Materialism. Consumerism. Where does it start?

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Hello Steemit!! It's been a little while. As some people who read this can relate to the life of a parent. Some ups and downs, twists and turns.. sometimes little surprises happen now and then... but now I'm back!

Today I wanna jump into the subject of materialism and consumerism. When someone feels they receive love or praise for owning a large amount of items; or the latest and greatest! They feel the need for materials to either gain approval from peers or seem they'd be lost without all these items.

I was walking my daughter to school the other day when one of my mommy friends and I started chatting. This mommy friend of mine tends to carry herself well. Always has her hair and nails done. Always wearing clothes like she's about to go somewhere. I like to call those clothes "civvies" or "jeans" haha She's a stay at home mom like myself so I know for a fact she is about to go home and clean or just sit about and finish her coffee. She commented on how "comfortable" I look everyday. I didn't take this as a bad comment. I like to be comfy :)

I tend to be a relaxed individual. I always have. On a typical day i'll wear either leggings, pajama pants, hoodie or t-shirt. Or if I'm planning on a morning run, my workout clothes. I hardly break out the jeans. I no longer have an office job so no worries there.

I guess the point i'm trying to make is where does the need to "present" come from? And by present I mean no matter the day or situation, you are always ready to make a appearance. I know some feel appearance says a lot about a person, but for me I always judge based on personality. You can look like a bag lady, but if you have an amazing heart and beautiful personality, you're ok with me.

Maybe it stems from how someone is raised. Maybe their parents had them present everyday. I remember when I was 6 I wanted to wear nothing but dresses, and my parents let me. Shortly after that I started playing sports, and began to dress more like a tom boy, and my parents let me. In my teen years all I wanted to do was play video games, read comics and draw, and I dressed the part. And once again, my parents let me. All I was every expected to do was to bathe and brush my hair. My parents always allowed me to be an individual. I'm so thankful for that.

Perhaps it's where someone is raised. I know in some major cities the need to impress or upkeep is felt to be needed. To either get ahead in a business or industry, to network and connect with the right individuals. Again, they say appearance is everything. I've never wanted anything to do with those types of people. In my honest opinion, looks are not everything.

Not to say i'm completely innocent. I enjoy a walk around the mall. I like to window shop. My family and I were just at the mall a week ago and we saw the line for the new iphone and I seriously got a little sick to my stomach. I cannot understand the amount of money some are willing to pay to own the "latest and greatest". But then again, am I supposed to understand? No, I suppose not. I know it's ok to not understand something. How boring would this world be if we did understand everything?

So I will never understand what drives some people to consumerism. The want and need they crave. Even if you ask them. I can imagine if I were to ask one of those people in line "why are you spending $1000 on this object? What do you gain?" I understand material items can bring some joy but so can traveling the world. you're effort and money could be spent on so many other things. I would like the Nintendo switch, but I have children who I'd rather spend my money on. I'd rather pay for experience rather then items.

But fortunately not everything costs money. Sitting at home snuggling with your babies. Going on a nice evening walk. watching countless Friends reruns with your husband! (yes, we do that)

I guess the point i'm trying to get across with the holiday season fast approaching, think about what really matters. Take in the simple things in life. Watch out for the commercialism of it all. Think about these materials that we say we "need" when all it is is a "want". Treat everyday like its a holiday and get out and spread your free love!

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Where there is love there is life.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Well written and excellent points here. While I'm far from a minimalist, I think there's many that rank others first by what they have and not who they are. So often (but not always) it's smoke and mirrors to disguise how they feel about who they are. Food for thought.

Dropped by because Keni posted a list of members in the SMG Facebook group. I thought I'd stop by and visit everyone. See you around :)

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