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RE: Qurator's Shining Qurite #1 | @gillianpearce

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Wow. What a wonderful surprise @qurator. Thank you so much @goldendawne for picking me to be the very first Shining Qurite. I'm almost speechless!

This is motivation indeed for me to keep on keeping on with what I'm doing, especially when it feels a bit harder these days with fewer people around and less engagement.

I've been meaning to create a footer ever since I joined Steemit last December but never got around to it. I wasn't sure what to put in it but you can be certain I'll be adding my badge, with pride, from now on.

What a great design job!

Thank you also for the upvotes. I noticed them on an earlier post and thought @qurator was just having a funny five minutes! 😂

They will be very much appreciated.

Thank you again. I feel very honoured! 💙


You're VERY welcome!!!!

Congrats, Gillian. Well deserved.

Thank you @indigoocean. That's very kind of you to say so. 😍

I congratulate You ! You're doing a good job. This is a well-deserved reward!

Thank you @madlenfox and thanks, as always for your support. I very much appreciate it. 😍

Congrats with being the first shining qurite! I've never come across your blog until now, but now I followed you, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the first shining qurite has to offer us ;)

Thank you @vlath.

Thank you for following. I hope you enjoy my posts. 😊

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