The Gift And The Curse...

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One of the most humbling challenges of the human experience is none other than health.

These bodies are frail.

All kinds of things can - and do - go wrong with them.

Whether a matter of neglect and abuse through poor lifestyle and diet choices, "genetic predisposition," "soul contracts," there's a myriad of components of our body systems that break down over time. Regardless of whether the root cause is (various forms of) stress or a lack of effectively-allocated energy to fuel the healing process, it's nearly inevitable that we're all bound to encounter some sort of health challenges that rob us of our youthful naivety that once fostered a sense of invincibility.

Dealing with these challenges can be pretty hard at times. But, either deal with or submit to them, we must.

While living in Bali, I consulted a vedic astrologer. He told me I might be inclined towards some sort of nervous issues/disorder...

Since then, the light of that insight has shone into crevices of memory and brought clarity to self-reflections that the truth in what he may of meant - and more importantly, how it has already and is playing out.

Throughout my twenties, I knew I was often a bit "neurotic." Though to be honest, I really didn't know what that meant. Nor did I look too deeply into it to gain a greater understanding.

I sensed there was some issues, and I did seek answers - though mostly, in the realms of personal development, psychology, and spirituality. I approached it logically - rather disconnected from my body and the dynamics of what was actually happening within it. I felt I was somehow "broken" and sought the information that would enable me to "fix" myself so I could get on with my plans and worldly ambitions.

Yet paradoxically, I had still kinda been in denial.

Though I could recognize "the neurosis," I remained detached from the condition as much as possible - most often distracting myself to keep focused on the outside rather than what was going on in the inside. (I suppose that's a purpose my indulgence in all the conspiracy theory stuff served for years - enabling me to project the inner chaos outwards into a consensual storyline to avoid owning up to where the real source of conflict lay).

Otherwise, I had typically been in good health. And I wanted to believe that so much, I refused to fully look at and accept my own greatest weaknesses and limits.

So, I coped.

It's really hard - if not impossible - to tell just how far back something was up. Perhaps part of the reason I smoked weed everyday for a decade from 14 on wasn't just to get high, but a unconscious form of self-medication.

And mainly, I kept busy.

Whatever the condition has been, it's always been like my nervous system has been cranked up to overdrive. So, I channelled that intense energy best I could - whether into guitar and music, or writing, or snowboarding, or borderline-narcisstic ambition for wordly success.

It did, has, and does serve constructively at times - if channeled responsibily and wisely.

Though, it also has and does have its shadow side.

For instance, the fierce drive to study intensely and pursue unprecedented depths of knowledge fuelled many transformative, enriching discoveries. And, it also sent me off on alot of tangents. (The hell of the conspiracy theory camp. Extremist "spiritual" and health dogmas. Marketing & entrepreneurship subcultures. All sorts of domains where I invested much - and further detracted myself from doing the most important of inner works).

And, the "addictive personality."

I never took on the conventional addictions. (Though at least the second half of the decade I was smoking weed daily, there were far less benefits than the first - so that might have been one "addiction," if not merely mental more than physical). But, those addictive patterns played themselves out ridiculously in all kinds of ways.

Obsessively downloading and organizing music. Studying. Journaling. These were the obvious ones. But of course, there were the diversions into excessive junk foods, porn, self-righteous egotistic judgement of everything and everyone, business planning, social media, and I can't even remember what else.

I subscribed to the beliefs systems of the capitalistic "hustler" destined for great wealth as a result of ceaseless sweat put into the vision, which served well to justify the intensity with which I channeled all the excess nervous energy into these activities and ventures.

But there are very few, if any, memories of ever being truly, simply relaxed.

the product of the addictive tendencies towards journaling: a decade worth's of scattered thoughts, business plans, philosophical & psychological ponderings - essentially, neurotic rambles.

To this day, it's still really fucking easy to completely forget about that whole fact for a while: that I am human, and this human body has it's flaws - particularly, its imbalances of the nervous system.

