Banjo Report for Monday, December 18, 2017

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Banjo Report for 2017-12-19 00:15:38 UTC

These are commands available for @banjo on SteemSpeak presented here in report form.


Quotes from The Mythical Man-Month by Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

When a child has learned this architecture, he can tell time as easily from a wristwatch as from a church tower.

$follows banjo

Here's who's following @banjo and their total MVESTS.

banjo's followers: 1,437 (1,104.577 MVESTS); following: 132 (210.246 MVESTS)


Reward pool information including the value as implied by the internal price feed as well as Poloniex.

Total Reward Fund: 701,689 STEEM (Worth: $1,550,734 internally; $2,102,635 on Bittrex)

$rewardpool golos

Reward pool information including the value as implied by the internal price feed as well as Bittrex.

Total Reward Fund: 40,855 GOLOS (Worth: 226,416 GBG internally; $10,055 on Bittrex)


According to Mongo:

Today: 4550 new accounts (414.352 MVESTS delegated); 45373 active accounts; 33166 posts (13425 authors); 100147 comments (4340 authors); 1023604 votes (36529 voters)

Yesterday: 790 new accounts (69.663 MVESTS delegated); 44135 active accounts; 29243 posts (11849 authors); 90146 comments (3861 authors); 1024196 votes (34574 voters)

$voting 1440

What is the split between upvotes and downvotes in the last 24 hours?

As of 1 day ago:

1012046 upvotes by 36498 voters with 106,085 MVESTS, average weight: 65.120%
8687 downvotes by 475 voters with 21,495 MVESTS, average weight: -24.690%


Current hardfork summary.

Current: 0.19.0; Witness Majority: 0.19.2; Last: 0.19.0 (6 months ago)
Version Votes by Top 100 Witnesses:


Current supply of STEEM.

Supply: 261,428,345 STEEM (Worth $577,756,643 SBD); $3,933,374 SBD (0.681% of supply); 65,269,257 Liquid STEEM (24.966% of supply)

$supply golos

Current supply of GOLOS.

Supply: 130,544,286 GOLOS (Worth 723,476,434 GBG); 10,253,173 GBG (1.417% of supply); 38,322,947 Liquid GOLOS (29.356% of supply)


Current price of the assets as seen on the exchanges.

Poloniex: USD/STEEM: $2.6188; USD/SBD: $6.8745
Bittrex: USD/STEEM: $2.9962; USD/SBD: $13.5269
Bittrex: USD/GOLOS: $0.2461; USD/GBG: $0.1880


Active 3 months ago:
$MVlevelacctsaccts %stake %

1 MV = 1M VESTS = 487.686 STEEM = $1,077.785 = $1,434.666 on Bittrex

$distribution golos

Active 3 months ago:
GBGMGlevelacctsaccts %stake %

1 MG = 1M GESTS = 269.175 GOLOS = 1,491.769 GBG = $66.119

$calcreward ...

Here, we're looking at the top trending post to see the impact it has on the reward pool.

As Bitcoin Breaks All-Time Highs Near $18,000 Its Future Has Never Been So Uncertain
About 4 hours old; Net votes: 521; Comments: 100; Views: 878
Total Pending Payout: $445.810 (0.029% the size of reward pool).


Total posts promoted for today and yesterday, including the total burned. This is presented as a ratio of the daily reward pool for comparison.

219 posts promoted today totalling $141.606 (0.009% the size of reward pool).

211 posts promoted yesterday totalling $181.797 (0.012% the size of reward pool).

This bot is currently being developed by @inertia. It's written in ruby and uses radiator to access the blockchain and steemdata-rb to query report data.



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