Nostalgia time! -- FREE RESTEEM service [CLOSED] #8-10

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Why the low repo? Because of

  1. Upvote,
  2. Follow,
  3. Leave a link in the comments
    ➡ FREE resteem! :D

FIRST 10 will get upvoted and followed as well.

If you also resteem this post my bot will thank you upvoting and following you. Please, if you resteemed me, write it in your comment with your link.

{ As opposed to others I will not reply to your post with a comment saying something like "I resteemed you blah blah blah" :) }

NOTE: new links in the comments will be detected and resteemed EVERY 30 MINS.

( for the first 24hs, then every hour or 2 )

Sick of pasting links around??

Or simply wanna get a faster resteem?

Check out my SUPER CHEAP resteem service. No need to paste links, I will automatically find your last post!

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More info and all available SUBSCRIPTIONS here

FIRST 10 SUBSCRIBERS GET A FREE RESTEEM TO 10.5 K FOLLOWERS! (check winners here) -- ...5 left !!
Courtesy of @yougotresteemed

  • For SUPPORT regarding the subscribers service message me here
  • As soon as your new post gets processed you'll be mentioned here -> PS. Turned off (@badcontent).


Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Chris Rock

movie   ( open it in a new tab )

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RESTEEMS done so far, thanks! :D
@striker91, @cribbio

RESTEEMS done so far, thanks! :D
@nigelmarkdias, @marcocasario

Done guys, thanks!


Resteemed + Upvoted & Followed:

  • nigelmarkdias
  • striker91
  • sabinaforster
  • marcocasario

RESTEEMS done so far, thanks! :D
@sabinaforster, @nigelmarkdias, @marcocasario, @striker91

RESTEEMS done so far, thanks! :D
@nigelmarkdias, @marcocasario, @striker91


Thanks : )

This user is on the @buildawhale blacklist for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Spam
  • Plagiarism
  • Scam or Fraud

Never got a reply explaining why I'm on this blacklist. It could be because of the automated mentions on my Support page after every resteem of my subscribers.
           Asap I'll try to find time to write a post about it and hopefully resolve this.
Hang in there guys!
Thanks =]

Flaged for multiple account spam, comment spam and tag spam.

the accounts of the spammer:

main account:

spam accounts:

automated comment spam:

our tags he is spamming:
#resteembot, #bestofresteembot, #winwithresteembot, #resteembotvip


Why is my rep score so low - it was

Sure, if publishing one post a day is spamming then you're the mother of spam. .

We know you don't like competitors, cyber bully.
( hilarious, just one example. =) )

Even your name is a lie You do everything manually. No resteems during your night time, how come?? :'D

PS. Since spams us let's tell the readers that we offer.. - FREE Resteems on our daily posts on the other accounts too!   : )