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What a milestone for The Writers’ Block!

Yesterday, UPS delivered the first proof copy of High Kill, soon to be our maiden book launch in the U.S. and English-speaking international markets. This is a big, big deal.

This is the version our editors will scour for formatting flaws, grammatical mistakes, and typos. They’ll make sure every page is printed properly, that each heading is perfect, and pagination correct. If all is well, a second round of proof copies will be sent to test readers and several people we have contacted for professional endorsement. This proof copy will launch our three-month run with Netgalley. It marks a major turning point in the course Steemhouse Publishing has set for the future of its authors and staff on the Steem blockchain.

For those who have been watching our business plan come together, this is the first tangible evidence that we’re not peddling vaporware. This novel was conceived, created, and perfected by a team of Steem users and investors, with new talent coming on board as recently as Steemfest 3 in Krakow. Every detail, from inception to authorship to cover creation to manuscript formatting was contributed by Steemians. We outsourced nothing, right up until the point we submitted the files for print-on-demand publishing. It’s quite an achievement and we are proud of this effort beyond what words can express.

Other than the process explained above, our next step is to engineer a Kickstarter project. This, too, will be a major undertaking, and we’re making a big ask. We need seed money to start this business right, and we need it quickly. This is one of the few projects in the Steem community that produces an actual, tangible product that can be marketed and sold in the mainstream. We know investors are out there. We just have to find them.

Stay tuned for updates!

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This is such a huge achievement. It has been an amazing education to watch the process of moving a novel from final story to a book proof. Congratulations!


Jayna, it has truly been an extraordinary journey. And it hasn't begun in earnest, either. Much to look forward to!

progress... slow steady ever onward

Brilliant news! Exciting news for the whole blockchain. Congratulations @thewritersblock

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That's exciting news. Congrats!

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YAY!!! The cover looks fabulous. This is a huge step, congrats! ;)

That is very exciting! What a fantastic effort!

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Great accomplishment to all who contributed! Hope to be a part of the next steps! Steemian-Power!


We are quite glad to have you with us!

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As a NetGalley reviewer, I'll be one of the first to promote it. :)