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RE: My @ReviewMe Profile! ✍(◔◡◔) Please leave your feedback about @wolfhart

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Hi ,@wolfhart
After admiring your post i got to know one thing is that you are really a kind hearted person, you helped a lot of people out there on steemit.
I am new on steemit and like you i too spend my most of time here on steemit , i am little confused that how will i grow my steemit journey .I will apprecialte and will be thankful to you if you give me your valuable suggestions . It is my humble request to you to give your Valuable and precious support to me as i really needs it . I will be very much thankful to you .Thanx👍
With Love✨
By : @phenomenal1


@phenomenal1 Four months ago I was sitting right where you are now .
here is my advice
read the post don't just skip through it . you failed to pick up where it was to give stars and all the comments have stars in them except yours . what does that tell you ? Not only do I read the post but also the comments so I don't miss anything

There is not one person here that doesn't need support . I know this, everyone knows this . so the question becomes . Why should I give you support instead of the people who left comments with stars ? see what I mean .

Of course you would be thankful who wouldn't

  1. make a comment ( like you did) wait for a response . vote on the response because it will stand out . then most times you will get a reply with a decent vote attached to it . try it . ( make sure you read and understand what I have put here and the post

  2. read some of my posts in my blog . you should invest in @dustsweepers . it will increase your payout

there is two very good ones . and welcome to steemit . Its hard but don't give up👍

First of all
Thanx , @wolfhart
For your reply .
I am sorry for skipping , and commenting straightly. I will keep this in my mind that you have told me . This mistake was done, as i was unable to find help from anywhere and suddenly there was your blog on which many people have commented about your helping them that's the reason i directly commented.
Sir, i promise it to you and myself that the precious views you have shared with me , i will definitely follow them .
This means a lot to me that you even replied me when i was wrong but ,from now i will do proper reading of particular articles then only i will leave comment.
And now sir i have understand that what you have written above here, thanx for your views it will help me a lot and now, i will definitely read your previous post .👍

@phenomenal1 Your a good man Charlie Brown , I don't care what Lucy says

We do learn better from our mistakes . And learning is what it all about here . I am glad you replied , I was waiting and hoping . 👍

This is a great comment to my reply . A no BS reply . I also see the vote . You only have 10 votes in a 24 hour period unless you are using an app

OOOHHH shit where are my stars 🙏

with a slider . By doing , voting in that manner your vote stands out and not lost in the main post

I suggest you invest 1 SBD in #dustsweepers as I stated above. I hope you are doing that . Its important
Quality is better the quantity 😎

Thanx @wolfhart
I will follow , what you told me and i will give 1sbd too . But , sir there is nothing shown as #dustsweepers on this, so where and how to give this 1 SBD . I am confused in this . Plz tell further details that how and where to give ,if you could, then its good. Thanx✨

Thanx sir for all your support👍

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