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I am so glad that I was able to attend this incredible event.

After having been to the Wisconsin Steemit Meetup nine months ago and the Ozark Area Steemian Meetup five months back, I was excited to that the Steemy Summer Party in Kansas City was coming and that I might be able to make it. However, my truck seemed to have other ideas.

After having it worked on, it ended up needing more work before I would be comfortable driving it that far. But, thankfully, much like a superhero, @bluerthangreen swooped in with a solution. I was able to borrow one of his vehicles from his wife, @allforthegood. It wasn't until about noon on Saturday that I finally lined up transportation, and the party (which was starting at 4 pm) was about four hours away. Quickly, I grabbed the nearest one of the @little-peppers I could find and we were off!

Upon arriving at the park, I immediately located my crew of steemians. Thankfully, when @stellabelle is dressed up like a steemit version of Flava-Flav, it makes locating her easier! There were already a good number of steemians gathered and discussing when I showed up, which helps for making an entrance.

What set this event apart from the other steemit meetups that I have attended was that it was at an outdoor venue. I had been to one in the commons area of a library and another in a back room at a coffee shop, but the park had a different feel to it. For one, there were more people around, who periodically became curious about what we were up to. (Remember, I was in my usual camouflage with my STEEM-Chain on and @stellabelle had on here chain too. Plus, with @jessamynorchard closing out the event with a set of her original music, there were some things going on to attract attention.)

Another difference with the outside venue was that there was a great tree for "Monster Truck the Pepper" to climb around in. They did not have one of these at the library or in the coffee shop.

With the beautiful sun shining down, no sign of rain, and enough food and refreshments for everyone, it was a great day at the park, especially because the steemians had gathered.


In no particular order for no particular reason, here are a few of my thoughts on the folks that I met at the party.


This is the one who was the main force in putting this thing together. I appreciate her effort and passion. We had already met up at the Ozark Area Meetup and then @stellabelle joined me for the Steemit Talk Podcast with @giftedgaia, @winstonwolfe, and @sykochica. I would describe @stellabelle as raw and fun, to use a couple three letter words, and it was great to meetup once again.


Speaking of @sykochica, I had heard the voice before but never had the pleasure of meeting @sykochica prior. I was able to observe the digital skills of @sykochica when I was at on the steemit talk podcast, but only @winstonwolfe and @giftedgaia were in the studio. It was a blessing to finally meet @sykochica and to talk a bit face to face.


Last I remembered, @virtualgrowth had been in Florida, so when I found out that @virtualgrowth was going to be at the party, I really wanted to come. It was great to meet @virtualgrowth and I was impressed with the technical knowledge that @virtualgrowth has, since I am not so techy. Though you may see the body in some of the meetup posts, you will not be seeing the face of @virtualgrowth. That's one of the cool things about steemit too; even when someone wants to remain anonymous online, they might still come out to meet you face to face!


I knew that @rebeccabe and her husband Michael were coming because of the reply from @rebeccabe on the attendance post from @stellabelle. I was interested to meet other steemians that I had not interacted with much, and @rebeccabe was one of those. I had a good time meeting @rebeccabe and Michael, and look forward to checking out their stuff in the future.


I've been meaning to meet up with @jacobts for some time now. Currently, @jacobts is in St. Louis, and @bluerthangreen and @papa-pepper have four businesses in St. Louis that we do lawn maintenance for every other week. However, work is work and often we try to get in and out and quickly as possible, so I have not been able to meet up with @jacobts until now. I really appreciated our conversation, and it was good to meet someone willing to sacrifice some of their life and freedom to take care of a relative in need. I am looking forward to hopefully meeting up with @jacobts again soon and getting to hang out some more. Thanks for the shirt man!

@jasonrussell & @melodyrussell

It is cool to see how many couples are on steemit. @Jasonrussell & @melodyrussell are one good example of this. Since they do not live all that far from me (some hours and a state away) we may be getting together to go on some outdoor adventures together. They enjoy taking photos and enjoying the outdoors, so we have some things in common for sure! It is so cool to meet up with people in real life who have similar interests, plus, we are all steemians!


Now @fungusmonk is one cool dude! I remember many months ago competing in some steemit talent contest and @fungusmonk was one of the other steemians entering. Interestingly enough, @fungusmonk just happened to be in KC around the time of the meetup. We share an interest in music, and in general @fungusmonk is just a cool guy to hang out with. Maybe we can meet up again when you move to KC.


@Reedracer was another steemian that I hadn't really interacted with online before. Interesting how that works. some people you meet online and then meet up in real life and others you meet up with in real life and then interact online. Although @reedracer joined steemit way back in June 2016, @reedracer hasn't been as active as some users. I enjoyed hanging out and talking to @reedracer and on a side note, @reedracer is apparently huge on twitter. Thanks for coming out!


After originally meeting up and hanging out at the Ozark Area Meetup, it was great to see @jessamynorchard in person once again. Not only does @jessamynorchard have some great initiatives going to help build up the steemit music scene, but @jessamynorchard also provided some great tunes for us to enjoy at the meetup. Great job and excellent to see you once again!


