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RE: Qurator - UPDATE - Cheaper Tier Access and Increased Registration fee.

in #qurator3 years ago

A question from a noob. Where in discord shall I go? What channel or server? Please put a link to make it easier for a noob like me, if you don't mind.
Thank you very much


Currently the Discord channel is only for registered members. =) We normally share the link in Discord PM or after a user registered.

I just want to see if I qualify to be a member but I don't know which channel to find @scrooger or @gingerninja on Discord or I am registered on discord PAL and I am also using just don't know how and where to contact @scrooger or @gingerninja to be reviewed


Will PM you one

We did however go ahead and reviewed your account, all looks good! You can go ahead and send the registration fee so we can register you. =)

Just sent my registration fee thank you very much

Hi! How can I contact you?

A debt of gratitude is in order for what you are doing. I have not yet sufficiently earned SBD to join but rather when I arrive, @qurator be my first stop.

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