Street Magic - 11 Recent Curb Recycling Finds Salvaged & Sold For $878 (50 Pounds Saved!)

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Yes, I found a working iMac desktop computer last night with no issues, and easily restored the operating system to be ready to use or sell. I keep trying to imagine the fool who'd throw this out versus donate it. It'll sell almost immediately for cash, but I may keep it.

Check out more high-quality items I salvaged from my city's curbside recycling and recently SOLD for income.

All items were shipped using personally recycled packaging. I've also been recording the weights of these items to further measure my impact.

Revenue is before platform fees, costs or shipping.

Large Ravi Varma embellished/decorated oleograph of Lord Dattatreya circa 1910 sold for $100 cash. Weight of 4 lbs.

I have a second larger one of a Goddess in a decorated pink fabric dress and chains that's in mint condition. This one I sold had a barcode on the back, and was found with other art, one of which had a formal certificate citing that it had been on display at a large art museum. These were pretty nice pieces of antique art to save from being destroyed.

Nikon film scanner sold online for parts/repair for $155. Shipping weight of 6 lbs 7 oz.

Bose Wave radio sold for $60 cash. Weight of 8 lbs 3 oz.

Fujistu scanner sold online for parts/repair for $150. This one was a little bit of a saga. Shipping weight of 10 lbs 5 oz.

BabyBjorn baby bouncer sold super fast for $100 cash. Weight of 4 lbs.

Math textbook sold online for $35. Shipping weight of 3 lbs 5 oz.

Medical laryngoscope illuminator sold online for $30. Shipping weight of 4.3 oz.

Two vacuum brushroll motors sold online for $34 each. Shipping weights 15 oz and 1 lb.

Dog food timed feeder sold for $40 cash. Weight of 5 lbs.

Stroller ride-on board sold for $50 cash. Weight of 4 lbs. I found another one last night with the strap I'll get $60 for any day.

Oh, and this set of Lego minifigures and accessories sold to @brickmanbrad across the world for 515 Steem at a $90 strike price). No big deal. Shipping weight of 1 lb 12 oz.

That's a total of 49.7 pounds SAVED. That's also an average of $80 per recycled sale. Not too shabby for free inventory.

Day in and day out, recycling to help OUR environment is my priority. The world needs more people to take our global waste problem seriously. Sitting on the sidelines is the fastest way to prove that you don't care enough, and there's a price to pay for that. Just a few minutes a day makes a huge difference.

Some people talk. Some speculate. Some are full of it. Some just do the right thing. I hope more people get the drift and take action. It's not that hard.

Now it's time to spec out a potential recycled Lego Steem purchase for @carlgnash and hit the weights to continue training for baseball... before I go outside to recycle more.



Great work man. Love what you're doing and always wish I emulate you.

Great work man. Love what
You're doing and always wish
I emulate you.

                 - belemo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You recycled STEEL and IRON to make your own weights. That's doing what you can in a different climate. What you can do is continue to keep yourself in physical shape to boost your morale and use your Steem to buy more weights.

Thanks man. I've not had time and funds to go on another search but it's been on my mind.

This is so inspiring, @steemmatt! Great work keeping perfectly usable things out of the landfill. Some extra cash in the pocket is a nice bonus. They say environmentalism is creating millionaires and billionaires. Being entrepreneurial not just for money but for a great cause is awesome!

Thank you. I've been doing this for years and it's become far more than extra cash. There's so much opportunity out there if we choose to look for it and persist until we find it. This is just my little niche because I feel I need to help where I can. If you want to see some crazier finds, search for my name and recycling/thrifting on Google images for years of examples!

You play baseball, I recall reading that before...Do you play at a high level? I'm not sure what the Leagues are called there.

Nice work on the recycling too.

I play in a men's wooden bat league across my city. It's not professional, but we do have some former professional players or minor leaguers from time to time. My league is mostly ex-college players and high school standouts. For non-pro, the competition is pretty decent, but I can handle better.

Oh that's cool, seems like you're playing at a fairly high level. I played a little baseball here as a kid (I wasn't good) and my wife's uncle played all over the country for South Australia when he was a younger bloke. It's a good game, enjoyable. Mum wouldn't let me chew tobacco as a 10 year old though...Lol. Isn't that a pre-requisite?


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I always wanted one of those Bose radios. Would never pay retail for one. $60 seems fair

It was an older one without the CD player or remote. For cash, $60 was ok. If it had the CD player, it's a bit more. Happy to find and save Bose stuff either way. Nothing was wrong with it.

I bought a Boston acoustics recepter radio before at a thrift shop for cheap way back. Great clock radio with great sound quality. Things have changed so much with audio with phones and Bluetooth so they are kind of obsolete. Still like them though. Tivoli too.(like the model one).