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Lecture presented during the July 2018 Roswell UFO Festival

and as reported previously in this Roswell Daily Record front page article.

The entire lecture (with powerpoints) is contained on the video below. This is an updated version of the talk I gave in 2010, which currently has over 116,000 views on YouTube. My beard has a little bit more grey now.

You can probably tell from watching that I type out most of what I'm going to say, so for those who don't have the patience to watch a nearly two hour video, I'll be posting the text - and a few of the images I use - here.

Hi Everybody, welcome back to some of you and “Welcome to Roswell...


Those that live here know this sign very well, and if you drove into town from pretty much any direction you probably saw one like it. There’s a few of them and they’re new this past year. They’re definitely eye catching, they’re light hearted and maybe just a bit cheesy.

They cost a TON of money - like over $100,000 each - which was kind of controversial here for a minute, but people DO stop and take pictures of them, spreading the word about Roswell via social media. So the argument that’s seemed to prevail is that it's a good thing, as The City of Roswell of course markets to tourists, and pictures like this are all over the internet now.

For most here, these signs represent that the higher ups in the City of Roswell have 100% embraced our identity as UFO and Alien capital of the world. Part of what I’m going to get into with this talk eventually today, is questioning just how good a thing is that tho, when you consider a few factors that our city’s marketing department doesn’t.

Showing you around town a bit, of course the local hotels put these out in droves

so that hopefully tourists will pull over to grab a picture, and then maybe stay the night since you’re now in their parking lot anyways.
You've got your kind of ugly ones..
These uglies are in front of a downtown shop across from the UFO Museum,
and you'll see these everywhere at the intersection of Second and Main street, as many of the shops have similar images in their windows, or statues and balloons out front, just to draw tourists a little closer to their door.

As well as your arguably higher dollar cutesy aliens

And of course our famous street lamps that are constantly looming over Main Street...

They're like this year round by the way, not just during during tourist season - that’s another local controversy - but like the statues, the temptation for everyone who visits here to stop and get a selfie to post online, ultimately promoting tourism to Roswell, is pretty irresistible.

That one’s Joe Jordan of CE4 Research Group, (and also) the head of the Mutual UFO Network for South Korea, and he’s also a former employee of NASA. Joe will be up here, in about two hours, sharing some astounding findings (watch Joe's video here) in the realm of what people at least call the alien abduction phenomenon.

Part of the reason for Joe and I teaming up again for this filming today - our long time friendship and comaraderie aside - is that Joe and I both feature fairly prominently as activists and researchers who were interviewed for the full-length documentary motion picture “Alien Intrusion : Unmasking a Deception” that’s playing at today’s Roswell Galacticon Sci-Fi Film Festival.

Now Available for purchase at

This movie we’re in was written and produced by Gary Bates and his team at Creation Ministries International - in fact - which, as you might gather, is an unapologetically Christian group … Gary published a book entitled Alien Intrusion : UFOs and The Evolution Connection in 2006, which became an Amazon Top 50 best seller, and the only creationist book in history to ever reach that status, it’s worth noting.

So the impact of his book and the sheer demand led to Gary and CMI to finally producing the full-length, high budget movie. It’s worth saying that their non-profit organization Creation Ministries International employs more credentialed scientists - like people with PhDs in biology and other scientific disciplines - CMI employs more degreed scientists than any other Christian organization in the world... so whether people “like” or “agree with” the findings of the book, and movie, or not, is not really the issue so much as the fact that you can’t just conveniently write off their findings as dogma, or opinion, because there’s tons of real science behind the conclusions of the movie.

You can judge that for yourself later today tho by seeing it in person, and then Joe and I will be back here in this room to field questions.

So as I said Joe and I both appear in the film, and putting it succinctly, today we’re here to present to you exactly what it was that got us in the film in the first place. Joe appears much more so as a researcher for MUFON - the Mutual UFO Network, as I said, but me, I’m included in the film partly as an activist, but mostly as an experiencer of the phenomena itself.

