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@ReviewMe! I'm @wolfhart


I spend much more time here on Steemit than any other thing I do and I believe in the people and platform . I try and support the platform by helping all who I come in contact with . So far it has been a joyful and rewarding experience . I have meet so many people and I truly enjoy their friendship and conversation .

I am a member of the Pay It forward curation contest . In my humble opinion I think it is by far one of the best contests on the platform . I am also involved and support the following Discords/ Communities Payitforward , Steemit Greeters Guild and ASAPERS .
I am also a Disabled Vet and spend time with them on their Discord .


I live in Kansa USA way out in the country . I have no place that I call that I am from . There are not to many places that I have not been to . I am here for the last 5 years because of the VA hospital . I hope to move in the near future depending on health .

Contact Info:

I am easy to reach and can be on any of the discords above . Most of my time is spent on Pay It Forward Discord as stated above . I also answer all comments

Please review your experience interacting with me on!

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" I'd like to share some fun little project with you all. It's called" @ReviewMe By @kaliju

A good idea I hope you join in and get some important feedback


five stars
@wolfhart is someone that over the last few months I have gotten to know as a person who is always willing to help others. He will take the time to answer questions of newbies, go way out of his way to support someone who asks, and overall is just one of the "good guys" on steemit.

Appreciate all his efforts in maintaining the discord channel for Pay it Forward, being a judge for PIF, and all of the other efforts he makes on a regular basis to help others. One of those who I'd trust in a minute with just about anything.

Try to right click on the stars image and copy it then paste here :) I think wolfheart accidentally removed the ``` string next to the stars so the code is not visible :)

Took a minute to figure it out, but went to your original post and figured it out. Thanks!

made the edit hope it works
nobs at work LOL

@thedarkhorse Thank buddy . back at ya on the trust

five stars

Do I really need to say why? I think it's obvious. Ok I'll feed your ego :D LOL You have been an immense help to me in various ways. I appreciate the support and the jokes. Besides being a great guy, as 'they' say actions speak louder than words....Your actions speak volumes. Thank you for being here!!

@tryskele more ! more! 😂
Thank you for all you do . and I can't wait for your ReviewMe 😀

got it.

@janton LOL I'm a star
thanks buddy

five stars

I hate to follow the crowd but I have to go with the 5-star reviews too!
@wolfhart I like the way you think - and the way you say what you think! I always look forward to reading your posts.

@donna-metcalfe thank you that means a lot . I feel it's important to not only be honest with you but also myself . I hope to see your reviewme

Uh oh. Does that mean we're all supposed to do a reviewme post? I think it's a brave thing to do. A big step up from the introduction posts. You have set a good example, I will work on my courage. =-]

@donna-metcalfe You don't need courage because you do great things here , a positive for the platform and you bring credit upon yourself and those who you come in contact with

High praise from someone I admire, thank you. I'd give you another 5 stars if I could. =-)

five stars

You are one of the leaders here that gives me pause to know I am not foolish in what I see possible here. You are direct in your manners, and prove that one can be so and also be compassionate to others. While I am no fan of what the military is often used for, I am a huge fan of what it can teach one regarding discipline and working as a group. Understanding that the group is only as strong as its weakest points. You exhibit this as well as anyone I interact with.

I met you through being introduced to the Payitforward challenge by @energyaddict. I was able to watch from a distance the way all of you work together to make sure it not only runs smoothly, but continues to grow. When I haven't burnt through my voting power so hard I can log in looking to upvote, you are always towards the top of those I look at first.

I find your no bullshit approach refreshing as it allows for the maximum leverage once it is molded into our way of doing things.

@practicalthought I am a small part of a team that I am proud to serve . on this platform and any other it is important to be and state who you are . To many cowards who hide their intention behind a veil of lies and deceit . This platform , Steemit needs more people like you . I see more and more everyday .

five stars

@wolfhart is one of the more honorable, reliable and better human beings that I have had the privilege of meeting on the Steemit platform. He has always been a straight shooter from day one, which has made him an asset to not only @greetersguild, but the community as a whole. Not only has he displayed amazing talents in training new users, he has showed he is a man of honor and compassion, always finding ways to help others grow and learn on here.

@wolfhart, my friend and brother, it has been an absolute honor to have you work with me on the platform. Not only are you an amazing man of character, you are a great friend and someone this world desperately needs in order to see brighter days in the future!

Five Stars. I would do 6 if it was an option!

@terminallyill Thank you . you are one of the people I consider a friend here and someone who I have been able to turn to for advice and help .

five stars The work I have observed in the #payitforward community is enough to get 5 stars from me.
Not only putting in massive amounts of time and voting power, but also hosting a home on Discord.
If that weren't enough the Discord room is always has someone available to answer questions and help out.
To top it all off the advice is well thought out and honest.
I may not say much over there, but do pass through often. Actions speak volumes and I have observed integrity, ethics, and a genuine desire to help anyone who has a desire to learn.


I have observed integrity, ethics,

I don't know what to say to that . They are two things I have worked on producing all my life

Thank you for your comment and stars

howdy there from Texas @wolfhart! I'm giving you five stars because you always answer my questions and get back to me with excellent advice,
so thank you sir!

