FREE RESTEEM + 0.03$ upvote. PRIZE: 1x ~$0.20 upvote!! {BOT: ON} <quote of the day> Sep 07

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Low reputation courtesy of

Leave one link to resteem and upvote + follow.

no nsfw please.

If you also resteem this post I'll thank you with a ~$0.03 upvote! (& follow)

PS. I currently have low VP, the vote may lower. Starting from today this post will be out only every other day.

Please, if you resteemed me, write it in the comment with your link.

After ~24hs one lucky commenter will be automatically extracted and WIN a ~0.2$ bid-bot UPVOTE on his last post!

-> WINNER announced here on the next day. Today's winner: @khussan

I don't leave comments on your post to promote my service to your readers.

Daily post in the "New" section of the resteem channel

Temporary pricing plan to promote myself -- take advantage of it!!

  • Want to leave your blog clean and still get the ~$0.03 UPVOTE?
    Follow me and just send 0.005 SBD / STEEM with the link in memo and you'll be automatically resteemed and upvoted!

  • Wanna subscribe for 30 automatic RESTEEMS + ~$0.03 UPVOTES?
    Follow me and just send 0.2 SBD / STEEM and write pizza in the memo!

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Live your life, do your work, then take your hat. Henry David Thoreau

      Want one automatic Resteem + $~0.03 Upvote EVERY DAY?? Delegate 30 SP


                                                                                                                                                                       ( automatic comment )

                                                                                        yesterday's contest   -   your post that will be upvoted

@bonp / @eii please buy a max of 5 of my comment upvotes a day and max 3 posts upvote.
It's a time limited offer to get more users. You guy(s?) have drained my VP and now my 100% upvote is just 0.01 $ for the other users.
Please behave. Thanks =]

PS. I just saw your memo, thanks for the advice.

I will listen to it and just publish this type of post every other day so that I can recharge my VP (100% VP = 0.10$ upvote).

Some ideas/advice for your bot:



At the moment I don't have time to implement that.
And considering the extremely low cost, it's quite a good deal just for the resteem. The upvote is a (nice) plus.
I may add that check for the paid resteems in future when I have more time.
Thanks = ]

Thanks guys, all done so far!
eoj, kenentertainment, tonymullins, surya23, mango-juice, eii

Thanks for notifying me of the issue. As you can see the comment of your alt account below your own comment has been upvoted instead. Fixed the bug and refunded you.
Thanks =]

Mate the prob is still goin on , i cant send you steem for resteem. Do u have another account?

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You can send 0.2 SBD or STEEM to @gasaeightyfive with "for marcocasario" in memo and I'll manually add you to the database for 30 automatic RESTEEMS + a total of ~$0.90 UPVOTES through daily upvote.
Thanks =]

You Did not upvoted me.

8 hours ago

Transfer 0.005 STEEM to marcocasario

Checked the logs. Network failure during the upvote. Now upvoted and refunded you anyway. =]

Thanks =]

Congratulations you got resteemed!

Resteem your Posts to 10600+ Followers — just send 0.1 SBD or STEEM to @yougotresteemed with link in memo (you also will receive a 100% upvote)!

You have a reputation of 30+? Make sure to grab your Steemit only Byteball Airdrop worth up to $160 USD.

For daily bloggers we offer a Resteem subscription including at least one Resteem a day and a daily feature + daily upvotes!

RESTEEM done! Thanks for using my free resteem service! :)
@sherdzio, @edryne678

I got 0.016 upvote mate. U said 0.03 upvote... What is this?

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@mango-juice One user drained my vp with the paid service.
For this reason I'm doing this kind of post every other day now so that I can recover my VP and give higher upvotes (0.10 $ when VP is 100%).
I just sent you a bid bot upvote to your post.
Thanks =]

Upvoted resteem comment successful

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@marcocasario Have you been repatriated to your reputation? Congratulations. ^^.

Yep. Thanks funny =]

Thanks =]

You're welcome =]

-- automatic reply --

NOPE, YOU have been flaGGed for multiple account spam, comment spam and tag spam.
If I was a spammer as he claims, Steemit Police (cheeta, steemcleaners, etc) would add their comments all around me or I'd be on their blacklist. Nope.

The accounts of The spammer / scammer:

Main account:

Spam accounts:
( many other accounts )

Manual ( XD ) comment spam:

Community tags he is spamming: #resteembot, #bestofresteembot, #winwithresteembot, #resteembotvip
The 1st one existed even before he joined. He started flagging people to steal it!

More info on the nazi:

RESTEEM done! Thanks for using my free resteem service! :)
@yougotresteemed, @la2410

RESTEEM done! Thanks for using my free resteem service! :)
@michelduartes, @kamtasia

RESTEEM done! Thanks for using my free resteem service! :)
@gallya, @gallya6945, @miye47

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@gasaeightyfive, @cribbio

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@troll.funny, @freedomradio

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@eii, @surya23, @tonymullins, @kenentertainment, @mango-juice

RESTEEM done! Thanks for using my free resteem service! :)
@coinsandchains, @r1s2g3, @rentmoney

Thanks guys, all done so far!

kenentertainment, tonymullins, surya23, mango-juice, eoj, eii

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