BEET BURGERS (VEGAN)! The Best Recipe So Far For Burgers That Directly Match And Replace The Cow Versions. :)

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These burgers blew me away with their fine taste and texture that i really did not expect to get from the ingredients used in them - too good to keep to myself! - No animals were harmed in the making of this dinner!

I think the majority of people will at least theoretically recognise the value and need of being vegan, possibly in terms of health, or at least in terms of stopping the abuse of other living creatures. However, they typically find that in practise they have no clue about how to do it and are intimidated by the thought of having to replace so much of their food 'routines' with alternatives that many simply never even attempt the change. For that reason and also just for fun, it can be good to re-create traditional 'meat' based recipes with equivalents that are plant based and when it is done well, even meat eaters will often agree that the results are even better than the original meat versions.

Since I grew up liking to eat burgers and despite me knowing well that raw fruit and veg meals are better for me than cooked and fried foods - I still sometimes eat vegan burgers and this recipe is the best I've found so far. I have previously used recipes that are totally different to this one, but I won't be using them again!


1.25 Cups of cooked (and cooled) brown rice (I use short grain)
1 Cup of cooked (and cooled) lentils
1 Cup of shredded Beetroot
0.5 Teaspoon of salt (ideally a decent salt - not demineralised table salt)
Black pepper - to taste
1 Teaspoon of thyme
3 Tablespoons of chopped onion
2 Cloves of Garlic (finely chopped)
2 Tablespoons of almond butter
Half a cup of breadcrumbs
Oil for frying (olive or other that you prefer)


  1. Shred the beetroots in a food processor.
  2. Use a cutting blade attachment in a food processor to blend the lentils, rice and shredded beetroot. The mixture should form a consistently blended mix when ready.

  1. Drop the blended mix into a mixing bowl and add all the other ingredients, mixing it all together by hand.
  2. Chill the mixture in the fridge for 15 - 40 minutes.
  3. Form the burger patties according to the size you prefer - you don't have to worry about making them too big to be fully cooked since these are made of plant materials only.
  4. Heat a frying pan to a medium-high temperature and add a thin layer of oil to it.
  5. Fry the burgers for about 12 minutes, turning them over a few times in the process.

  1. Serve however you like! I used lettuce, tomatoes and wholegrain buns - along with home cut potato chips - which was great!
  • Note - I strongly suggest doing your best to source organic ingredients as they are always best for health and taste better too.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul


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I think this food is really fantastic, but in our country still not many who eat this kind of food. I really want to try it ...

Oh ok - well, are there ingredients in this recipe that you cannot find there?

I think @thepink means eating vegan not necessarily the ingredients (at least that is what everyone tells me on my recipes, it's just difficult to transition when it's not the norm) :) But if I am right in my assumption, then it's a perfect opportunity to show them how yummy it can be!

thank you guys @heart-to-heart, I still do not know at all about the cake, it seems I am very curious how the process of making and the materials that are needed in terms of making the cake ..

yes @ura-soul, I do not know the recipe in this cake. really like you ask, because this cake is still foreign to our area .. i want to feel and i want to make a cake like that

I want to eat my screen that looks so good!

hehe - time to be creatively foodish then! :)

hahaha, exactly, what will you make for us next? Hopefully something very chocolate!

Beetroots are very rich in nutrients and this vegan recipe will help a lot to decrease the animal slaughters.

My daughter has decided to be vegan. This puts some stress on the home-cooks.
This recipe will be most welcome and I am following you because I enjoy the energy. Once again my sincere thanks for relieving stress. lol

You are welcome! There are lots of good vegan recipes online now. I have found, though, that what taught me the most was learning about the nutrient profiles of plants and using chronometer to get a sense of what I need and what I am missing in a nutritional sense. In any case, more vegan posts to come soon! :)

Look forward to your posts.

How do you do the linking? Its cool. If you dont mind my asking.