It can be so back-and-forth... from spinning out to clarity, feeling completely overloaded with sensory input to juiced up and able to see and process more information at once than could be typically accounted for in lifetimes.

It's a double-edged sword.

Some have noticed an unusual degree of genius that comes through my writing and music. That is the gift. But, no one sees the curse. Hell, I even hide it from myself most of the time.

I confess: some of the artistic output that comes through this body can be pretty fucking spectacular. However, the process of getting it out can be like hell at times. Not a smooth or easy ride.

There came a point where I had to abandon all the motivational dogma and "entrepreurial wisdom" or "goal-setting," "being disciplined with your time," etc - because I've come to learn: the body has its own agenda. Creative flow isn't something that can be consciously directed linearly all the time - its one aspect of a system that's far more complex than most could comprehend in a single sitting, and when the nervous system is running near its max, it doesn't take all that much to blow fuses and spiral out into somewhat of a mental-emotional clusterfuck with which nothing is gonna get productively done until slowing way the fuck down to defrage and process what's going on beneath the surface.

Note: there's truths in that last paragraph that are not unique to my situation, but are an accurate reflection of the processes we all are partaking in as souls learning to navigate this plane in these walking flesh suits.

And that is another upside of this particular nervous "disorder" thing-a-ma-jig.

It's taken me into the depths of details of psychological, physical, and metaphysical dynamics to grow a comprehensive perspective on how things work. (The Wealth Dynamics "Mechanic" profile with its systems-oriented insight couldn't be more accurate.)

And ultimately, the discovery of all these things unveiled through my journey has not been for the purpose of being put to use to "fix" myself. (Perhaps, because nothing was ever really "broken.") On the contrary, I've merely been a channel for them to pass through me - eventually, outward to serve.

And there's no way I could have ascended to that point of service had my nervous system not been continually pushed to and past its limits such that it could handle so fucking much.

(Or who knows. Maybe that's just a storyline I'm telling myself).

Sometimes, the pressure buildup - call it the physical charge in the nervous system, kundalini, or what you will - gets so intense, this body feels like a rocket ship making its way, engines blazing at peak, through the atmosphere, ascending towards the heavens of distant fucking galaxies. Yet, in those moments of instability, it gets questionable whether I’ll make it - or burst into combustion, as was the fate of the Challenger space shuttle.

Being in the driver’s seat of such a vehicle, there comes a point where there’s no longer room for error.

"The ancients believed that the experience of Sacred Geometry was essential to the education of the soul. They knew that these patterns and codes were symbolic of our own inner realm and the subtle structure of awareness. To them the “sacred” had particular significance involving consciousness and the profound mystery of awareness… the ultimate sacred wonder. Sacred Geometry takes on another whole level of significance when grounded in the experience of self-awareness." ~ source unknown

Comparatively to other serious nervous disorders, I'm still doing pretty good. (Although the challenge has compounded since a surf accident that resulted in an occasional pinched nerve).

Otherwise, I'm fortunate to be in pretty good health, and have a proper head on my shoulders to have worked out how to manage the body I'm in to optimize its performance in spite of its inherent weaknesses.

And that is another upside, gift, blessing, "blesson," etc of perhaps any illness.

It teaches us how to slow down and care for our bodies.

Whether we learn early, late, or a few lifetimes down the road - none of us get to escape the lessons and tests of becoming conscious and diligent in maintaining our health as best as possible through the appropriate nutritional alchemy, breathing, and body work (stretching, yoga, qi gong, massage, etc).

In a way, the illness is the teacher.

At least for myself, the outcome of whether my nervous condition is serving constructively or generating chaos comes down to a matter of me and my choices.

Could the condition be viewed as a disability? Perhaps, in some ways, at some times. Though through it, many abilities have also been activated.

And, I've been fortunate to have some excellent guidance educating on the critical necessity of utilizing certain key supplements at precise times to balance body chemistry, and have been growing a much deeper connection with the body, heeding its counsel to stretch, move, and breath in the ways required to keep energy flowing healthily.

