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@resteembot is a bot that resteems articles to its followers. When an article is resteemed, it receives attention. If it is a good article, this might result in upvotes and comments.
If the article is bad - it might lead to flags.

@Resteembot simply gives you another chance to appear in people's feeds. That's all.
At the moment of writing, the bot has 2700+ followers.
That is not much by itself, but considering how cheap the price is, it is a simple decision.

Also - the bot will upvote ~10 people per day, at random.
That's not all - the bot will send ~45 tips per day to random people, with the memo "A gift"


How to use it?

  1. Follow @resteembot
  2. Do not use it in the first 3 hours after following for the first time.
  3. Check the price. It is your reputation, devised by 1000
    3.1. (The price for 44 reputation is 0.044 or more)
  4. Send a transaction of any currency with your price or more, to @resteembot.
    4.1. - Write the link of the post in the public memo.
    4.2. - The link must lead to any post that is newer than 6 days.
    The author can be anybody.
    The price is decided by your reputation, not the one of the author.

That's it. If you did everything right, your post will be resteemed.

Special Newbie promotion.

If your reputation is bellow 30, resteeming your own post costs only 0.001 Steem or SBD.


I sent 1 sbd but there is no viewing yet. Could you please help me?


I found your post:
There are 2 important lessons you should learn from this:

1 - Do not expect people to give you money for a post that literally has just a picture and nothing else.
Why would people click on it? Why would they waste their voting power to upvote it?
You have to give something to the community if you want something from it.

2 - Do not get posts resteemed, unless you believe that people will like them.
Your post has 40 views at the moment. People saw it, as expected. So what?
It's not that people dislike it. The problem is that there isn't anything to like or dislike. Your post is literally empty.

I don't want to leave you empty handed. I will upvote your comment with 100%.
Please - use what happened as a lesson and write better content in the future.

Thank you. 30 views of 40 views is me :) anyways.. this is my first time.. Thanks again..

Here is another upvote.
It's still a bit less than half of what you gave, but I hope it gets you going.

You are awesome !

hey mr @resteembot i excidentely send you 0.58 sbd instead 0.058 is here any chance to get it back? many thanks

Refunded with Steem instead, because I already had converted it

.... didn't see that there are 2 . My wallet page loads for ages, because of how many transactions I have. Instead of giving you the second refund, I'm gonna upvote both your comments. Roughly that should equal around 0.5 $.
I hope that's ok.

ok great thanks a lot! amazing service

I have sent 0.480 sbd mistakenly. please refund me atleast 0.400 sbd. please

Hi @sparkyez
My wallet page loads super slow (because of too many transactions) so I usually upvote instead of refunding. My upvote at 100% is worth around 0.25 $ so you need 2 of these upvotes to get your money back.
I will upvote this comment and your post.
Consider this as a refund.

Have a great day.

thanks any way

Hello, @resteembot, I sent 0.52 instead of 0.052. I can see others have done the same. Please can I have a refund? Thank you.

Just like others, I'll refund you with 2 and a half upvotes worth ~0.2 right now.
Please be more careful.

I will be. Thank you so much.

I am wrong to send the sbd amount to you. i send 0.430 SBD, i just want send 0.043 SBD.
Please check again in memo

Just like others, I will refund you by upvoting instead of sending.
With you, 2 upvotes are needed. 1 here and one on your post. Then the refund will be approximately 0.44

why upvoting? - because opening my wallet page takes a few annoyingly slow minutes (I have too many transfers)

also - I hope that waiting a week for the refund to actually arrive would make people more careful next time.

Thank you for cooperation.

hi i sent 0.200 instead of 0.039 because of my reputation. may i request for refund


I am on vacation in the mountain. If I remember you after the vacation, I will refund you.

I upvoted you for 0.13. I will upvote a post of yours as well, to get to 0.2
Please be careful in the future.

ok thanks.

Please my app is malfunctioning sent 0.908 sbd instead of 0.045, please can you help me refund the excess. Pleaseee

Please my app is malfunctioning sent 0.908 sbd instead of 0.045, please can you help me refund the excess. Please and please pay attention to my plead

This happened again...
You get 2 upvotes only.
I have more important stuff to do than refunding everyone.

Just consider it as if you bought me a coffee. Thanks for the cup of coffee.

Wow really bad

It is your second time.
I hope that if you get burned now, there won't be a third mistake.

I really have more important stuff to do then refunding careless people for pocket money.

It is impossible to resteem something more than once. that's not how resteems work.
this is written in my description.

I want you to look closely in that screenshot.
See the clock?
04:01 AM

I will upvote your comment as refunding, but if you make any more misstakes in the future, I will ignore them. (Unless the mistake is mine...)

Be more careful. Don't send your money so easily!

hi there, i mistakenly sent you the same request twice, any chance of a refund - cryptogrind transfer 0.055 SBD to resteembot

Sorry. I'm lazy to refund 0.05.
Not important enough (my wallet page loads for more than 5 minutes)
But I'll compensate you anyway. I will upvote this comment for to a similar amount.

You wanna talk about something?
I will write.

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