This is why we are one of the best steemit groups on facebook !

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Steemit for Resteem Group ↕ used to be a group about cryptocurrency with about 21000 members. It was given to @Clixmoney because he was very active in facebook groups looking for the best way to earn money online. Finally he found steemit and decided to be a part of the community. More than 3000 spammers were deleted from the group and the group provides an amazing service for steemit users.

If someone is new to steemit and he's never claimed, he can post for free if he resteems a post from the group.

If someone is already claiming, he has to pay to clixmoney just 0.15 steem or steem dollar and resteem someone from the group to post in it. But he will get an upvote from @clixmoney that is worth about 0.15 and we have a team that is upvoting also, so our total upvote is about 0.5. Usually all people who post in our group get a lot of resteems. You can take a look at this website : Who resteemed my posts ? and check out some posts in the group to be sure that they are resteemed.

If someone doesn't want to resteem, he has to pay 0.75 steem or steem dollar to clixmoney. So, he will get our upvotes + he posts and gets resteems from the group with almost 19000 members and a resteem from clixmoney with almost 3000 followers.

The posting rules also are : THESE RULES ARE FOR EVERYONE

Those are our new prices !

So, this is why our group is one of the best steemit groups on facebook :

  1. Everyone gets resteemed !

  2. Just English posts !

  3. No spam, the comments are turned off under each post !

  4. No plagiarism ! We don't accept posts upvoted by cheetah or steemcleaners !

  5. Every post has at least one paragraph of text, not just video or picture !

  6. Moderators check posts everyday !

  7. We have an amazing strong and friendly team !

  8. We support the quality and reward people for it !

  9. We always accept new people to the team !

  10. We accept only steemit links !

Join the Clixmoney's server let's be in touch !

Join our amazing group : Steemit for Resteem ↕

There is also a website where you can get free upvotes :

Here are my addresses in case you want to support me:

BTC: 1DPCC7AteUzCsWmutyHdtvYWmwy79Jnc2p

BCH: 1GAYB9XLnoUDVDXruvXYmgc295zu8LJFpn

ETH : 0xfB2C3068895337AeA7ae4567E1522103331c81b4

LTC : Lasy18J7kmDtZPMtHzxp6B86f53YKNn3kt

Follow @Clixmoney for more improvement !

You can also like our new page where we share the quality posts :
Best Resteemed Steemit Posts

Earn 30% with the group ↕ Steemit for Resteem ↕ - Special post for active members !

Here is the bonus for those who read to the end :
The best steemit tips! , The best steemit tools


you are doing amazing job with an active team :)
I suggesting everyone to join this group if they want to grow :)
Thanks @clixmoney

you are welcome ☺

Your writing is really a beautiful and clean mind telling you, your mind is like a great mountain and sea as a liberal.
Man's love for the people you spell cost whether you may be long live.

how do u get that animation thingy? 👆👆

seems to be growing day by day, well done @clixmoney and the team.

thanks a lot, we are really doing good thing to people, a lot of them they are really thankful, I am happy that we give more than we take. ☺

you're doing great, just followed and resteemed
Keep up the good work

Thanks a lot ☺

wow great work well done.Now your great hard work showing best reward

thanks ☺

As always love what your doing

I joined your facebook group today.
Congratulations on having the group handed over to you. That is quit a remarkable thing to get this many in a group given to your management.

Looks like I have been following your steemit account for a while now.
I guess I am going to be getting more involved here.
I like your promotion of STEEMit. Everylittle bit helps us crush Fascistbook in the long run.

Thanks and welcome to the group, but please send only the link of your post like others doing, and take a look at the prices we have.

Please send the link again because there is no preview there, and in case the preview doesn't apear please attach the main picture of the post with the link.

Very Helpful😁😁

what exactly ?

I joined the group last month but I just tried using it today. Resteemed and posted a link.

Hope everything goes well. :)

You are welcome to the group, I just let you know thatour group is not free to use, you pay 0.15 steem or steem dollar to clixmoney and you can post if you resteem ( you get for that my upvote + upvotes of the team + approval in the group). If you don't want to resteem you have to pay 0.75 but you get a resteem from me.(+ our upvotes and approval in the group).

Got it. I just resteemed someone though. So can I send 0.15 SBD first then 0.75 SBD? So the amount 0.15 & 0.75 is either SBD or Steem?

no just 0.15 if you resteemed, any one is good 0.15 steem or 0.15 steem dollar as you like, then send the link of your post again to the group please.

Ah I see... Ok. Will do. But I want to try the 0.75 as well. Can I just do the 0.75 instead because you mentioned I will get the benefits of the 0.15 + your resteem to your followers etc.

Ok I just sent 0.75 SBD. And I also sent the link to the group. Whichever I qualify for, pls assist. Thank you!

I can submit 3 articles in the group if I used 0.75 is that correct?

no 0.75 is for one article + my resteem to more than 3000 followers.

I told you send only 0.15 if you resteem.

Well I got confused with the old rules maybe. I was reading some info there and I thought I could do three. But then you won't resteem if it's not 0.75 right? So I guess it's ok.

yes I don't resteem for 0.15 but just approve in the group, I resteem only for 0.75

is this service available? I am new on steemit

yes it's available, you are welcome to use it.

Upvoted and resteem :)

you don't even know what is resteem, it's impossible to resteem an old post, please learn how to resteem here: HOW TO RESTEEM ON STEEMIT ? 💡 and resteem a post from my group but not mine : Steemit for Resteem ↕ , then pay to clixmoney 0.15 steem or steem dollar, then you can post in the group your link and people will resteem you there and I will upvote you with the team !

I already resteem a post from the group and pay 0.15 steem dollar to clixmoney, what should I do next?

Thanks for using our service, your post is approved in the group and upvoted by me and it will be upvoted by my partner. ☺

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