Qurator's Toss Up Thursday #35 - Free-for-All Promotion Competition!

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Welcome to another Toss up Thursday where you give us your post, the members pick the winners and we hand out those sweet upvotes! Are you ready? Comment away!

Welcome to the 35th Toss Up Thursday Edition - brought to you by the Qurator Project. We have Photo Friday and Tasty Tuesday, but what about all the other content that Qurites produce? We want you all to get more recognition for all your hard work. Thus, we are introducing Toss Up Thursday. This is a free-for-all, anything-goes kind of competition, with a few Qurator twists of course!

Toss Up Thursday will be held on every Thursday. This is your chance as a Qurite to nominate any post that you feel is quality writing and needs some Qurite love!

Come promote anything and everything!

We can ask all members to “toss up” another member's recent post. The rules can be a bit tricky so read them carefully! The short of it all is, showing support and upvoting other Qurites' comments in this post will give them a better chance of winning!

The rules

  • 3 winners every Toss Up Thursday.

  • Nominators have to post a link and a picture of your post(or the person you nominated). (ONLY 1 ENTRY PER QURITE)

  • The comment with the HIGHEST number of upvotes will win (not value)!

  • ONLY UPVOTES FROM QURATOR MEMBERS WILL COUNT. (Your own upvote counts as well ;) )

  • Deadline for upvotes is when this post reaches payout

  • Tag your friends to come take part

How do we pick a winner?

The three comments with the MOST Qurite UPVOTES when this post reaches payout will win upvotes from @qurator


1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
50% upvote
30% upvote
15% upvote

Upvotes will be sent to most recent post/comment without a @qurator upvote.

So how do you enter?

Copy and paste a link and picture link from one of your recent posts. Then hope you get a lot of upvotes on that comment. Please remember only the upvotes from Qurator members will count.

Comment template that you can copy and paste in the comment section to make it easier for yourself:


### <center>[POST-TITLE](POST-LINK)</center>

Let the Toss Up begin and may the best Qurites win! Comment and upvote away!

Winners of Toss up Thursday #34:

Pretty slow week, but we did see some rather nice entries with good upvotes. Here are your winners!

1st place goes to @criptonotas - 50% upvote!

2nd place goes to @wisejg - 30% upvote!

3rd place goes to @bxlphabet - 15% upvote!

Congrats and enjoy! Thanks for taking part!

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@qurator, here's my entry for this week:

MOVIE REVIEW: "Aladdin" (2019)

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