Getting Your Posting Key - Made Easy

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Most people use their active key to access their account when they really should be using their private key. @pfunk wrote the first guide I ever read to keys click here.

I put this together after teaching my father how to get his posting key . Most external apps will require this key - the great thing about it is you can change it anytime rendering it useless for other services. My project requires the posting key (it is a post scheduler) - it is also useful if you ever branch out in the world of autovotes or you decide to login to Steemit the secure way!

Step 1

Login to your Steemit account with the key you typically use.

Step 2

In the top right corner there is a menu drop down box (from you profile pic or name). Click on this box and then click on wallet. Alternatively you can go to .

Step 3

Make sure you are on the Wallet tab - you will see in the image below that it is underlined in Yellow. Circled in yellow with an arrow pointing to it is the Permissions link. Click on this link.

Step 4

You will see a series of keys - the first one is or the "Posting Key" which is what you want. It will start with the letter "S" if it is showing the public key (as underlined in yellow). Click on the box circled in yellow that says "Show Private Key".

Step 5

If you followed the instructions correctly and everything worked - you will see the private key. In the image below underlined in yellow is the number 5 at the begining of the key. You will know you are looking at your private key if it begins with the number 5 - cut and past this number to your notepad - or whever you need it! You can now logout of your Steemit account.



this was quite helpful in gaining access to ChainBB. thanks for the clear and simple guide!

Yes, this really help me! Thanks! )))

This was insanely helpful! Thank you!

it is really helpful.

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Thanks for this post, now I know how to grab my private posting key :)

Hell ya! Helpful !

Man how does one CONTINUE to upvote an awesome article?? This content is still valuable even if it is past 7 days old!

Love what you are doing and what you represent. You have my support :)

Thank you! Found useful as I needed to learn this for DTube signup.

This was very helpful. Thank you

Thank you somuch !

Another helpful resource I want to say thank you for

Thank you so much!! that is some real value !!!! :)

thanks! needed it real bad!

Still helpful in year 2018 and will be in coming years.

Thanks - this seems to be the post that keeps on giving! The interface looks a little different now - but same process.. Glad I have helped so many with this howto!

@rgeddes Thanks to you mate. keep informing us with valuable facts.

March 2018 and it still is helpful. Simple instructions. Thank you.

Thanks, this was a simple guide and luckily the first one to pop up when I did a search on steemit for "Private Posting Key" - I used this tutorial to sign up for Dsound which I am just now realizing is an alternative to soundcloud.

As an electronic music producer and blockchain fanatic myself, this is very exciting!

thank you , there is a lot to learn on using Steemit.... :)

Great guide! I bet this is useful for the people who have not yet figured out how to access these keys :) Thanks for writing this!

Hi @rgeddes - I just had a win 10 update and I can no longer log in to my wallet, I can post ok and send replies, but when I go to my wallet there is no permissions tab - Wallet window wants me to log in again but the auto permissions fill is not auto-filling the login - and as I lost my book of saved login info - any suggestions?

Very good, but how do I change it to a password I can remember. Also can I change the original Log in password that was created to another one I can remember. If so how?

Unfortunately its not possible.. Steemit uses really long keys for everything - thats why I made this guide ;)

I was also wondering if a shorter password was possible. Thanks for clearing this up.

Thanks for the post. This helped me in finding the private key easily.

Thank you very much! this was so useful. I'm new to Steem and this helped me sign into Dtube. love the comunity and glad to be here to support it!

thank you so much, your post help me to find private posting key

Thank's I was confused about it when I tried to login to DTUBE. Awesome explaination :)

Thanks! I wrote a bunch of step by step tutorials for various things on Steemit.. the post never made that much - but its got close to 6k views ;)

I see some apps requesting this key. I assume it is a security risk to give this out?

Its a risk to give any information out - however - if your key is compromised in some way - you are easily able to change your keys (as long as you dont give out your master key). I don't ever recall reading about an app being accused of stealing/compromising data. Its a really small community so I wouldn't be over-concerned about it.

Very usefull article. You explaine quiet simply.

Thanks! I am glad older posts are still useful to people :)

Thank you! Couldn't figure this out, so this post really helped a ton.

Very helpful - thank you!

This post has new life!

Thanks for help. This post really help me! :)

Thanks @rgeddes,
I was wanting to sign up for dtube using steamconnect, but I was leary about giving out my passcode. This helped me understand what I needed to do.

upvoted. now a question about upvoting. Did I just waste our time? I see this has already paid out. Will it ever pay out again? 599 votes and it's only been worth $7.65. ??? That doesn't make much sense to this newbie...

