The God of the Worlds

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Have you ever asked yourself who you really are? Beyond the name, beyond the dress, beyond the ego, beyond the skin and flesh, who is that little voice controlling your every movement and thoughts? Have you questioned reality or your existence? Why are you alive and what purpose does it serve? One thing you need to know is that you definitely do not exist for the purpose of serving and worshiping some jealous Gods. For you are the very God that every religious human being worships. You, are the catalyst that started it all.

Why and how has it come to this? This is the story of the truth. This is the story about the story of the beginning. 

The beginning

Long ago, there was a race of beings whose technology was so advanced that they have discovered the means to modify their own DNA to live forever. But in exchange for immortality, they have lost all things that made them who they once were- their emotions and the capability to love. The modified race are called Amritas, or the deathless. The race was divided into two groups. One who favors the modification, and the other who opposes it. The world government was made up of all Amritas and many efforts had been carried out to convert the remaining race.

Of course, there will always be those who hate such ideas. So they resisted, and fought back with violence. This conflict lasted for a hundred years with much bloodshed. In order to end the war, the Amritas created a space weapon capable of wiping out all rebels. Eventually, after realizing the threat is just a flip side of the same coin, the head scientist who spearheaded the project started to sabotage the ongoing development of the weapon. He was subsequently trialed and sentenced to a thousand-year imprisonment in a hibernation chamber. It was the longest sentence ever in history. 

Let's just say some unfortunate events happened and the weapon rained fire from the heavens for a hundred years wiping out all life on the planet- except for one. The head scientist survived the life-ending apocalypse because he was locked away in the hibernation chamber deep underground. He awoke a millennia later to a wasteland he no longer recognized. This sole survivor was also- YOU.

All alone

Cursed with immortality, you wandered endlessly searching for other survivors. However, after a century of searching, you realized that you are the only one left on this dead planet. Having stripped of all emotions, you started to question your own sanity with every passing day. Your physical appearance also "evolved" throughout the millennia. 

When you live this long, there are things just too old to remember. You began to miss what it felt like to be able to love again. It is possible to reverse the immortality but your mind may not survive the sudden release of the suppressed emotions accumulated throughout the centuries. Before you forget who you once were, you have made a decision to modify the hibernation chamber so that you will go into a deep slumber while releasing your mind to experience all the emotions lost in your lifetime. This process will restore your memories subconsciously without damaging your mind.

The plan was simple- The modified hibernation machine will run a quadrillion set of randomized simulations. Each with different set of predetermined scenarios and outcomes. With each simulation, you will enter it, experience it and then return the collected data to the "mainframe" once your "life" expires. Since the machine is only receiving input from a single host, it was programmed to artificially clone the host at will. To ensure that there are no biased experiences, a piece of code will be removed to deny access to all previously acquired experiences on every re-entry to the simulation.

Because of that, it is very easy to lose yourself in the simulation. Unable to remember your past and distinguish what is real, there are chances that your mind will be trapped inside it forever. As a fail-safe plan, you created programs to constantly remind yourself who you are and that you are only dreaming; that nothing there is real. Being a very thorough scientist, you also implanted a rogue code that can temporary restore the original code- Allowing direct access to the memories in the mainframe. 

Alpha and Omega

Satisfied with the arrangements, you bid farewell to your world before entering the hibernation chamber. You then fell into a deep, deep sleep before the machine started its work. The moment your mind was released from its prison, the suppressed emotions flowed out with such force that it created the Big Bang. Thus, the simulation has finally begun and so does your journey in reclaiming your former self.

So, the next time you think about life, always remember this- How ever insignificant you think your life is, they are all as equally important as the most successful person around. Everyone (YOU) are here for the same purpose. And the purpose is to experience life to it's full extent regardless of how shitty or great it is. For we, are all Gods. For we, are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is merely a dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves.

This write up was inspired by my DMT trip experiences. You can read about one of them below:

DMT Breakthrough- The God Consciousness
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Dam I can feel your creative juices oozing from your fingers when I read this 😂😂😂. Great perspective on this. I can imagine someone making a movie out of this idea lol

Thanks for the appreciation! Will write more in the near future!

There's a lot of potential here for a good short story - something really polished, same size, and to the point

-emotional suppression in childhood is like the leading cause of a lack of emotional intelligence in adults - think I read that somewhere - anyway, never too late to examine those emotions

I agree. Lot of ideas but I left out many details and kept this as simple as I could so that it leave enough room for imaginations. Glad you liked it :)

I'd like to talk to you about these ideas. Are you on

Thanks for the invite. Yes- I just registered an account on chat.

Definitely gonna be catching up on this : )

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