pushup - minimum bid: 1 STEEM or SBD

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Push your post UP with @pushup bot!

From now on minimum bid is 1 STEEM or SBD.

Minimum bid had to be raised because too many bids were coming in and it was causing problems. Fewer bids per round will help bidders get their pushups sooner.

Current 100% @pushup ~ $750, every 2.5 hours.
Minimum bid: 1 STEEM or SBD.
Copy url in memo.
Post must be less than 6 days old.

Joy bids 5 SBD.
Alice bids 2 SBD.
Tim bids 3 SBD.
Total bids: 10 SBD
Joy gets 50% @pushup.
Alice gets 20% @pushup.
Tim gets 30% @pushup.

Bot tracker has a bid calculator and shows when it is good time to bid.

For support contact pushup#7678 on Discord or leave a comment below.

Hi there @pushup! Just wanted to checkup on the status of a boosted post vote I have yet to receive from you. I used steembottracker.com and put in my bid around 40 minutes ago, but have yet to see the boost.

I noticed that my bid didn't show up under the "Last Round" tab either. Thanks in advance for looking into this for me!

Looks like your bid was refunded, not entirely sure why. Please try again.

Cool, got it. Thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks for update

Your bid could not be accepted and was refunded. Post must be less than 6 days old for a @pushup.

FYI steemit is having major issues. My bot has been commenting and sometimes not. Most of the time voting with the comment but sometimes not. @pushup commented but the upvote did not happen. Node issues right now suck... https://steemit.com/crypto/@steemthat/watch-the-new-1-minute-steemish-token-overview-video

Thanks for the warning. Your bid was refunded.

hey man, i paid 1.5sbd but never got my upvote! - cryptogrind transfer 1.500 SBD to pushup https://steemit.com/steemit/@cryptogrind/secret-societies-that-control-the-world-or-illuminati-o

dude i dont know why u have simply reposted my link, i see no upvote from u and im down by 1.5 sbd

Look again. That post got a @pushup 5 days ago.

@pushup: Hey Up there, your BOT has problems. I bid yesterday with a post 0 days old. In fact, I published and bid. And I have not get nor the Upvote nor the refund. What is going on??

Comment | @justinomora07:34
Body @pushup: Yesterday I Bid 2 SBD to one of my posts and it was never upvoted. I don´t know if you are down or what? But it is the first time you miss upvoting me. Either Upvote or return my 2 SBD

Amount 2.000 SBD Yesterday, 21:06
Memo https://steemit.com/jobs/@justinomora/job-search-vs-company-industry-research

Yes, sorry there were some network problems and your bid did not get processed. I refunded it. Please try again.

can i get a check on a bid i put i that hasn't come through yet please, its been over 6hrs ago, did it just before going to sleep and wake up to no joy, lol. thanks in advance

I am in the same situation it was the same bid that Mfxae, I did it around the same time, there are like 10 different users which did not get their vote. I bid 4 Steem for one post, since it failed I re-bid one hour later, but only one went through.

Which of your bids did not get a @pushup? Let me see the link please and I will check.

I have bid 2 times to you, the first was not voted and I tried again later for the same post. Thanks for checking!
Steem Bots 3.png

That post got a @pushup about 19 hours ago.

Can you see my comment with a picture, there are 2 different bids, can you please return my 4 steem which were not upvoted please!

Found your second bid. Refunded.

hi I am still waiting for the refund made 2 payments for one post, only got one... Steem Bots 3.png

Found your second bid. Refunded.

Your bid was refunded. Please try again.

Thank you very much for your time to correct this for me.

great update @pushup

cool bot

That is good news @pushup

I am send you 4 hours ago 0.700 sbd for 7 post. but you are not upvote my post. plezz refund my sbd.

Your bids were refunded.

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