A minnows guide to start using Steemvoter.com | And how to setup rules to automate some of your posts!

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Hello,and welcome to a quick and easy guide to setup your very first steemvoter account,and get some of those votes automated!

This guide will be divided into 3 sections(parts) namely:

  • PART 1 (Register a steemvoter account)
  • PART 2 (Linking your steemit account)
  • PART 3 (Creating rules to automate some of your votes).
    If you already have an steemvoter account,please feel free to jump straight to PART 3 and see how to setup rules for your votes =)

- PART 1(Register a steemvoter account) -

To get started, head to the steemvoter website by clicking here or typing in and searching "steemvoter.com" in any browser.

Once you you opened the steemvoter link,your web browser will look the same as the image above.

Now let's get that account of yours registered!

Hit the "Sign up" button,located in the top right corner.

After hitting the button,a pop up screen will appear to get your account registered by filling in some personal details.

Choose a username and password for your new account

After filling in your details, hit "Sign up" again.

Now it is time to confirm your email address

Steemvote will now send you a OTP(one time pin) to your email address...log into your email address,and "copy & paste" it into the required field.

Hit "Sign in" once again to confirm your email address

Your email address should now be registered,proceed to the login screen.

Retype the details you entered on the sign up page to log into your steemvoter account for the first time!

Hit "login" and BOO...!...Accept the terms and conditions first.....

Please feel free and take the time to read through the terms and conditions,to fully understand the services you will be using after linking your steemit account!

When you are ready, hit "I AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS" to proceed to your account!

And BOOM!...you are the proud owner of one brand new steemvoter account!

You have now registered and successfully logged into your steemvoter account , however you will need to link your steemit account for it to manage and automate your votes!...

- PART 2(Linking your steemit account) -

To get your steemit account linked,hit "add acount" at the top right corner of the screen.

Now enter your steemit account name and password.


You will need your private posting key to link your steemit account,so head to your steemit profile and click on "wallet".

Click on "permissions"

Click on "show private key" on the right hand side of your posting key.

Copy your private posting key

Now that you have your private key copied,head back to the steemvoter website,

Paste your private key in the second field.

Hit "add new account" to proceed.

After hitting "add new account" you will be shown a screen with your account name,and a "pending" status next to it.

Your account will be in a pending status for a few minutes,until it is accepted and linked with your account.

After a few minutes your account will recieve a "active" status

Congratulations! Your steemit account is now linked and registered to your steemvoter account!Now the final step will be to setup rules to make your votes automatic =).

- PART 3(Creating rules to automate some of your votes) -

To get your rules setup, hit "rules" on the top right of the screen"

After clicking on "rules",the following screen will appear:


Variables that you can change:

  • Author of post to vote on: Enter the username of the the users's who's posts you want to upvote,starting with the "@" symbol.
  • Account name: If you have more than one steemit account setup on steemvoter,select which one you want to apply the rule to.
  • Vote power percentage: Select the % upvote weight you want to use on each vote.
  • Vote delay in minutes: enter the period of time you want to vote after the post has been released.

Make sure that the Untitled.png box is checked before moving on.

Hit the "save rule" button once you are ready to move on.


If everthing went as planned,you will now have a new rule saved to your account,that will appear on your list like this:


And there you go!! Now you can vote for your favourite steemians ,even while you are not active!


Here are some links you might like to visit:

Contact me directly on DISCORD (user name: @gingerninja(suddenforce) )

Thank you very much for reading,please remember to leave an up vote if you enjoyed this post.




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Thanks for putting this guide together – I have upvoted and followed you. :-)

A couple questions:

  • What are the benefits of automating votes? Does it increase your reputation, etc?
  • Does steemit have any penalties for using tools like this? (or other services?)

hey @ajillie, automating votes will mostly help for curating when you are not online,aswell as maximizing your curation...And there are no penalties(i think so) there are alot of pay-for-vote systems in place,aswell as other dedicated vote automation sites like streemian.com ....Everyone is using these services for support on their content :D


It would be very interesting to run a poll and have steemit users vote on whether they are using a "pay-for-vote" or automated services of some kind. I would love to increase my followers or reputation, but so far I'm committed to doing thing manually to make sure I have real growth.


Yes the pay for vote systems are everywhere now, some like them, some hate them. If you use them right they can give you some good profits. Use them wrong and you are losing money. It does however give a false perception of success on the platform. Making your posts look so much better than it actually is.

Using them early on could give you a nice boost for your rep and that in turn will make you more noticeable by other users. All up to personal preferences.


@ajlillie we all start manually first to get to know the platform...later on give the automation systems a try,to see which one fits you :D


Thank you @gingerninja and @sdicuration for the input, good to know!