Now @alfonso1003 was an interesting character. At the time of the meetup, @alfonso1003 had been a steemian for about a day. Since @alfonso1003 brought his daughter, my son "Monster Truck the Pepper" form the @little-peppers had someone his size to play with. At one point during the meetup, @stellabelle brought @alfonso1003 over to @virtualgrowth with an important question. We were intrigued to see what it was. "How long until I am a millionaire?" was what he asked! Before @virtualgrowth had a chance to answer, I jumped in by asking "How long have you been on steemit?" @alfonso1003 replied "One day." I told him that he needed to be more patient, and wait at least a week.

Now I know that does sound absurd, but, I want to use this opportunity to point something out. Hypothetically, and very hypothetically at that, STEEM could perhaps reach BTC prices one day. IF, and that is a big IF, it ever did, then someone would only need 400 STEEM to be a millionaire. Since it is possible to earn 400 STEEM in a week, given enough time, my answer to his question could be accurate... just saying...

@goatgarden & @clickinchicken

This was another interesting couple. I originally found out about @goatgarden through @bluerthangreen resteeming a post. Since we are all on one level of a homesteading adventure or another, we had a lot to talk about. Also, we cut lawns in the town that they live in too, so who knows when the next time we will meet up will be. It was a lot of fun to meet them in person and to get to share ideas and stories.


Now @pierrefilms was really interesting to meet. We did not get to talk a whole lot, but @pierrefilms has an incredible memory for movie release dates. Being a local and a steemian, @pierrefilms came on out to meet up with all of us. If you have not already seen it, you should check out his video. Keep it up man!


@Bluerthangreen is another person originally from Wisconsin who moved his family to Arkansas and joined steemit last July. We bought land right next door to one another and will be raising our families and building our homesteads together. @Bluerthangreen is a true friend and brother and I am pleased that @bluerthangreen was able to make it out and mix it up. I find his perspective refreshing, his knowledge a blessing and his love for others inspirational. Thanks for letting me use the truck to get to KC!


Now @sylviategan was a fun one and is even going to be getting her mom started with steemit. They were very fun to meet and I enjoyed listening to the stories that @sylviategan shared. Since @sylviategan grew up just across the border (in another city where @bluerthangreen and I have been cutting lawns) there are certain things in our lives that overlap. I was previously unaware of @sylviategan on steemit, so I was very glad to get to meet up in person and learn about her presence on steemit!


To the best of my knowledge, those are the folks who were there. It was certainly a lot of fun, and I am glad to at least be able to share some photos and memories from the meetup with all of you who were not there. I had some extra t-shirts laying around too, so I passed out some of them. (I had made some in the wrong sizes, so my "limited edition" shirts became somewhat less limited...)

Also, if any of you are having meetups in your area, let me know. Sometimes, I get around a lot and you never know when I might take a drive over just to meet up with some more of you in person!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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thanks for sharing the pics @papa-pepper and glad everyone including little pepper had a good time.
Hope steem(it) parties become popular across the world, and must say your chain is very cool.


There have been quite a few meetups already, with more to come! Glad you liked the chain!

Seems like a good meet. If anyone knows of any meet ups planned in the UK I would love to attend!

Congratulations @papa-pepper!
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@papa-pepper thanks for the post. I'm delighted to find you on Steemit.com! Looks like we have many common interests and I look forward to digging into your blog and learning more. Wish I could have been in KC to meet you in person. All the best!

Nice read! Glad you guys had a great time there!
ANd Yeah I agree... outdoors meetings are so much fun, specially If surrounded by nature and cool people.

Those cupcakes are steeming! good stuff :D
Thanks for the introduction to each member papa-pepper , looks like it was a complete success , well done!


I figured I should share some thoughts about everyone I met. Thanks!

Looks like a great party. May the Steemians have more fun each day!

Sounds like a great time!

Those cupcakes look yum! Great party papa, the young'un is having a blast which is really the point!


The boy is very cute, i wish i could come there and attend the party, any way great party, and by the way you looks like Mark Wahlberg in the last picture with the cupcake @papa-pepper


Lol, most on steemit say Johnny Depp these days!


why don't you join Hollywood then as an parody artists if people say you as different actors @papa-pepper hahaah joking...

so cool how people that meet in a digital world can meet up in the physical one. Cheers man. (ps. dig the giant chain)


I know, it takes things to another level!

Wow, @sykochica went all the way from STL for MKC. :-)

@papa-pepper, that's awesome. I like the advice "give it a week", but then again someone could just buy 400 STEEM to start and just sit and wait for it to go up to BTC levels to become a millionaire. So by your process, they could be millionaire within a couple minutes of signing up if they transferred 400 STEEM over, lol.

I've been trying to get my wife on Steemit for a bit now b/c she's an awesome artist looking for an outlet (and the ability to make money from it at some point), but she's still reeling (as am I) from losing both her parents over the last year. Would love to go to one of these meet-ups some day.

Is there a Calendar of Events built into Steemit or one on the horizon for these Events? I think that would be an awesome addition.


