Front Page of Roswell Daily Record - "Speakers Say Alien Lore Covers Up Truth"

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Alien visitations represent spiritual warfare against Christianity, say researcher and author Guy Malone, left, and Joseph Jordan, a Mutual UFO Network field investigator. (Lisa Dunlap Photo)
As hundreds gathered in downtown Roswell Saturday to immerse themselves in alien intrigue, two researchers met a few miles north at the Rowell Mall to give very different perspectives on what happened in Roswell in 1947 and what is going on when people experience abductions.

Guy Malone of Roswell and Joseph Jordan, a U.S. government contractor living in Daegu, South Korea, think that many people’s “visitation” experiences are far from interesting encounters with other intelligent beings. They think that what they call the alien mythology is, in fact, a “cover up” for far more nefarious dealings, including possible Nazi research and demonic activity.

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UFO's and aliens are the work of demons.

People who have alien encounters are people who have had occult involvement. Demons pretend to be ET's so they can undermine Christianity. It used to be that those so-called ET's would lie to people and say they were from Jupiter or elsewhere in the solar system. Their lies changed as people knew more about the solar system.

Someday we'll have "aliens" landing at the UN building. They'll claim to come in peace. Maybe they will offer technological breakthroughs to us. Maybe they will say that they've been watching us for a long time. They're here now because mankind is on the verge of a great evolutionary leap to godhood. All we have to do is eliminate those people who think there's a god outside themselves. I don't think there could be a more powerful deception than demons pretending to be extraterrestrials and appearing publicly to the world.

Totally agree @barncat - and teaching and preaching that very truth is why I'm in Roswell. I was really amazed at how well the local reporter Lisa D was able to summarize and accurately represent the three lectures in just one article.

Great job done. Thanks for sharing....following you

awesome project

That's me on the left btw, Guy Malone

Ummm, not the FAR left!

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