Proper diet, movement, rest, and maintaining the adaptability to constantly allow the body to guide this ship rather than my mind - and health, wealth, and happiness are abundant.

But slip up... it's a quick, slippery slope back into a hell of an experience, for which there may be no words to begin describing.

Wrapping up...

Around one of the peaks of my neurosis around age 21 or 22, I had gotten pretty forceful imposing my ideas onto others, insisting that the health guidance I was learning should be what everyone else ought to be taking on as their truths as well - effectively projecting and avoid self-confrontation yet again. Of course, I eventually came to realize that was just bullshit.

None of us know what anyone else's exact challenges in life are. Thus, no one is perhaps rightly qualified to be giving precise advice tailor-fitted to our own journeys.

I could say that you "should" do this, that, eat better, exercise more, meditate, think positive, blah, blah, blah. But, I don't fucking know what's good for you. No one does except your own body. Just as no one can truly, completely understand what my experience is and what my body and soul need for their next steps in growth, evolution, and ascension.

There's a time and place for everything. At some points in time, we can eat stupid amounts of pizza and ice cream every day and get away with it, function on little sleep, be out and about social butterflying, exploring various belief systems, using different drugs for a variety of purposes, or whatnot else. Others, not a fucking chance.

Lots of well-intended advice is given out. (Often with deeper-layered unconscious intentions as well, whether for monetary profit or simply to validate one's own belief system). But, the nature of our individual challenges go well-beyond the scope of others to fully know and deem themselves experts to have our responsibility for healing delegated to.

Whether it’s the nervous system, joints, cancer, or whatever else can go “wrong” with the body - ultimately, these conditions are the teachers. And more often than not, the lesson: to slow down, come back to a state of love, and nurture ourselves in the ways most conducive to health (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually).

Blah, blah, blah.

And as the popular, wisdom-rich meme goes...

And of course, sometimes the greatest challenge - at least I speak for myself - is practicing that wisdom with ourselves.

(Final note: for anyone interested in some excellent enlightened perspectives on the subjects of disease and healing, I’d highly recommend checking out the works of both Louise Hay and Carolyn Myss.)

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There came a point where I had to abandon all the motivational dogma and "entrepreurial wisdom" or "goal-setting," "being disciplined with your time," etc - because I've come to learn: the body has its own agenda."

You talk like me!

My experience over many years has finally lead me to the conclusion that whenever we set goals we insinuate searching for something we haven't yet. Goal-setting is the strategy of focusing on lack instead of abundance, detesting the beauty of the pathway and each moment's noteworthiness.

In a way, we then tell ourselves that without reaching a goal we embody lack. Not being good enough, and our body responds to that from the inside out.

There was a time where I was working hard, but my results were worse than ever before. It was my Soul telling me in a roundabout way that I don't need to struggle through life. So my Soul did not resonate with this hard work method, hence my work was to no avail.

"Laziness" doesn't exist. When we are "lazy" it merely implies that we need a break from hard work or don't have Heart resonate with a system in the first place. This is a good sign!

My definition of discipline is defined by potential outcome as the exclusive motivation to keep us on track with the execution of an occupation which is against our Heart's passion.

WE know best what is good for us and what not!

brilliantly stated.

and excellent perspective for contemplation. no doubt, alot of my "neuroses" has been intertwined with the constant striving and imbalanced ambition - whereas it definitely subsides when easing into the abundance vibration.

"Laziness" doesn't exist. When we are "lazy" it merely implies that we need a break from hard work or don't have Heart resonate with a system in the first place. This is a good sign!

This too!

That is a battle I've repeatedly struggled with, which is rather silly considering how intensely/obsessively I do throw myself into something when the flow is there. Definitely could benefit from more real breaks and clearly aligning everything with that heart resonance.

thanks for planting these seeds... 💖

Yeah, sometimes the external response can be very annoying, but it really doesn't matter because it is OUR health, so WE decide ;)

Best wishes!

Illness as a teacher. This is the first time I've heard of such a thing.

