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Are you tired of watching others get paid??
I am back to 90% so I thought I would try this but slightly different. Also, please note That the RULES HAVE CHANGED slightly Again!

The Rules are Simple.....

  1. You Must Up Vote this post.

  2. You Must Comment below with a Link to Your Most recent post. Must be less than 7 days old and must be a legitimate attempt at a post. Obviously plagiarism and other rule breakers won't be supported.

  3. I will Up Vote Your Post ONLY if it is a true attempt at a post that YOU WROTE.

  • please note, only posts will be up voted, not the comment with the link.

        Links 1- 10 get 20% vote from me.
       Next 15 votes will be at 15%.
       Votes 26-50 will be up voted at 10%
       51-100 @ 5%
       101+ @ 2%

I was going to also say follow and re-steem, but that is too much to ask so it is optional.

There is a method to the madness!

Stay tuned for more chances to be rewarded.

Let others know!!

Full Steem Ahead!

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Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I will be so happy to have you see my post and hopefully upvote it. Thank you for doing this. I'm upvoting, resteeming, and promoting your post in twitter for a few days.

You got good response already, but maybe now you will get more. What a nice idea!

This post is definitely all me except for the Chili Peppers :)



Thank you, and love the the peps btw!


They are a great break in any day and remind me of California in a good way. I just recently left there after more than 20 years. Thank you for both upvotes. That's so nice of you. I really appreciate the boost!

Thanks @streetstyle for putting up this initiative to help motivate we minnows.
link to post Thank you so much

Hi @streetstyle, I came too late, so I am not sure if you will still check my post and upvote it or not. But I followed and upvoted yours, so I hope this is not a one time generosity thing :)
Anyway, my link is here:

I hope you will enjoy it

Many thanks for the initiative :)

UPVOTED my Friend...
Have a nice Day. :-)
Here is my Link:


you helping a lot :)

I post more pictures than write but I hope you like my last post.


Hello @streetstyle, i juts want to say thank you for doing such a great thing for the minnows community.
The following is a contest I launched yesterday for the foodies, hope you like it! https://steemit.com/steemit-ironchef/@progressivechef/steemit-iron-chef-01-contest-now-open-25-sbd-to-win-this-week-grand-reward-pool-already-at-53-sbd-and-growing-each-day

Hi there! i want to try my chance with the series that i post regularly, The housewife recipe book and here is the link! https://steemit.com/food/@creativewoman/the-housewife-recipe-book-quick-and-tasty-papaya-orange-and-banana-smoothie-page-15

Great. Thanks for sharing. I vote for you and begin to follow you. And Resteemed...

Really great idea you've got here. and thanks ! Upvoted ! https://steemit.com/nature/@angnima/peace-and-beauty-in-nepal


come on @ronald89 That was weak! At least write about what it is I am looking at or why you took that picture or something.

Truly minnow support :) Upvoted your post. Will submit my article next time.


I will keep my eye out for it.


@rikasteemit please explain the picture at the very least. Thank you.


after handling the patient for a short break and chatting the activity this afternoon

This post has been ranked within the top 50 most undervalued posts in the first half of Sep 02. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $11.10 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Sep 02 - Part I. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Hey @streetstyle! I do making online magazines and covers 10 of undervalued and trending posts from my followers and an original content of mine in each issue because i promote good content in Steemit.
Here is my latest Steemit Digest issue i hope you'll like my concept.: https://steemit.com/steemitdigest/@steemitdigest/steemit-digest-issue-6-game-of-thrones-review-making-a-video-game-gold-fact-health-food-tips-and-education

Upvoted and resteemed, just because this is just such a nice thing to do. Thank you so much This is my post from Yesterday, it's the start of a serials translations of my book. Hope you like it ;) https://steemit.com/story/@carlschrijft/dreamland-introduction

Hi @streetstyle! This is such a nice thing to do... here's mine-

I'd really appreciate if you can drop my my link.


Grwat initiative. Here is my post link. Please review. https://steemit.com/life/@nainaztengra/do-we-always-judge-people-by-their-appearance

What a great thing you're doing! Thanks :) Here's my latest post. https://steemit.com/writing/@tinajordan/the-undoing-of-sir-byron

Thank you for this post. Just starting to learn how to do things on here. Here is my last post:

This type of innovation is why I love Steemit! I have upvoted and followed, I am relatively new on here but I would be grateful if you could Resteem this post


Thank you :) x

Yeah I could use some help. Looks like nobody saw my post. Up voted and followed. Thanks. https://steemit.com/poetry/@origins1/in-the-now

Let's see if this post get's anywhere after 4 days of sitting dormant https://steemit.com/steemit/@kissofearth/don-t-go-gentle-time-to-prove-them-all-wrong

Hi there.

Thank you for doing this. Here is my most recent post. I hope people like it:-)


Hello @streetstyle!
I would like to submit my last blog and i am really proud of it as it is very personal and in a way it's the first time that i am adding a drawing of my daughter. Actually its her drawing about Steem and Steemit in her version. I hope you are going to like as i am very proud of her and her art work!
The link is the following: https://steemit.com/drawing/@georgemales/my-daughter-drawing-1-steem-community
Have a great day and always Steem On!

Upvoted and followed I look forward to getting your support. Here's my post https://steemit.com/steemit/@inseasia/saigon-steemians-meet-up-great-food-and-beers-at-50-cents

Thanks for the upvote offer! Here is my most recent post for your consideration:

Hi @streetstyle!
Thanks so much for the chance to get my link out there. It so generous of you :)

Nice post.
Check out #teamnorway tag ;)

Keep doing great stuff!

"You Must Comment below with a Link to Your Most recent post. Must be less than 7 days old and must be a legitimate attempt at a post. Obviously plagiarism and other rule breakers won't be supported."

Hello. This isn't my most recent post, but its exactly 7 days old. I dont know if it still qualifies for a vote for you or not. But it is a true attempt that I wrote with links to two websites that people can purchase silver at spot price without the premium.


Its ok if you dont upvote it, if it doesnt qualify.


hello and thanks. I did not up vote this post, but I did up vote one of your newer ones. This one might not have received a payout, so it would have been a wasted vote, but like I said, I did up vote the other one.


Not a problem! Didnt expect a vote on that, so every little bit helps:)

Saya suka dengan postingan anda,yang cemerlang dan saya sangat mengharapkan upvote dari anda

Hey! I would really appreciate an upvote if you like my post ^_^


Upvoted, follow and re-steem I really appreciate an upvote in my post of presentation thank you here this https://steemit.com/introduceyoursel/@cyb3rmixao/introduceyourself-desde-mexico-para-steemit-regards-from-mexico-cyb3rmixao-here-introducing-myself


Wow this is what the STEEMIT community is all about, wish I had enough STEEM to do the same. One day!

Maybe if you find it worth while you can resteem it too, or instead, i would like more people to read it instead of just getting a high reward.