@janton I think you have to copie the stars and put them in the comment 😂
you know how you thank your 1st dollar and tack it to the wall . That's what I'll do with them my 1st stars . The things I do to support

five stars

@wolfhart is a 5-star guy for sure! He's so caring and willing to help people out here, especially newbies. He's the guy who will go out of his way to help; honest, direct and very compassionate! I've only known him for a relatively short time, but he is someone who I consider to be a friend!

@lynncoyle1 thank you that's very nice of you to say and reciprocated

You are most welcome @wolfhart! and thank you 😅

five stars

Whenever I see your name, on a post or a comment, I know something positive will follow. It's like coming across a treat and it makes me feel good. What better thing can you say about someone?

WoW, Thank you very much.
I appreciate you taking the time to fill this out and respond. It is very important for me to know how I am doing here in supporting the community

If @lynncoyle1 and @terminallyill both say so, then it is good enough for me:
five stars

Thank you
Two very good people who give to the community

hahaha that's awesome @plushzilla!!!

five stars
since I joined you, many benefits I have, thank you for helping us

Hi ,@wolfhart
After admiring your post i got to know one thing is that you are really a kind hearted person, you helped a lot of people out there on steemit.
I am new on steemit and like you i too spend my most of time here on steemit , i am little confused that how will i grow my steemit journey .I will apprecialte and will be thankful to you if you give me your valuable suggestions . It is my humble request to you to give your Valuable and precious support to me as i really needs it . I will be very much thankful to you .Thanx👍
With Love✨
By : @phenomenal1

@phenomenal1 Four months ago I was sitting right where you are now .
here is my advice
read the post don't just skip through it . you failed to pick up where it was to give stars and all the comments have stars in them except yours . what does that tell you ? Not only do I read the post but also the comments so I don't miss anything

There is not one person here that doesn't need support . I know this, everyone knows this . so the question becomes . Why should I give you support instead of the people who left comments with stars ? see what I mean .

Of course you would be thankful who wouldn't

  1. make a comment ( like you did) wait for a response . vote on the response because it will stand out . then most times you will get a reply with a decent vote attached to it . try it . ( make sure you read and understand what I have put here and the post

  2. read some of my posts in my blog . you should invest in @dustsweepers . it will increase your payout

there is two very good ones . and welcome to steemit . Its hard but don't give up👍

First of all
Thanx , @wolfhart
For your reply .
I am sorry for skipping , and commenting straightly. I will keep this in my mind that you have told me . This mistake was done, as i was unable to find help from anywhere and suddenly there was your blog on which many people have commented about your helping them that's the reason i directly commented.
Sir, i promise it to you and myself that the precious views you have shared with me , i will definitely follow them .
This means a lot to me that you even replied me when i was wrong but ,from now i will do proper reading of particular articles then only i will leave comment.
And now sir i have understand that what you have written above here, thanx for your views it will help me a lot and now, i will definitely read your previous post .👍

@phenomenal1 Your a good man Charlie Brown , I don't care what Lucy says

We do learn better from our mistakes . And learning is what it all about here . I am glad you replied , I was waiting and hoping . 👍

This is a great comment to my reply . A no BS reply . I also see the vote . You only have 10 votes in a 24 hour period unless you are using an app

OOOHHH shit where are my stars 🙏

with a slider . By doing , voting in that manner your vote stands out and not lost in the main post

I suggest you invest 1 SBD in #dustsweepers as I stated above. I hope you are doing that . Its important
Quality is better the quantity 😎

Thanx @wolfhart
I will follow , what you told me and i will give 1sbd too . But , sir there is nothing shown as #dustsweepers on this, so where and how to give this 1 SBD . I am confused in this . Plz tell further details that how and where to give ,if you could, then its good. Thanx✨

Thanx sir for all your support👍

five star five stars @wolfhart. Some days ago I saw your post and checked your profile and immediately started following you. Your contribution is commendable.

@akdx Thank you . It is a nice feeling to know that one has touched someone in a positive manner . Sharing of information makes everyone's life better

Go here to get your post resteemed to over 72,000 followers.

I know of @wolfheart from his amazing work and contribution to @thedarkhorse's #PayItForward contest. I don't know him personally but from our occasional exchange of thoughts on random steemit posts, I observed him to be a genuine human being - puts others first and generally has more to offer than take. His blog is educational, especially focused on growth of accounts on steemit, from what I was able to gather. Great steemian! Five solid stars from me.

@kaliju thank you your words they meant a lot to me and encourages me to keep going

@wolfhart five stars

It's usually the way things go...

Something happens to a dear friend, family member, loved one... and you go... searching.

Yes... that's what has happened. You've done your work on this Earth... and you went home brother. So... I was searching... hoping to find pieces of you to pick up, ones you might have left lying around. And you know what?

You left them ... everywhere...

... and this is a good thing... Why you might ask? Because it will help us remember you... honor you... and keep your spirit going...

... because we can hold on, to all those pieces you left

... everywhere

Miss, you already brother...


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