Now that is understandably not something I normally lead with when I’m first getting to know people… No, saying … “Hi. I’m Guy Malone, and I am an alien abductee...” is not how I typically present myself, but today it’s especially appropriate and like I said, telling some details of those experiences from my childhood is a good chunk of my role in the film.

So I’m not just a speaker, author, or even a religious nut activist or whatever you might want to call me - this is all very personal to me, because I’m an experiencer as well.

By that I mean that this “alien abduction” experience that many people speak of - famous names, published authors, like Budd Hopkins, and others like David Jacobs PhD, Dr Karla Turner PhD, and Dr John Mack of Harvard University have all researched and written extensively about this experience of someone being trapped in their bed or feeling paralyzed, while entities of unknown origin and seeming ill intent, “do things” to them, take them places, tell them things, and then return them to their beds and their so-called normal lives.

Well, all of that was a part of my early childhood years. I had multiple experiences when I was pretty young, that most likely really shaped my psyche and my worldview at an early age. I also was not from a religious home, so the idea of my childhood alien friends being demonic - a topic being explored in this talk and in the film later today, honestly wasn’t the first thing that came to my mind, and I didn’t even consider that possibility for years. Maybe, like I was, perhaps you’re actually quite resistant to the idea in fact.

The first time I did this talk in fact, three people walked out on it, so don’t think you’ll hurt my feelings if that turns out to be you before too long. However, today I’m framing this talk, for the first time in fact, around what these findings - my experiences, Joe’s research from working with literally hundreds of abductees, the conclusion of the Alien Intrusion film - I’m bringing this all home to what it could, or perhaps even should, mean for people who live here, in Roswell, and are Christians. So if you’re not a Christian don’t worry or think that I’m somehow targeting you with things you don’t want to hear in this message, because not getting lynched by my own kind by the time this is done is really more of the goal today.

But stepping back in time first, it would be many years in fact before I would personally even consider the possibility that my experiences might’ve involved honest to God demons. And when I did arrive at that conclusion nearly thirty years ago after becoming a Christian, I kept it ALL completely to myself for many years. I was personally mortified and embarrassed that these things had happened to me to begin with, and I had no intent of sharing that information with anybody. Perhaps some of you here now can relate. And if that’s at least part of what drew you here today, I do want you to know that you’re not alone in what you’ve gone through, or in what you’re feeling.

But it has now been over 20 years ago, since I finally put my personal experiences and my earliest conclusions online as webpage back in 1997.

At that time I was NOT part of the UFO Community, and I didn’t even live here in Roswell when I was first publishing this in the 90’s. It’s still free to read on and you can find the updated version as a book on Amazon if you’re not here in person I mean.

So what got me to come out of the closet so to speak, was - while I was still living in Nashville, Tennessee, was the mass suicide of a group - most will say cult - known as Heaven's Gate in 1997....
This image is from their website, which archived versions of still exist. At the bottom it reads "...the keys to Heaven's Gate are here again in Ti and Do ("The UFO Two" it says) as they – the alleged keys - were in Jesus and His Father 2000 years ago.”
This quote from the New York Times Company says the materials the group published claimed…
“...Two members of the Kingdom of Heaven (or what some might call two aliens from space) incarnated into two unsuspecting humans in Houston... "They consciously recognized that they were sent from space to do a task that had something to do with the Bible."

The idea that people would kill themselves based on something "aliens" told their group's leader about the Bible was quite shocking to me, and at the time it set me on a journey of using the internet and finding out how prevalent philosophies like this had become.

I was pretty shocked, and ultimately concerned about what was happening to other people, who, like me, had experienced visits or abductions, and went looking online for answers. By a vast majority, pretty much all of the information online - especially back then - was more likely to convince people to join a UFO cult themselves than anything else. And what’s also kind of weird, and a large part of how this became a calling for me, is that I also felt a bit guilty about their deaths.

Because I thought that I’d already arrived at some of the answers these very people were looking for, but I was sitting on the answers, for years, too embarrassed to tell anyone what I’d experienced, or what I really thought.