Sure, when you create a new post by clicking 'submit a story' you should see link that goes to a page that lists how to format your posts (markdown guide). In there you will see how to make a hyperlink as I have done here. Essentially, you start with a pair of square brackets and write your text inside those - then you immediately add a pair of normal curved brackets after the square brackets and put the target URL in those curly brackets.

This is a very traditional Finnish recipe! I will actually be selling these in my bookstore once I get the food license to make it a bookstore cafe! Here is my most recent post if you are interested! I resteemed and upvoted this post!

Aha, ok - thanks - i was not aware of that and thanks for your support!

You may also enjoy Lakslada if you like Salmon.

The idea of veganism is to not participate in the exploitation of living beings, including fish - but thanks for the thought.

Ah. I get confused because I have friends who think they are vegan but say that fish is not meat..

ah ok, i see that's unfortunate! maybe you can inform them without them arguing!

one can only hope lol

Thanks for an​ easy recipe.

I am with you all the way my friend! From explaining about making comfort foods to loving the burger back in the day ;) I have been on a burger mission lately. I made kale burgers that were fantastic but have yet to share- we could start a vegan burger party throughout the lands of Steemit! :) I love beet burgers, their color is wonderful! I'll keep this recipe in mind but will have to sub the rice hmmm... you've given me a project! Thanks @ura-soul <3

You are welcome as all-ways ;)
hehe, vegan burger parties sound like a lot of fun - maybe i'll post a different recipe for one soon and we can give mcdonalds a run for their clown money.

Just made this. Awesome!

aha! that was fast - bon apetite!

I'll have to try this as I'm not vegan but red meat doesn't agree with my stomach.

It's a great start to a more balanced belly!

I love beet burgers. Best burgers around!

hehe - thanks!

Interesting! Will have to try and make these. Thanks for sharing :)

You are welcome! :)

Look forward to seeing some more posts from you:)

These look brilliant! I am such a sucker for a good veggie burger but really need to start making my own, thanks for the motivation! :)

you are welcome - yes, they are a huge improvement on even the better store bought burgers i have found here :)

Looks really good! I just bought beet root, I might try this, thanks!

you are welcome!

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Oh honey... those of us who raise our own animals have a very special relationship with them, and we honor our plants as much as our animals in this struggle for survival of the flesh. You are just a plant hater in my book... JUST KIDDING! But really, I hope you find room in your belief system for moral, conscious carnivores.

This planet - being an expression of life - is evolving towards a balance that fully respects life and will no longer support death - so what I personally think is not so much the issue here. The issue is that of the karmic effects that are caused by the action of each individual - which they will all have to balance in their own process - but not necessarily on Earth.

Oh honey, life and death are inextricably entwined, it is a sacred dance. Life without death becomes meaningless. But whatever, I still think you are a cutie, and know you are trying damned hard to make this world a better place and that is awesome.

Thanks for your kind words. Death is not 'natural', 'necessary' or the intended destiny for living beings. Life is vibration and death is the ending of vibration - it is only the spirit part of self that survives physical death and goes on to reincarnate - however, this is only a fraction of the totality of self and without the parts that really are dying, eventually life will not be able to continue due to loss of vibrational power.
Ending death is a requirement for life now.

Please see my reply to the other commenter here. Makes me sad that you fall into this excuse to judge your fellow humans. Unfollowing, sadly.

I am not judging anyone here - I am describing physical and spiritual reality that is evidenced all around.

Death is part of life. It's not a choice.
Murder on the other hand is a choice.

I explain some of why death is not part of life, here

Death of the body is part of this life.
You acknowledge this, right?

Death and life are opposites - so saying that death is part of life is like saying that silence is part of sound. Neither statement is correct. While our minds are often conditioned to define one from each of these two pairs of opposites as being relative to it's opposite concept, the reality is that you will not find silence in sound, sound in silence, death in life or life in death.

Death of the body is a process and experience that can be encountered as part of creation and existence - however, that does not mean that death is part of life. I feel that there is a gap being presented here in the defining of the word 'life' - whereby the word 'life' is being used to describe existence itself - rather than the state of being that life really is.