"It doesn't take all that much to blow fuses and spiral out into somewhat of a mental-emotional clusterfuck with which nothing is gonna get productively done until slowing way the fuck down to defrage and process what's going on beneath the surface."

I've felt like this many times, even in the recent years and I've decided to take up meditation because of it. When a person has so much energy, or life force we can sometimes wonder how to deal with it—transmuting it into productivity.

I'm marvelling at your journals (and I thought I went on the most tangents ha!). I at many times have while being aware of my own blessings denied or wanted to indulge myself to deny my curses as well. I also used to advocate a lot of "If I were you" type of advice to others.

Everyone is their own person, and this reminder makes an excellent point to review. Our bodies are the vessels of this lifetime, taking care of them is as important as nourishing our minds, without the body our existence on this plane ceases to be.

I used to pull continous all-nighters for sake of the hustle, and many times even now I could become so immersed that I forget to eat. Thank you for reminding me that taking care of my body is important. I'm smiling that you can see what can be learned through even the darkest parts of ourselves.

There isn't a place where knowledge doesn't exist! ❤

beautifully-stated. 💖

Thank you c:

No matter how productive someone is, the body needs rest.

This is the most common disease of developed countries in this century.

People never stop.

You can think of the million things that can cause your body to break down but you should marvel at how good it is at self repairing.

Thank you for sharing. Your writing is incredible.


To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him...

I used to try to impose my way of thinking into people too, I had this urge to try and fix their outlook in life, to try and change their religion, telling them to stop following their stupid fairy tale cult, the whole teenage atheist cringy thing.

These days.... not anymore really, It was a pretty unhealthy and egotistical way of thinking. These days I just let it go and don't really care about it, I live and let live.

Practising that wisdom with ourselves.

Couldn't agree more with this statement, There are other ways to positively influence other people's lives without having to impose your ideas onto them or your advice that may or may not really for their current situation.

The fragility of life itself... one of tree best ways to trick your mind into feeling it directly is trying to imagine how it felt to not be born, it's not something a lot of people can do, not imagining how been death feels like but imagining how do you felt before existing, I know it sounds weird but everyone should try it once in a while.

This was just what I needed to read today...thank you so


I struggled a lot before, and I used to give out advice to people while I was in that state. I don't know if it meant that I didn't take my advice or that my advice was useless, but at that time I really believed that it was just a case of not looking deep into myself but looking deep enough into others to be able to help them.

I still don't know if my advice was bad, but I know that I've gotten better over time. They key was to look into myself. As you say, the same advice doesn't work the same for everyone because everyone has a different situation. I think that the solution is to stare deep into yourself and analyse your situation. Then you may be able to come to it.

Just like you found spirituality, I think that the thought of anarchy and freedom were what helped me overcome the expectancies I had for others. I used to feel anxious about society and the future, but now I've learned to accept it all and my state of mind is much better. I'm now learning to fix all the problems I'd kept in for years of denial.

  ·  last year (edited)

You speak a lot in parables i must say, you toss me up and down and i later got the story. I still enjoy your article and i must say since some days now, i didnt see any good post on steemit that can match your wave.

Truth be told, there is no one on heart that dont have challenges from what i have come to noticed. Do you know i always say the rich have no problem not until my uncle told me about how he met a very rich man dress up in a lovely garment and the man is driving a car worth millions while My uncle was walking . The man asked my uncle for permission after addressing the man, my uncle voiced this out thinking the man didnt hear. He said i wish am this man, and the man called him back and opened his chest and he told him, did you see this big scar, you want to be like me, did you want this scar, do you know with this i cant shout, i cant sing aloud, i can sleep well, i cant do a lot because of this pain, I guess you still want to he like me? my uncle shouted Oh! no. So you can see we all have Problem.

like me i have been avoiding problem, trying not to get into issues, not until life brought me into an encounter i never planned for. Not knowing the Property i bought Wasnt theirs not just as you know they now asking me yo pay more for this new property which you have been helping me and seeing me through. Now you can see life has it own plan, no man is free, it is only With death we can sat we are free. We just need grace to enjoy this world.

am truly sorry for this below message

I'm still doing pretty good. (Although the challenge has compounded since a surf accident that resulted in an occasional pinched nerve)

Please check your discord for my message

Understanding one self is the ultimate key to success. (be it health wise or financially)

There are indeed some curse that comes with its own blessings.
It is imperative therefore to learn how to manage those curses and bring out more of the blessings that come with it.