Good point on that! Not sure about the calendar, but I do hope that one day your wife can join us.

Wow you even had Steemit cupcakes! That's awesome man! i'm jealous!

Thats great. Is their a way to see upcoming meetups, or do you just have to get lucky in the feed to find it?

You summed it up perfectly. It was great meeting you!


Yes it was! We will see what the future holds!

I heard you guys had a good time! stellabelle and Virtualgrowth are just two that I mention because I have spoken to them and they are very good people:) It was very nice of you @papa-pepper to write out something nice for each person although it doesn't surprise me:) I also saw stellabelles video. Your little boy is so cute:) Looking forward to that milk thistle soon hahaaa

I didn't realize you mow with @bluerthangreen. I'll keep an eye out for you guys.

Looks like you had a great time! I hope one day there will be a Steem party in Switzerland. I could arrange one if I there would be enough Steemians from Switzerland.

Would be cool if there were more Steemians in the Virginia area to meet up with. Love the idea and would love to meet with new friends. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!


I'm in Virginia. Count me in if there is a meetup.

@papa-pepper, I hope to be at the next MO event - either in the Ozarks or in KC (or wherever else it may be).

Our online connections are growing, but there is something about face-to-face time time that makes those relationships grow faster.

Sounds like an absolute blast! Thanks for sharing the experience!

What a great way to break another one of the preconceived notions about what an internet social platform is supposed to be. I'm sure it was fun to be able to put a real life interaction to previous faces and videos!

This is so exciting! No other social network has done anything like this. Maybe I'd get to be a part of this soon. I don't there's anything like it going on in the asian region. Nice cover on the event and them pictures! Job well done my good sir. Cheers!


I've been seeing a lot of posts about this meet up. It looks like it was a lot of fun I wish I could have been there. Are you going to Steemfest this year in Portugal?


No steemfest for me... :-(


However, I am looking forward to meeting up with you some day!

Great post!! Thanks for the mention.. after I read your blog header and saw you are in Arkansas I wished I would have visited with you more. We love Arkansas... I was born and raised in Texas... you never know about people..I am with you I want more meet ups to go to. It is just a question of getting there... :) I am currently at the laundry so it may hold up on posting this.. I want to resteem too...

That is awesome you all were able to get together!

So cool to meet you @papa-pepper and Monster Truck the Pepper! (He told me he was the best tree climber in the family when I was taking his picture ☺️) If you ever want to come explore in Missouri, @jasonrussell and I would be happy to be your tour guides/photographers!!!

Great to meet you @pappa-pepper!! It is really neat what you and your family are doing. I JUST got on Steemit about a week before the meetup and made my first posts the day before, and so the event was a great introduction to some of you neat folks. I'm diving into Steemit!! I hear of a Springfeild event in the works, & I'm hoping to attend that one as well. Thank you very much for your kind words. :)


No wonder I had not heard of you!

What an extrodinary human and community oriented experience. It gives me hope. Thank you all the people who took the time and effort to share, with those of us that weren't there.


Glad that you enjoyed it! Hopefully ever steemian will get the chance to attend one eventually!

This is great, glad you Peeps are making this happen! Still waiting for the numbers to increase my area to have a meet up!

Hey @papa-pepper found another post by you??


Than I realize there's no proof at the bottom of the post!

A tiring journey, but a beautiful impression.

Great to meet you too @papa-pepper! I appreciate the shoutout and look forward to seeing more from you on here.


Yeah, me too! I t was very cool to meet you man!

I am blogging my ass off to earn steem so I can travel to all these good things! @papa-pepper I posted a question I need a answer to quite urgently and was hoping you could possibly elaborate if possible. Many Thanks



That is going be beyond my current comprehension on the subject.

Hope you get that answer quick though.


Thanks man I appreciate it!

Thanks for sharing

Plz vote on my page and support me

Great review of an awesome event!!!! It was certainly great to meet the one and only @papa-pepper!!! Hit me up on discord and we'll set up a river trip ;)

This was beyond thorough and it was fun meeting you again. I appreciated all the details about the individuals who attended. It wouldn't have been the same without you and your pepper showing up!


Great to see you again! Thanks so much for putting it together and choosing a great location!

STEEM, Millionaire? Yes please.

Monster Truck the Pepper looks so happy with that Steemit cupcake! Looks like a good time was had by all! Glad you got wheels for the trip!

It was great being able to meet you in person! I soooooo wanted to be at the Springfield meetup back in January, but just wasn't able to pull that off. So there was no way I was missing it this time around.

And the little pepper was so freaking cute!! :D

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Great to meet you @papa-pepper!


Yeah, you too! Maybe I'll run into you later! Steem on!

Shit! Any steemit meetups in the PA / NJ / NY area, holler at me I want in. Or we can form one. I want to make this happen!!! 🐳🔛💰

Ohh love those cupcakes! Seemed like a great and fun day!

I wish I'd known you'd be there. I passed up going for health reasons, but it might've been worth trying to go anyways. ;~;

Wonderful event @papa-pepper!

I will develop the Ukrainian community Steemit,
I want that and we had such wonderful meetings!