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I would like to officially introduce @banjo and go over the current features. In SteemSpeak general chat, you can type $help to get the current list of commands.

I'm always adding features, so this post will get out of date pretty quickly. Sometimes, when we're chatting about something, I'll duck into the code and whip up a command that pertains to the current discussion.

Depending on the situation, I'll use #radiator to make API calls, like for current price data. In other situations, I'll use #steemdata because queries are really fast.

Here's a summary of all commands so far:


We use this to snoop on the current reputation of a particular user. It's also useful because it shows up to two decimals of precision. This is useful if you're really close to the next rep level to get an idea how long it will take to level up.


This checks the age of a post. Using $age without arguments will have banjo look up the latest link.


Just for fun.


This will get a quick list of users who use the specified user as a witness voting proxy.


For checking the current voting power of users and to get a rough idea of their voting activity.


This will have banjo give an upvote on the post. You can also just use $upvote without arguments to upvote the latest post (if banjo was paying attention).


Gets the classic MVESTS string. If you pass an account name, it'll calculate the STEEM POWER and what it's worth internally (mean average).


Gets the GOLOS version of VESTS called GESTS. This one doesn't not support account names at the moment.


Quick peek at the STEEM and GOLOS tokens on Poloniex and Bittrex.


This command will let you check up on the latest blog post by the user. You can also type $upvote without arguments right after seeing the latest post to have banjo vote for it.


This was something @noisy was wondering while we were chatting once, so I added.

The only income stream that STEEM currently has is Post Promotion. Currently, it's not a viable business model on its own, as you can see here.


This calculates the current size of the reward pool and represents it in useful dollar amounts. Each day, this amount is paid no matter who votes (although it fluctuates from day-to-day).

As @whatsup once correctly explained in discord, "If there was one post and one voter the whole pool would go to the poster and the voter."

The Quick Link commands just return various related links so you don't have to find them and paste them yourself.


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Is there a way to invite @banjo to a server @inertia?

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@banjo Could there be a feature that posts one person's blogs to a discord room? Like every time they make a new blog it automatically posts it to discord?

But I don't want to.