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RE: "'Q' is fake" - "Baker" Comes Clean

in #qanon3 years ago

That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people all along with this Q thing. Do not follow it blindly and be careful if people like Jerome Corsi have hijacked the movement to make money off of it.

I am grateful for it in a way though. I have friends who were totally asleep, look into Q to discover pizzagate, other human trafficking and all sorts of government corruption. While people shouldn’t be fooled by it, I am glad that it played a part in waking people up.


Really? I hope it is true that it “woke” people up. I personally do not know anyone outside the box of already “woke” or semi “woke” who have, to this day, even heard of Q. I feel it hurt the semiwoke folks, seriously turned some of them into war hawks, trust the plan, crap. I really hate the term “woke “ I really do. I can’t see Q followers or Corsi or anyone harking for war as “ Woke”. Some of these people are calling themselves “truthers”. Hahahahaha. Well, that is just my take, I could be wrong.

I agree with you. I'm just saying that it woke up a couple of my friends and then I was able to direct them away from the disinformation that guys like Corsi pushed.

I agree 100% - I think what whoever Q was did something good overall by waking those who read up.

Regardless of if he/she is real or not, they led people (like myself) to do their own research and make some wild connections that are intriguing and sometimes legit.

With all this said, the pretext that Trump is GEOTUS is madness. His actions disprove this (bombing Syria, pulling out of Iran deal).

Exactly. All I'm saying is that it helped wake a couple of my friends up and from there, I was able to direct them from the disinformation that shills pushed.

I found the opposite was also true. Made people lazy, complacent, research less as much, sychophantic, inflexible, and eventually jaded.

I agree with this as well, I think anyone who is still blindly following Q unconditionally falls into this category.

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