Reputation Matters, Even for Children

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Reputation can be built and destroyed. It can be real or unreal. But that doesn't change the fact that it impacts us and others. Our reputation can follow us and give impressions about us to others even before they actually meet us or get to know us themselves. Reputation matters.

It turns our that building a public-relations portfolio for our public image matters as early as childhood. It can start as early as kindergarten. Recent research suggest children of 5 years old start to think about reputation management of their social status. They consider how others view them and seek to build up positive reputations in their social settings.


We start to develop our identities and strategies for presenting ourselves to others at an early age. Despite differing social norms and expectations across cultures, the importance of social standing and the awareness of such trickles down from adults as children pick up on this social aspect of life. Adults want to be accepted and respected by their peers and especially those they admire, and the same is so for children.

Humans are socially focused beings that put a lot of importance on image construction and self-presentation to others. Children get exposed to the idea of social status and plan to incorporate it. We begin interacting with others early on, and learn about certain experiences that build a positive reputation and image of ourselves. This includes learning about sharing toys, working in a team and listening to our peers or teachers.

We are sensitive to how people behave around us and in response to us. We alter our behavior in order to appear more social or moral to others. Many things can impress others and build a positive reputation, but it varies according to certain situations and content. Appearing brave and nonconformist can benefit us in one situation, while displaying traits of being wealthy can work against us, and vice versa.

It's not clear if children understand what traits are valuable, when to display them or how they affect the perception that others have towards them. The social environment likely plays an important role in developing and image-conscious focus. The idea of reputation doesn't suddenly pop into existence in the minds of children when they get to kindergarten. It likely starts earlier than that through our interaction with adults and our tendency to mimic others. But through greater interaction with others, the degree of importance we apply to reputation might increase as we recognize how important it is to be accepted and respected by others in society.


Reputation might no be everything, but it certainly matters how other people think of us. The image others have of us helps us to get along and move through life with relative ease or greater difficulty.

Can a reputation be rebuilt after it is tarnished? Can people forget and start to see you in a new light? Does a bad reputation follow you forever?


Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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Reputation is very important since it really represents us of who we are and how we treat others.
I always believe that people should get another chance so yes, I believe that you can rebuild your reputation and your life. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. and it is never too late to change.
It seems like bad reputation follows people for a long time, if not forever, but I know that as long as you know your heart is pure and you have changed and God knows your heart that is all that matters and you can't let the past run your life.

People can change, people should get another chance indeed. One mistake shouldn't be held against someone for life. You can make amends, but even that sometimes doesn't work to change people' perception of your mistaken past actions.

The good thing about having a good reputation is, when a person we think is good and has a good reputation, is wrong or makes a mistake, our natural tendency is to justify it, forgive it, because we understand that behavior that does not suit the image we have of her, good reputation wins. And the same happens when someone has a bad reputation: their bad actions will only confirm the perception we already have of that person.

Yup, mistakes made in the past and get a bad rep, but do good and it still doesn't change how some people see the person, and the reverse like you say.

Reputation is a kind of measurement of a human.It helps people judge others.Reputation is not every thing but it certainly matters.It is always tough to build reputation but spoil it is the easiest job.Once your reputation is spoiled then it takes a long time to recover.A bad reputation most of the times follow you forever.

Yeah it's a measurement, but sometimes people measure poorly and give a false measurement of the reality hehe ;)

I can say that reputation matters a lot. If people see or hear that you stand for something and look different they will avoid you, hate you, or love you.

A good reputation helps you to make more money, to be more accepted, etc, but it also enslaves you.

I keep being me, that is my reputation and in my opinion, that is the best reputation.

Yup, stand against the grain for principles, be seen as a trouble maker, a person of conflict... and only people of integrity will value it.

100% better like that.
Even tho solitude will become life-draining sometimes.
People with convictions are rare.

Steemit is really a gold mine in this case, I have found people here that I have never found in real life so far.

Reputation can determine social standing as you move up or down on the ladder. It can determine the spouse you are with and your career in life. It can also affect your self-esteem an worth if you allow it to. One must not allow their social place in life to control them but to be in control of it. Thanks for sharing this @krnel

True that. Everyone can perceive you a certain way (true or not) and that has positive and negative effects in your life. You have to know who you are despite a false reputation saying otherwise.

Reputation is everything in work environments, or when there's money involved. Less important in other areas imo.

yeah, reputation let others believe you!
There are two kinds of reputation, one is negative and one is positive.
The negative reputation can destroy your life, positive reputation can make your life happy.

I've been saying for a while now that the future of blockchain will depend on ideas like proof-of-reputation/trust.

With proof-of-stake, reputation is measured by how much money you're willing to put into the platform. Clearly this is not ideal.

Yeah, proof of stake sucks IMO. Rich power system... lame. Safety from Sybil attacks, but lame in the end...

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