Very helpful my friend Im sure there are lots of people wondering how to find that private key you are a great asset to the Steemit community thanks agian keep up the good work.... good luck and blessings on your journey to the top

Thanks so much for this post, it really helped me @rgeddes

Very useful.Upvoted and followed.

thanks! very usefull!

Great post. Saved my life. Thanks and followed.

Thanks. It helped me to get into Dtube.

Thank you! i nedded this info to login Dtube! ;)

Thanks mate. Now i am able to login to dtube.

Thank you!! Really saved me some time in finding the private key!

Pretty much everyone should come here next after registering with Steemit, been trying to figure out how to login mobile and Dtube for a minute. Thanks!

Thank you very much Mr. @rgeddes, this was really helpful for my DTube account!

Wallet tab is not there anymore ?

Thanks so much for this post, @rgeddes - it was very helpful as I couldn't find my key when trying to access DTube for the first time!

Thanks for the help, I logged into dTube for the first time thanks to this!

Thank you for your post. I've only been here for a few days, and I was wondering why I couldn't logon to dtube.

Very helpful! Thanks for sharing!

Very helpful, thanks for posting this.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for this, it was really easy and useful guide

Thanks, very easy to follow

Thanks so much, sometimes you just need a really simple guide! Took me 7 articles, but I found you!

Clear, easy, useful. Thanx!

Thanks very much. I tried logging into DTube and was lost, until I found your post. Cheers.

This is post is going to help a lot of new users for a long time to come! Thanks for posting this!!

Great post ....many thanks!

Very Helpfull!

What I was Looking For!!!

I do that and still it says user doesn't exist, lame if you ask me

I have read some posts about getting the posting key, but your post @rgeddes is the clearest and easiest to understand. Thanks and well done!


Thank you for the post it was very helpful !

See i cannot thank you steemit buddies enough.
I'm new on steemit and it seems all my problems have been experienced by someone before who solved it and recognizing the universality of this problem, he made the solution available for all to get the benefit of it. It's an important lesson I've learnt here on steemit. Indeed "i'm sitting under a shade because someone planted a tree years ago" - warren buffet ....So let's all start planting steemians

Your post is very much helpful. Take a salute from my heart brother. @mohammadrasel

This was very helpful. Thank you for posting this "Step by Step" - this was perfect for someone who is just starting out (Day 1)

Thanks for the step-by-step guide. It was easy to follow. I would never have found it on my own. Cheers! Sandra

Thank you so much.

i really tired and i am not able to access my d tube account.

Thanks once again.

Very helpful, thanks a lot.

Thanks for the help. Love this site.

wow great thanks a lot ♥

you're the man dude. thanks for the help.

thanks for sharing... now i can use DTube!!

This was a helpful guide! Thanks for the help.

Upvoted and followed.

Thanks, my guy!

Thank for the super clear instructions but tried to use this to log into DTube and it wouldn't work, perhaps a glitch with DTube...

So easy, yet so hard to get to it, thanks!

Muchas gracias 👍🏻

Really helpful!

Thank you very much, this just saved me!

As newbie, this advice and directions are invaluable - thanks so much @rgeddes

Thank so much that was helpful

It was really helpful. Thanks. :)

Very helpful. Thanks so much.

Thank you for your guide!!

I love you @rgeddes

so is this okay to have my video on youtube and Dtube both..will the youtube monetisation effect?

Thanks for the very helpful post @rgeddes. I'm now following you. Please keep posting such useful stuff !

Obrigado ! ajudou o brasileiro perdido !

Thank you, this was very good explained. best regards

Thank you! Very helpful!

I am a little surprised they don't have these in a section in the FAQ and introduction. I had to search for the answer when I saw that you could even create different keys. This is an important concept to understand. What I also would like to know is what is the original password that I created - is that the private key to the owner key? A lot of people are probably signing up to without a lot of crypto and security background, and even someone with a security background I had to search for the info. I would have expected it to show up in the email I got when I set up my password - or on the instruction page when I finished the password set up. Also, links to it from the password change page...

Thanx this was great! I wish I could resteem it. There should be a fix for that glitch, for really informative or fabulous articles.

Thanx Homie, really helped me. was helpful

Hi, I'm new on steemit for the purpose to support a free youtube-ish platform, so I tried to sign up at It really confused me, that I couldn't sign up with my password, wich steemit generated safely. I searched for the tag "private posting key" and found this article.
it was really really helpful, so the first thing i did was to upvote it.
now I'm gonna explore and support other good content.

thanks again,

I was looking for posting key since this morning. Good thing I found your post tonight. I can log in to my steepshot. Thank you. This post is indeed helpful

Thanks for posting this!!

Very thorough. Great job!

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