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Are you an exceptional steemian? Do you post almost every day? Do you write quality content to share with others on the platform? And finally... are you a Qurite/member of @qurator? Well then.. do we have a new special feature JUST FOR YOU! It is YOUR time to SHINE!

EVERY Wednesday @qurator will be posting the Shining Qurite of the Week which will spotlight a member who is active, posts quality content (almost) daily, comments on others' posts on the platform and is an exemplary steemian. We will be featuring a minimum of three of the Shining Qurite's posts from the last few days in this weekly highlight post and will be sending them extra upvotes/rewards from our accounts.
. Their tier will also be upgraded to T6 if they are below T6.

Upvote weights for the next week will come from:

@qurator 10%.
@qurator-tier-1-2 20%
@qurator-tier-0 20%

If you are not the Shining Qurite of the week, that's alright... you may be next week! Just keep posting quality work, continue supporting @qurator & your fellow Qurites, and perhaps you'll see your name in the SPOTLIGHT one Wednesday soon. But until then, let's see who is this week's Shining Qurite.

REMEMBER to support other members and comment!

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ presents:


Christmas Tea In June

One of my Christmas presents from my daughter and son-in-law last year was an afternoon tea for two at 'Cakes the Difference' in Patcham, Brighton.
To make it extra special I decided to take Rebecca as my plus one and after a wonderful tea we spent a couple of hours in town together. This is a rare treat for me since she doesn't have much spare time what with working and having two young kids.

Buzzing Bondi Beach

It's not the usual view most people would expect of Sydney, that being one containing the Harbour Bridge or the Opera House, but Bondi Beach is also a part of the city and offers an equally beautiful view I think.
I took these photographs at the end of the Coogee to Bondi walk which is 6 Km of stunning views, beaches, parks, cliffs, bays and rock pools

Tree Tuesday- Colourful Flowers

Last week for @old-guy-photos Tree Tuesday's initiative I posted a selection of differently coloured tree canopies. This week I thought I'd post an assortment of differently coloured tree flowers and blossoms
Looking at these shots I'm noticing that spring and early summer are the time for flowering trees. Now they seem to be predominantly green, although the one outside my window has red berries on it

The Shining Qurite Wall of Fame

Since we will be featuring a Shining Qurite each week we are going to start the Shining Qurite Wall where all the featured members will be placed. A great place for all steemians to find exceptional Qurites to follow. If you are a Shining Qurite, feel free to use your badge in your posts, you deserve it. =)


The Qurator project is brought to you by:

@scrooger | @boontjie | @goldendawne | @ewkaw | @ackhoo | @brumest | @stresskiller | @blacklux

For more information about the Qurator Project and how to join click HERE

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Wow. What a wonderful surprise @qurator. Thank you so much @goldendawne for picking me to be the very first Shining Qurite. I'm almost speechless!

This is motivation indeed for me to keep on keeping on with what I'm doing, especially when it feels a bit harder these days with fewer people around and less engagement.

I've been meaning to create a footer ever since I joined Steemit last December but never got around to it. I wasn't sure what to put in it but you can be certain I'll be adding my badge, with pride, from now on.

What a great design job!

Thank you also for the upvotes. I noticed them on an earlier post and thought @qurator was just having a funny five minutes! 😂

They will be very much appreciated.

Thank you again. I feel very honoured! 💙

You're VERY welcome!!!!

Congrats, Gillian. Well deserved.

Thank you @indigoocean. That's very kind of you to say so. 😍

I congratulate You ! You're doing a good job. This is a well-deserved reward!

Thank you @madlenfox and thanks, as always for your support. I very much appreciate it. 😍

Congrats with being the first shining qurite! I've never come across your blog until now, but now I followed you, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the first shining qurite has to offer us ;)

Thank you @vlath.

Thank you for following. I hope you enjoy my posts. 😊

Wonderful initiative @goldendawne, I love it! Congrats @gillianpearce, you have a new follower, looking forward for your posts 😊

That's exciting to hear @starjewel. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy my posts and will feel inspired to join in the conversation. 😊

Thank you very much @blacklux. It is an honour indeed! 😁

Congratulations @gillianpearce! Definitely well deserved recognition of one of the community's most active and engaging members!


Thank you very much @curatorcat. That's very kind of you. 😍

Congratulations!! You are a shining start on this platform!!

Great choice! Well-deserved success Gillian! :)

Thank you @phortun. I appreciate it! 😍

hello, congratulations, beautiful, you deserve it
Happy Thursday

thank you @txatxy. I apprecaite your saying so 😁

@gillianpearce Well done and congratulations, you certainly deserved it! Blessings and upvoted!

Thank you @papilloncharity. I appreciate it! 😊

Thank you @papilloncharity. I appreciate it! 😊

@qurator, good idea, thanks and good luck!
@gillianpearce, congratulation!

Congratulations @gillianpearce! Well done :)

Thank you for your congratuaations @lizelle. That's kind of you to take the trouble to leave a comment. 😊

Thats something to consider. I will wait for those 4 Steem to apply ;)

Nice entries!

upvoted pls upvote my post