I am new and getting a little overwhelmed with the bots and additional websites to use. I am not big with computer talk or tech language so it gets to be a little to much. can you refer me to some of the non paid voting people that seem to work like I see @minnowpond seems to provide my posts with attention. Do you know of any others that are not spam or scams? @sdicuration


Hi @ginger are there auto upvoters that
do not have such a high ongoing taxation rate (10% of my increasing ability for wealth creation feels wy to much) maybe just have a one off fee for buying the use of it?

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This is a real hassle. I set everything up, I wrote down everything as I was entering it.
I clicked log in, and it said Log in Error
I carefully re-typed everything and got LOG IN ERROR
Then I clicked "Forgot Password" they send me a Temporary PW.
I Input my username, then the Temporary PW, and I got Log In Error
So I tried my email, and the temp PW, Log in Error
I clicked 'forgot Password' again, got ANOTHER temp,
Came back and inserted that, and got....you guessed it.


In the meantime, I had gotten an email "too many failed log in attempts"

So now what do I do? @gingerninja?


Hey @jerrytsuseer, sorry for the late reply =)The best will be to to join the steemvoter support channel here: https://discord.gg/ppTBEVC those guys will help you very fast ;D


Been there, done that @gingerninja, like 4 days ago,

gave my user name, email, secret question answer to one of the support people,
not heard a word since.


Here is the exchange @gingerninja
Tech Trends - Last Wednesday at 3:33 AM
@tsuseer send me your steemvoter and steemit username along with your email and security question with answer in inbox

tsuseer - Last Wednesday at 9:00 AM
@Tech Trends , I just sent you a message in DM, not sure if that is where you meant. I didn't send the info, because I wasn't sure.

(But I DID go back and send the info)


Hmmm that is very strange...try them one more time @jerrytsuseer maybe someone else is there to help you out this time :D


Okay, here it is days later, I had to back track to find my way back to the link.
I used the original username, clicked 'forgot pw' got a temp, logged in (YAY) and put in the PW that I originally had there (I think).
Now, I am at the place where I am to set up rules (still pending but...)
I've forgotten, do I have to delegate SPower or SBD to this first?
Please help a little more @gingerninja


Hey jerry, if it is pending now, you are almost setup! =) Sorry for the late reply, so I hope it is working now....You dont have to transfer any funds for it to work, as it is a free service.They do have premium membership though.

If it is still pending up until you read this comment, just pop into the support channel here https://discord.gg/ppTBEVC and notify them for further assistance


I DID go to the support channel, and made a post, but just after
Doing so, I went back to check and it was no longer pending.🔑
I now have several rules installed with some automatic
Upvoting, one of them being qurator. All of them are
Small, I am cautious and timid about such as this 🐢
But @qurator gets the largest of them all. 👄
Thanks @gingerninja

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What is that Guild checkbox? The Steemvoter trail? That should be better switched off, right?

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Very good explanation, I hadn't heard of this one. I use Streemian and I've heard of autosteem. Those two have built in fees. Is there any charge for using steemovter? Thanks,


Thank you @cryptastic :) Steemvoter has a basic use,where you get to setup maximum 3rules on your votes....the premium edition however allows you to setup up to 500...(it think for 3SBD per month)....I mostly use streemian,just recently discovered steemvoter :D

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I am not big with computers and don't understand much tech talk can you explain the safety using steemvoter. I think I understand the basics of how it works but since you have to upload your private steemit password key along with your steemit name doesn't this lead to the possibility of account theft. And since the accounts hold a monetary value wouldn't it be more enticing to hackers. I am not good with how coding works but maybe you would be able to explain to me in basic terms. Thanks @gingerninja


Hey @isteemithard =)
On steemit we have multiple keys that perform multiple funtions..your private posting key is the one used to sign votes.If a criminal gets access to your private key,they will only be able to vote from out your account.They will need your main password in order to steal your funds etc...Steemvoter is also a trusted site with thousands of steemit members using it on a daily basis :D

Also I see accounts like @randowhale , @booster and @minnowsupport

Are these good to use for members like me trying to learn and grow?


Those accounts are known as voting bots here on steemit. Not everyone here on steemit likes the idea of bots upvoting steemit post...But these pay for vote bots have some great benefits like profits and exposure to your post :D

Example: If you send lets say 2SBD to @booster, you will receive an upvote from the bot,aswell as from a few other users front running @booster(I recommend checking out their blogs to better understand) .This also give a boost to your posts exposure and might bring in more votes and comments from the community...All depending on the post quality and originality itself.


@gingerninja, do I have to pay, transfer anything or delegate something for my
Steemvoter account to be able to work?


i think you just have to create a new account from scratch

Just saw this post. by far one of the best and simplest explanations for dodos like me! thanks!
following you in the hope of learning lots more. not sure whether i am on the right track and doing all this right or not! thanks @gingerninja

Hey! Thanks for the good guide! I dont understand why to use it tough.. I mean how can you vote for something you didnt even read?

I know this article is old but what can we do if we don't receive the email containing the PIN for registration? I checked my spam filter and It says I can't create a new account because the username is already in use.