Fed Up with Facebook

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When I first stumbled upon the Internet back in '95 I saw it would do 2 things:

  • Connect people to people
  • Connect people to information

Facebook has arguably been the best way for people to connect with people for a few years now.

  • But it's not a perfect platform.

Privacy concerns

See what Fox 29 says on YouTube...

Government spying

Concerns the government is spying on us through it

Mood Altering Experiments

Even experimenting with it to see if they could alter your mood.

  • Yes, they could make you depressed by showing certain news in your timeline.
    • And, yes, you passed it on to your friends and family.

Wikipedia says...

A March 2014 research paper written by authors affiliated to Facebook claimed to have experimented on over 689,003 of its users from January 11 to January 18, 2012, in an attempt to identify emotional contagion effects by altering the amount of emotional content in the targeted users' news feed. The experiment was later criticised in the media, with disagreements over whether applicable guidelines for human subject research had been followed. Participants had not been specifically warned about the experiments or given an opportunity to opt out, though the users had agreed to Facebook's Data Use Policy when registering to Facebook; there was disagreement about whether this constituted informed consent.

Facebook Apologizes For Manipulating Your Emotions

Zuckerberg is Dumb [email protected]*K


You don't have much control.

  • Your posts show up willy nilly to your friends.
    • You cannot organize your info as you want it.

Censorship = Mind Control

Facebook censors some things

  • Facebook can choose to not allow you to share certain info.
    • YouTubes and posts they don't want shared disappear from your timeline
      • Reminds me of George Orwell's 1984
    • Sometimes they change the whole layout.
      • You have no choice but to accept the changes if you want to keep using the platform.
  • AND it is not a good way to Connect People to Information.
    • There just isn't a good way to pass along information
      • It's there and then it's gone.

Facebook Groups really suck

Pick any subject and you can find dozens if not hundreds of groups about the same thing.

  • Wouldn't it would be better to have one group about any subject?
    • It would be good if you could have sub-groups for those who want to promote a specific variance of the main subject.
      • Ex. If there is a raising chickens group, there could be sub-groups for raising chickens for eggs, raising chickens for meat, raising chickens for fun and raising chickens for profit.
  • Many moderators and people who start these groups are mainly wanting to promote their web site or book or podcast or ...
    • It seems many of them really could care less about building a true community.
      • Where people can connect with other like minded people
        and people can connect with quality information about things that interest them...
        +I've seen many moderators who let the title go to their head. It's either my way or the highway attitude.
    • News alert: I want to join a community where the community has control, not some power hungry dictator.
  • There is no central collection of things learned from the community.
    • No good way to connect people to information...
      • I joined a (BTW, I hate) Facebook homesteading group. At least once a week someone would post a picture of a poisonous weed and they would ask if it was safe to eat. Then there would ensue a discussion about the plant. The same question and the same answer week after week after week...

Facebook is old technology

combined into a new way...

  • Instant messaging
  • Email
  • Social Networking
    • Like many other sites already did
  • Games

I'm hoping Steemit develops into the next big thing...

Continue their efforts to help create groups or communities or whatever you want to call them...

  • Perhaps with a community whiteboard (More or less a wiki page where anyone can edit, add and delete info)
  • Perhaps with a community FAQ, where questions that continually come up can be answered once and then people referred to the FAQ when they ask that same question next week...
  • Perhaps a community links page. There is a lot of good information out on the web that will never become part of steemit. People and companies have invested billions of hours and money creating content that steemit citizens should have easy access to.

Even if they are not successful, one thing is for sure...

Facebook will be replaced by one or more technologies!!!

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