Terrible EOS RAM price , EOS 内存炒疯了

in ram •  5 months ago

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Hello Steemit friends, recently EOS RAM price is growing at an exponential rate that no one can afford to buy RAM to do their smart contract anymore

As you can see in the diagram or https://eos.feexplorer.io/ the RAM price start at 0.01 EOS per KB and it double every 2-3 days to the whooping 0.8 EOS per KB

Maybe you do not understand what does 0.8 EOS per KB mean, it mean that if you want to use 1 KB ram you need to pay 0.8 EOS to buy it or $8, in other word, if you need 1 MB RAM you need $8000, and if you need 1GB RAM you need $8 million (and all our laptop have 8 GB RAM) so you do the math

and how many RAM we need to use EOS?

  1. Create new account need 4KB ram , that would mean you need USD32 to create account
  2. Create a hello world smart contract need 50KB ram, that would mean you need USD400 just to deploy a "hello world" smart contract
  3. Create an issue token smart contract need 200KB ram, that is around USD1600

that is just way too expensive for developer to build their DAPP, and i was stupid not to hoard RAM at 0.01 else i can sell it for 80x at 0.8 each. At 20 June I was just paying 5 EOS to buy 333 kb ram and i used 190kb ram to deploy my smart contract for testing purpose, and to my surprised today my remaining 140KB ram can sell for a whooping 100 EOS , it is almost 50x return in just less than 2 week, I am actually start hallucinating what would actually happened if I hoard tons of RAM in the beginning I would be able to retired immediately

good news is I made 100 extra EOS by luck and bad news is I miss boat the 80x opportunity

thanks for reading


如果你看图或 https://eos.feexplorer.io/ 你可以看到RAM的价格本来是每KB卖0.01 EOS, 然后每2-3天就会翻倍,最高竟然炒到每KB卖0.8 EOS

可能你不知道每KB卖0.8 EOS是有多夸张,让我算给你看,
1 KB= 0.8 EOS = $8
1 MB = $8000
1 GB = $8,000,000


1。开新帐户需要4KB RAM,需要$32美金
2。开 "hello world"智能合约要50 KB RAM,需要 $400美金
3。 开可以发币的智能合约要200 KB RAM,需要 $1600美金

总之就是贵到离谱,而且我竟然不知道可以低买高卖,我6月20号的时候用5 EOS 买了333 KB的RAM来学习,发智能合约用了190KB,剩下的140KB RAM收到今天竟然可以卖100个EOS 回来,大概50倍,气死了,如果6月多的时候我用完全部EOS买RAM的话,现在都可以退休了



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Damn !!! You gotta teach me these stuff 😆😆

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The RAM is so crazy, I was so left out by all this oportunity by not looking at the EOS news after the launch day. Can you guide me how to claim my EOS from the ERC20 wallet? Is there any wallet?

  1. First, find your 12 digit EOS account name using below URL

  2. use the scatter wallet https://get-scatter.com/ and setup your personal EOS account inside your computer,

  3. scatter wallet work just like metamask, after you have the scatter wallet installed, you can then buy sell ram on https://eos.feexplorer.io/


I see. Just found the Simpleos wallet and greymass wallet as well. But I'm looking more on the Scatter, seems pretty neat and with a Ram trading feature. Not bad haha. But I guess the Ram thing is descending?


it is too highly speculative and it is a huge risk to buy at the peak becoz they only release 64 GB RAM now, if they suddenly release more RAM then the price for RAM will drop drasticly

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this is so crazy, as you said if no one can afford to buy smart contract by it. then i think its demand will come down and again it will be cheaper right??
am i correct @fundurian