More time should be spend on discovering ourselves and body mechanisms.

I am not a fan of following other people's routines, I only pick some vital points and stuffs just to better myself.

Thanks for this great article @rok-sivante

Keep health, because it is better to prevent than to cure. Like fill in Indonesia "Mens sana in corpore sano" which means With a strong body there is a healthy soul.
Living a healthy lifestyle goes beyond just limiting your intake. More than that, here are some steps to a holistic healthy living.

  1. Have a positive mindset
  2. Consumption of superfood
  3. Do not drink less
  4. Choose the preferred sport
  5. Give yourself credit

best regards @rok-sivante

Kundalini is the most healing Force out there, by Nature of what it actually is. Glad you have experienced it. <3

(I recently wrote a short poem in ode to it here that is an entry to a #teamgirlpowa contest with the theme 'Feminist Fire'.)

Kundalini is a Fiery Force often personified as female (e.g. Shakti and Shekinah), so it was an appropriate theme for me to go with.

Felt this post so much and I can say you speak from your heart.
Really felt this one and it's so deep.
I feel what you have in heart through this post and all I pray is sound health and recovery.

The gift of a man maketh way for him.

We all have price to pay for everything, but I believe it will all end in praise.
I am optimistic that all will be well @rok-sivante😟 .
Much love from me bro


My struggle has been quite different. I put myself through years of sitting and sedentary lifestyle and my challenge has been coming back from that time and time again. I find myself in a similar position now after working 40 hrs a week and raising our new baby where I just haven't been keeping up with my fitness. I spend time every night usually doing some small bit of yoga, massage, or running, but I really need more work. I'll get there this year now that I have more days off.

One thing I wanted to ask was whether you have tried Lion's Mane Mushrooms? Supposed to work wonders for nerve conditions, but maybe I'm off with your particular issues.

insisting that the health guidance I was learning should be what everyone else ought to be taking on as their truths as well

I used to do this all the time to little effect, either people didn't listen or my advice didn't work for them, or it took them a few years to get there. In the end I think we just need to address ourselves to really see our issues and then do whatever works for us.

Lion's Mane Mushrooms?

no, I haven't - at least not as a standalone supplement (though might have been in a couple blends I've been taking). Have had some of these different mushrooms come to attention recently, so perhaps ought to pick this one up.

Thanks for the tip. 🙏

No problem, I've tried the host defense brand and liked it, it's by Paul Stamets who is like a mushroom expert, he wrote a book about how mushrooms could save the world and already did some work on helping the honeybees using a certain type. Pretty fascinating stuff

Lion's Mane

huh, no shit.

just got Tim Ferris' "Tribe Of Mentors" in the mail today and read the first chapter, where there was a question of some chef's best investment under $100 in the last few months - that is exactly what she answered.

lol. :-)

It was odd when you posted, I was on amazon wondering if I should order another bottle. Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways to connect us to certain things and people.

Let me know what you think of the book, could be a cool post to highlight some of your favorites!

The human body does have it's flaws but it also has it's miracles. There are millions of people that don't understand their bodies like you do. Reflecting in this way means that you are aware of your physical being as well as your (for a lack of a better term) spiritual being.

It is inspiring to read this and see how much self reflection you have done!

Follow and an Upvote from me! :)

This is a very inspiring life experience, Thank you very much @rok-sivante

post from @rok-sivante is indeed very amazing, hopefully I can learn a lot.

