Save big on cigarettes!

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How I pay <$10 USD / carton...

Save the most by quitting!

  • But until then...


Upfront cost of $45 for the machine

  • About $100 for the electric rolling machine


  • about $5 for the tobacco
    • about $3 for the tubes
      • about 1 hour to roll a carton

Watch this video to see how easy it is

Discount supplies

These Kentucky Select 5 lb bags are $54.99 + shipping.

  • You are responsible for state, county and local taxes. 🙄
    • This is the brand I, @WizarDave use. I smoke the gold.
      • They will easily make at least 10 cartons of cigarettes...

Kentucky Select pipe tobacco is a top graded premium pipe tobacco that will keep pipe smokers entranced with its smooth taste, hearty flavors, and slow burns. Whether you want regular, aromatic, or natural, this tobacco brand comes in three distinct flavors that will suit all tastes. Here at BNB Tobacco, we offer the lowest price on the web for this tobacco, and other great premium tobacco brands on the market. Kentucky Select only uses fine quality tobaccos without any added chemicals, so you can expect great flavor and organic processing that will give you plenty of value for your money.

Pick your flavor

Pick your tubes

I use the gambler tubes (Gold):

If you order the 5 lb. bag, order 2 x 5 packs of tubes.

Here's the machine I use...

Example of the savings.

  • I ordered a 5# bag of Gold and 2 - 5 packs of Gold Tubes.
    Shipping was $11.80.
    Total was $96.77.
    • That's <$10 / carton!!!
      • All for a little time rolling them up.
  • A carton of Pall Malls cost me $35 / carton
    • So I'm saving about $25 / carton
      • Several $100 / year!!!

Full disclosure: The links to products are affiliate links.
...Meaning I make a few pennies if you decide to order.
Thanks in advance if you do.
...And please come back to this post every time you order!
Prices are current as of today. Feb 7, 2018
...Prices are subject to change.
I am a smoker and these are the cigarettes I smoke.

A penny saved is a penny earned. Benjamin Franklin.jpg

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If you happen to smoke Pall Mall
(like my wife... and me in a pinch...)

  • you can visit their web site to sign up for coupons.
    • and they have sweepstakes quite often...