1 week on Steemit. Random thoughts... 😎

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(That's how we midwestern U.S. people say hello or hi)
I've been on steemit for about a week now.

  • Anyone want to know what I think?

I've made a few posts...

I've replied to a few posts

  • Several articles laying out ideas on how steemit can move forward.
  • One article promoting the danger of adding fluoride to drinking water.
    • My real job is Chief Operator of a small town water plant...
  • An article about cryptocurrency and my hate of fiat "money."
    • Perhaps crypto is a good fiat "money?"
  • Another article about Iran
    • Ties in to the previous point. Fiat money.
      The Rothschild dynasty and other 5 or 6 families,
      who control every single central bank in the world except 3-5 depending on which report you believe,
      want control of Iran's central bank.
      • Also North Korea. So now you know the rest of the story about those 2 countries.
        You're welcome...

The collective genius.

One of my best ideas, that I've not seen anyone talking about is collaborative posts.

  • Think... wiki...
    • A lot of people sharing a little bit of knowledge could create an authority on a myriad of topics.
    • Posts would need to remain open
      • for editing by anyone (not just the original poster)
      • indefinitely (not just for 7 days).

a #jabi to improve steemit

jabi = Just Another Bright Idea = pronounced jab eye

  • A term I've been using over 2 decades now.
    • Feel free to use it...
      I am not a 1 jabi man
  • Most "how to succeed on steemit" articles say to pick a topic to blog about.
    • That is sooooo not me.
      And I bet there are many more like me...
  • How about if I could group my posts under topics of my choice?
    • That way, if you visit my "homepage" (sorry, not sure what you call it here)
      • You can choose to look at my gardening posts
        if that's what you're in to,
        and not bother with my political posts,
        if that's not your thing...

Random thoughts...

  • I was very glad to run across Steemit Emojis Master List
    • Very cool 😎
      • I was let down the editor could not transform :D or :::rolleyes::: into emojis...
  • I read somewhere there are only 35 "whales"
    • That seems to be like the real world, where great power is concentrated in a few people to rule...
  • I find it rather amusing that when promoting steemit a lot of people complain about how people on facebook post pics of what they are eating and such...
    • Then I see one of the most popular kind of posts is photography.
      • Nothing against you photographers... I just find it kinda boring...
        I have enjoyed some of the gardening pics!
  • I saw #Engadget has started using steemit
    • It was quite amazing to see within about 12 hours their reputation score was already over 50.
      • They had made 2 posts and had about 100 followers.
      • How in the world???
        Makes a guy think...

How in the world!?!?

Marketers of steemit...

Note this fact of life...

  • Steemit reminds me of my network marketing days...
    • It sounds intriguing to a lot of people...
      • Who will waste a lot of time and effort for zero reward.
    • They will search for and read all kinds of 'this is how to succeed on steemit' articles.
      • but they don't have what it takes to succeed
    • That may sound harsh, but it shouldn't.
      • Those people can still "profit" from this platform
        as it grows and becomes the defacto social network.

This The Likelihood of MLM Success article states...

In the first year of operation, a minimum of 50% of representatives drop-out.
After five years of operation, a minimum of 90% of representatives have left the company.
By year 10, only those at or near the top have not dropped out – making it safe to say at least 95% of representatives have dropped out.

To become the defacto social media platform, steemit needs to

  • focus more on the 95% who will drop out when they realize they likely won't make a dime.
    • yet who will gladly be "customers" if offered the best of the best social networking platform.

Things I have yet to find:

  • An easy way to find topics that interest me.
  • An easy way to make friends.
    • I'm the first of my real world and online world family and friends to be on steemit.
      • I've yet to "click" with any new people I've met through this platform.
    • Perhaps if I joined some of the chatrooms on other sites mentioned in so many articles here.
      • Perhaps I'm expecting too much from >>>this<<< social platform?
    • I think this is due to lack of an easy way to have groups or communities or whatever you want to call them.


I have stumbled onto steemit and it is good.

  • I am hopeful it will make a few tweaks and become GREAT.
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