.

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Greetings appreciated @alokkumar121.

I think you're doing things right. Making a budget is the first step.

You should look for all the options of lodging rates so that you select the most economical. If you know someone who has lived there (@crypto.piotr) you can have very important information that you will not get on any website.

Good luck friend, hopefully you can complete this whole journey.

Your friend, Juan.

Hello dear @alokkumar121, this budget is very detailed.

I really wish you could go, I don't know how much the budget would be to travel from Venezuela, but $ 1800 is a heavy amount for me. The steemfest4 is a great event where we all want to be, if you manage to go, enjoy it and return home well.


Thanks @fucho80
I am trying this time to make it but will see if I can really make it.
#feeling hopeful

This amount is indeed a big one for me and if zi can arrange then only can think of going..

Thanks for stopping by.

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Hello @alokkumar121

I find your interest to go to SteemFest quite elevating. I remember that part of the reason for me to join Steemit was when I caught the SteemFest 3 in the news last year. I had made it a point to make a Steemit account then and have been glued here ever since.

I hope you get to go on the journey and later recount all the experiences you had to us, in the hope that we might all be together in a SteemFest after a few years.

BTW, as an Indian myself, I thank you for giving us the detailed information that you have collected and compiled. I have given me an estimate to save up for the future.

Hi @reverseacid

I heard a lot about this even and since last year i was quite new so couldn't make however this time I am trying if I can make it. Meeting Steemians in person whom I connect through their posts and videos will be a great experience. I like connecting people so this would a great opportunity for me to meet lots of like-minded people there.

Glad to know that you're from India and if you plan to go then more or less your expenses would be the same. I did this exercise for you buddy 😊

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day..

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Hi @alokkumar121

Wow I feel very happy to know that you can attend the festival,
After seeing in detail the expenses that that trip entails for you I realize that in order to make that trip for the amount of $ 1300 I must work 210 months to be able to raise that money my monthly salary is approximately $ 8.75

Here the inflation is so great and also the government has the dollar blockade, not all of us can have dollars, unless it is bought on the black market.

Hi friend

I know that financial situation is Venezuela is critical and this is big amount for me but I am shocked to know that your monthly earning is less than $9 and its too less and can understand how things are going through.

Thanks for stopping by dear friend.

WAO! 1840 USD! It's too much money for me 😅

I know it must be great to participate in a Steemit event but it's out of my budget but thousands of light-years!

I wish you luck and have a nice trip! And of course, tell us all the details of the event and your trip once you do it. 😄

First of all very well explained and presented in post. My good wishes with you, hope you can go to the steem-fest and you can share so many amazing things from there.

Keep posting good content my friend @alokkumar121.

Hi friend

This is second steemfest after I joined steem and I heard a lot about it so trying to see if I can make it this time.
Thank you so much for adding your valuable comments.
Have a great day dear friend @flash07

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Hi @alokkumar121

Are you travelling for upcoming Steem Fest? Have you ever joined any previous ones? I never had a chance and I'm curious if it's worth to go.

What are you expectations? It is quite costly to go there.

I have never been to Bangkok before so have no idea about the location and places.

I've been there several times and I can help (if you need it) ;) Prince Palace Hotel cost 225usd? So much ... for how many nights?

I need approximately a sum of USD 1800 to fund my trip to the event but currently, I don't have any amount in my hand as of now.

That summarizes everything lol

Interesting solid read buddy. Upvote on the way :)


Hi Friend,

I never joined any steemfest before but I want to attend this time. However things are not easy for me as of now and I am not sure if I will be able to but trying my best to make it.

I checked hotel cost on internet for 6 night 7 days and it was showing approximately $225. If I would go then surely I will ask some tips from you.

Few figures in amount may go up and down as its approx calculation. But I think I would need $1800 approx to fund this trip to SF4.

Thanks for your kind words buddy. Take care

I was already made aware of this, but nice to see you cover it as well. I hope to make one of these one day.

This is nice event indeed and will see if I can make.
I am sure you will make it soon @machnbirdsparo

Thanks for stopping by.

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