Daily Research and learning : Website Backlink Audit and Ranking valuation

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Hi Friends,
How are you?What do you think my everyday activity. Yesterday I did some backlink research for a website. Where We have many bad links and research each link to protect site quality. Site quality always important in online business. Google, Facebook yahoo or anyone technically does it. Whatever you post. All giant companies always take care the post you are doing. If you have bad links in your site. Google makes you as spam. And hurt your website ranking and less visibility to search engine. In this case you may get less response from customers. I spend more than a few years to understand the reality of link audit. I know there are many people believe they know linking building by using majestic, seo moz software. But in fact these are not even helpful to ranking keyword. But combine all mixed including own research. It will be a perfect link audit. Also based on link audit I did compare site ranking and quality keyword visibility in Google. By the way my daily activity help for them who have an online business or website and trying to do something better.


Also, research for the steemit best voting system. beyondbit content collection, which posted in steemit. another my usual other research.

I am forwarding my facebook article : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156641791691632&set=a.10150697836301632.496531.604501631&type=3&theater