Top 5 Real Estate Posts This Week on Steemit 10/29/17

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Hi Steemians – It's time again for this week's Top 5 list of Real Estate posts. These are based on written articles or videos about Real Estate that received the highest votes through the week from Monday – Saturday. Plagiarized articles don't count. Results are posted on Sunday. All posts that make the list get an upvote from me and a bot boost.

Congratulations to those of you who made the list!

1. Cryptocurrency News: Expensive Houses Now Sold in Bitcoin! -techblogger

We are slowly approaching the point of mass adoption in Bitcoin. This week a Miami homeowner agreed to accept almost 6.5 Million USD of BTC and BCC in exchange for his house. .....

2. How many ounces of silver does it take to buy an average home in the USA? - steemsilvergold

Well lets start in the 1980 where one could buy a home for the amount of silver one's got under their mattress(maybe Ray B's mattress, not mine) about 2500 oz's, heck you could carry it(150lbs) and walk into the bank with your stack, set it on the table and walk out with the keys to a nice single family home. ….

3. Valuing US Real Estate - Where You Should Invest Now - codyshirk

How do you value real estate? That’s probably the most asked question worldwide, when it comes to investing and spending money. No matter where you go in the world, people understand the value of real estate. It’s one of the few assets that nearly all people agree has an intrinsic value.....

4. Widespread Growth In Lending For New Homes - api-magazine

All eight state and territories experienced growth in owner occupier loans for new dwellings compared with a year ago says Shane Garrett of Housing Industry Association. ....

5. NorthSaver's Story Part 2 - retirejapan

In the first article I defined what early retirement means to me, which turns out to be early semi-retirement. In this article I’ll write about how we started to achieve it...


Personal Favorite of the Week

Show 20: Stephen King - Rex MLS & Freeing Real Estate Data
- cryptovoices

Matthew & Fernando interview Stephen King on location in New York.
Stephen is a tenured real estate professional and developer, formerly of King Realty Group in New Jersey.



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Great post. Nice to have some info on alternative investments. Resteemed.

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