Does that make sense?

Yes. I see where you are coming from.
Death is part of 'this' life, though.
I used the term 'life' as meaning 'this material existence'.

Last comment on this thread...
My garden failed this year, grasshoppers ate everything. Still, I can feed 100 people this winter if I need to. I live the life I live that I may feed the hungry when disaster strikes, as I believe is fairly imminent. I cannot feed masses of people vegetables, I cannot grow enough of them and the climate here is too harsh for it to be feasible.
Holding a value system that requires you feel morally superior to others is dicey karma. Good luck with that.

Again, I am simply describing the reality of our deeply out of balance planet and the associated vibrational physics. Karma is cause and effect, not a balance of payments and judgement.
For the animals, disaster strikes every day through our denial of the ways of balance on Earth.

Your words: 'Vegans really do think plants are not as valued as animals, and I find that a little less than conscious... but I still love my vegan friends.'
Is that the kind of value system you mean? ;)
Good luck then!

Ps: now if you hadn't left this thread you could try and point out where I showed a value system like that. Would have been interesting.

PPS: Just checked your blog.
Had no idea you were 'enlightened'.
Now I understand...

Interesting form of morality that allows slavery, murder and theft! What is it called?

I don't judge you for eating meat, especially if you raise the animals yourself and therefore I am not forced to support it financially.
It's your problem.

But if you mention morality in this context I just gotta ask...

Because I truly value the life of all things equally, and I understand I have to eat. Vegans really do think plants are not as valued as animals, and I find that a little less than conscious... but I still love my vegan friends.

Whatever works for you!
Thing is just that raising animals uses WAY more plants than eating them directly...

So basically in addition to killing animals you also kill more plants :)

But that doesn't mean you have to change anything...

Well, that is just not true but I don't care to argue with you. This entire area is scrub desert, nothing much grows here that is edible to us. The cows and chickens can eat it though, and they do not kill it, it grows back.

Yeah. Plants grow back. You can eat them without killing them. I agree. That is one of the differences to animals... did you just support my point?

I don't want to argue either, just wanted to know the name of this 'morality'. Peace!

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I much prefer Aberdeen Angus meat as it`s the best out there.

I cook everything with a electric pressure cooker but I notice a lot of the so-called healthy eaters out there don`t even cook their food by using a electric pressure cooker for a more healthier option.

heating beyond around 42 degrees will kill food enzymes and begin to break down the nutrition - the highest possible nutrient density occurs with raw food.

Thanks for letting me know about that. I have seen in some places around London where they cook for meat eaters and non-eaters that they sometimes cook those meals in the same pan.

Oh, I'm sure - yes - typically vegans will avoid places that even serve meat at all. Personally, I tend to only eat in a small number of places that I know are aware of real nutritional science.

Great to hear then. Would you make a pet animal into a vegan say like a dog?

This is a complicated topic and I have never had any relationships with dogs. I do know though that there are many people who have 'converted' dogs to eat a vegan lifestyle successfully - and as I recall at one time the world's oldest dog (recorded) was fed a vegan diet. There are manufacturers of vegan dog food who ensure that their products meet the dog's nutritional requirements.
I have seen some people attempt to shame other people for attempting to 'go against nature' by doing this - however, I see no problem with it and the dogs appear to be fine with it from what I have seen.

I am pretty sure it is a complicated topic. I watched a video a few days ago on You Tube in one of Jerry Banfield`s videos. He was talking about how his dog was ill about his visits to the vet and then converting his dogs to become vegan. He said he thinks both his dogs health has improve hugely. I think he was feeding them bananas, porridge oats with beans.

This is great!

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Beetroot patty looks like a beef patty. Must be delicious

Would it work as best and as nice with regular white long grain @ura-soul ?

And how about canned beetroot?


I imagine long grain rice would work just as well yes. I have never eaten canned beetroot, but if they have some firmness to them then they should be fine too.

Hmmm I guess canned beets are too soft 🤔

Thanks @ura-soul !