I finally decided tho, that I needed to share my views, to maybe help other people not fall for, or go to the extremes these people did. So as I said in my book, in 1997 “I got me a webpage and started writing” .. and I had no idea at the time that I’d wind up living in Roswell, much less being here doing something like this at the time.

So, you may be interested in knowing that way before I came on this scene tho, one very famous, non-religious scientist put the idea in writing himself - the idea of what researchers now call the demonic hypothesis (opposed to the "extraterrestrial" hypothesis).

Depending on your age, you may or may not remember Carl Sagan, anybody?

Carl Sagan was an incredibly well known but now deceased scientist and widely published author, popularly remembered today from his TV series Cosmos, but I’m old, and according to Wikipedia, that program Cosmos, was “the most widely watched series in the history of American public television, ...seen by at least 500 million people across 60 different countries.

He also wrote the science fiction novel Contact, the basis for a 1997 film of the same name.

Sagan was no stranger to many ideas about aliens, is all I mean.

He was also a member - still quoting Wikipedia “of the Ad Hoc Committee to Review Project Blue Book, the U.S. Air Force's UFO investigation project” from way back the 1960s. As said I’ll get back to him later but real quickly I wanted to start with a quick quote from his book The Demon Haunted World, in which he very much down played the possibility of UFOs being true extraterrestrial craft - instead, he said

"Think of how many other “explanations” there might be: time travelers; demons… tourists from another dimension… the souls of the dead… Each of these “explanations” has been seriously proffered”

I don’t mean to imply that Carl Sagan personally believed or ever flat out stated that UFOs and aliens were demonic.

I do mean to say though, that as a non-religious scientist, he was just AS willing to have the idea of demons on the table, as he was aliens. And excuse me for being perhaps a little bit challenging, or confrontational here, but I want to stop and ask you to ask yourself - are you willing to consider that either one might be true, depending upon the evidence you uncover when you really research the facts of the matter?

Because to me that’s honest open minded inquiry. That’s why I present his face first - and if you go yourself to the Wikipedia entry on Carl Sagan, scroll down to the section on UFOs there’s a discussion that ends with “Some of Sagan's many books examine UFOs (as did one episode of Cosmos) and he claimed a religious undercurrent to the phenomenon.” That says something I think, that the most famous credentialed scientist in the world at the time, was noting spiritual, even religious, aspects were present in the alien phenomenon.

Now in contrast to Carl Sagan, I’ll also mention just a personal anectode, involving the very well-known and largely respected alien abduction researcher Budd Hopkins, now also deceased.

Hopkins was of course much more accomplished and way more famous in the field of alien abduction research than I’ll ever be, and I met him only one time, and only briefly at a 2003 UFO conference in Las Vegas Nevada.

He certainly wouldn’t have known of me, I don’t think, and I wasn’t offering any opinions myself in this particular conversation, but for some reason he and I were in a very small group of people off in a corner for a few minutes where he was of course the center of attention. Someone asked him about alien abductions and my ears really perked up when he said something that struck me as kind of odd…

He said “Well one thing’s for certain, we know they’re not demons…”

One person - not me - asked him why not, and his reply was “Because there’s no such thing as demons.”

I have to admit that that just didn’t seem very open minded to me. Imagine if I or anyone presenting here in Roswell were to say to you, “Well I’m not sure what’s behind all these reports of abductions or things in the sky, but we can be certain that it’s not aliens. Why?

"Because there’s no such thing as aliens.”

I’m just not sure that any honest research can be carried out, or any opinions can be honestly arrived at, if one possibility or another is ruled out from the very beginning. So assuming you stay til the end today, let me say thank you in advance, and I think it’s really neat that you’d be here, and open minded enough to hear out this view out today...

To be continued on Steemit/Busy, or Continue now to entire video on Youtube
Note to @cheetah, etc - Earlier versions of this text have appeared on websites owned or operated by me, but it is all my original work, simply updated for this 2018 lecture.

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