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Here's the list of projects I'm currently maintaining for STEEM.


  • gem - These are ruby libraries that you can include in your project. Useful for developers who write ruby apps.
  • bot - A more sophisticated tool that can typically be used by power users without having to understand ruby. Usually fire-and-forget.
  • script - Less sophisticated, usually run-once tasks.
  • webapp - A full web application that runs on the rails platform.
  • plugin - A mountable engine for rails applications.


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Damn! You got quite the catalog. Way to go ;)


Docker images next ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?


Yes, I have only done one docker so far. It was a precursor to Dr. Doogie, but it was pre-configured to trail @banjo.

I do intend to release docker images. But I want to encourage people who can install without it to do so because it tends to be a lot easier to debug.


You're a mess.


I know.


De rossz neved van. Nem szoktak csúfolni vele?


Makes sense!

Thanks a lot for your contributions, it was pretty fun setting up luckyluke last night.

Thanks a ton for this!!

Seems like you're quite busy with it! Nice to see this small update on what you're working on. Good luck!

The best nice

like and voted

Is there any way to chart the steem market?

So you weren't playing games?

Man... you're over here putting in some serious, impressive work, and here I am, sitting in steemspeak discussing the meaning of life, and debunking flat earthers...

Moral of the story: Be more like inertia.

Hello @inertia I saw this radiator very amazing revelution on steemit platform for steem maybe.
Steem always be good thing in crypto.
Thanks for sharing this one. Iam a traveller but I must to resteem your blog. Its look amazing to me. Upvoted and follow is my loyality for you. Good luck sir.


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Hello, @inertia,

I just "discovered" you today and have stopped in to ask a question or two.

I have been tremendously frustrated because the Steemit UI disables the Edit function on posts after only a week. It used to be a month, and the unfulfilled hype around HF17 promised that it would be enabled permanently.

Can you possibly help me? I feel that I have good and sufficient reasons for wanting to edit my older posts, and would welcome any kind of tool or work-around that might make that possible.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to offer.




My understanding is that the edit functionality was added, but that witnesses have to support it, or something. So there's still work to do on this.


I greatly appreciate your reply...

Who, if anyone, might I get in touch with in order to expedite this? :D

love your work! thanks for sharing the.

These codes are for connoisseurs!😳

Thank for sherink for informationt..

Nice will be looking into what can be done with these bots :)

Good stuff m8

Hello @inertia.

I had a problem with booster today. I sent 20 and it was neither refunded nor did it give me a vote. I way you are on @booster's payroll so I thought I could ask you.
image :

I like your post. Im from indonesia.

Wow well done, you really got some skills.