I found your post:
There are 2 important lessons you should learn from this:

1 - Do not expect people to give you money for a post that literally has just a picture and nothing else.
Why would people click on it? Why would they waste their voting power to upvote it?
You have to give something to the community if you want something from it.

2 - Do not get posts resteemed, unless you believe that people will like them.
Your post has 40 views at the moment. People saw it, as expected. So what?
It's not that people dislike it. The problem is that there isn't anything to like or dislike. Your post is literally empty.

I don't want to leave you empty handed. I will upvote your comment with 100%.
Please - use what happened as a lesson and write better content in the future.

Thank you. 30 views of 40 views is me :) anyways.. this is my first time.. Thanks again..

Here is another upvote.
It's still a bit less than half of what you gave, but I hope it gets you going.

You are awesome !

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