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RE: Qurator - UPDATE - Cheaper Tier Access and Increased Registration fee.

in #qurator3 years ago

I was wondering (ok, I can practically feel you rolling your eyes right now, but hear me out) what if I fulfill multiple requirements for a tier, would that qualify me for a bonus level up? For example, if I delegate 200 SP and upvote the Daily Qurator 7 times in a week, both tier 2 requirements, would I perhaps qualify for tier 3 (if you keep shaking your head like that, your gonna hurt your neck)?


Hahaha, so funny. Good question @gregory-f.

Will let @gingerninja or @scrooger answer that :D

We don't roll our eyes, we do 3 backflips and then sit down again. Hehe. (seriously though we are chilled and always willing to listen to suggestions/ideas)

9 Days... I was expecting this question for 9 days. =) The answer is yes, we will bump you up. Delegations and upvotes will bump you up in tiers. We will only be doing this for direct delegations. Not the Steem based lease delegations. Feel free to talk to @scrooger to get more details on this =)

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