This story is highly motivated. you also lived in Indonesia. you have changed a healthy and happy lifestyle.

really best thought of you. psychology your best tropic of your post.thanks to sharing for your very important information.. @rok-sivante

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.

thanks for the information and very useful for me especially. Your way of thinking is very objective based on your experience so far. I've heard there are so many ways of treatment in Bali, and in Aceh there are also so many natural treatments developed from time to time

I have quit some I had to manage myself. I had to watch the food I eat and ensure the food isn't that pepperish. When I do otherwise, I always have ulcer to contend with. In other to keep it balance, I always test the food before eating to check the level of pepper used. And keep my diet in check also alongside exercise to keep the body going

your post is amazing @rok-sivante, I feel a little bit what you are about this time about health, I am only able to work and work, but my burden at this time to make my health disturbed, but after I learned with the burden can lead to our health is not stable dikarnakan an inadequate need then the effect is on health, one solution is the burden therapy by reducing things that are not important thought in life, the more the burden of life the greater the disease that settles on us ..
hopefully @rok-sivante able to provide something that can reduce the burden for the crowd, I am sure you are someone who is social

It's great to read your post. Looking forward to the next post.

for a clear mind and getting a proper thoughts
of proper psychology ,health is obviously needed
for a great mind its need 100% healthy life.

dear @rok-sivante
really a great content it is!!
for a psychological development its really need to
be lead a healthy life ,,no doubt its greatly needed for sound our

Oh my.....this is by far the most interesting thing I have read today.
Its sad that you had to deal with such a circumstance at such n early age.

This really stood out for me..

I felt I was somehow "broken" and sought the information that would enable me to "fix" myself so I could get on with my plans and worldly ambitions.

Only because it is sth most of us can relate to, most times we do really neglect ourselves in one way or another in pursuit of worldly pleasures and we end up missing what life is really about.

This article in general makes me feel alittle bit grateful for what I have, what I have accomplished and for the people that are in my life.

Indeed we are all fighting silent battles. Thank you for the reminder @rok-sivante

  ·  last year (edited)

really a great imagination, and I have long been waiting for the posting you, because I've heard stories from friends that you people are very concerned on the other, we need steemian you @rok-sivante

Health is wealth that get to increase you psychology for proper functionality! Thanks @rok-sivante for sharing this insightful information!

Addiction is truly a psychological effect that brings an individual down so badly.
Conventional addictions might sometime seem cool but could be posed with quite a lot of effects accompanying it too. For instance, I might be addicted to reading and in the long run, deviate from socializing with friends or maybe doing some non-book stuffs.
Too many addictions calls for a sober reflection and been moderate and considerate is a positive step to conquer this menace.

Make the sensible choice... is all

@rok-sivante indeed "be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle, i must as a matter of fact commend you for coping and moving ahead.

Playing guitar and going into music was really the best, because it (Music) really heals the soul. Thank you for letting us know you didn't just smoke weed to get high.

You post, is highly educating and informative please, continue to give us more of this.

yes it is true because of the most important health problems, and maybe it could be because smoking I was almost 5 months no longer smoking, as long as I do not smoke my weight is now almost 70 kg

  ·  last year (edited)
Thank you for telling us about this brother, many things we need to learn and improve for the health of the body, better before all the diseases stop in our body then the best step is to do the examination. in examining neurological diseases, history of disease data is important. Usually the patient comes to the doctor at the time the illness is in progress, sometimes even when the disease is healed and the complaints he suffered are residual symptoms. In addition, there are also diseases whose symptoms occur at certain times; so, in the form of an attack. Outside the attack, the sufferer is in good health. If the patient comes to a doctor outside of an attack, it is difficult for the doctor to make a diagnosis of the illness, except with the help of the report presented by the patient (anamnesis) and the person who witnessed it (allo-anamnesis). Also required a general physical examination and neurological examination to assess the presence or absence of interference in the nervous system. Common investigations required are CT-Scan, MRI, electroencephalogram (EEG), Electromyography (EMG), etc.

Ahh difficult psychology hmmmm....

I once had a friend who ate healthy, worked out , did every fitness routine but was still fat. She later found out that her size was mostly as a result of her genes. Something she has absolutely no control over.
Yes, the human body is indeed frail. I'm a staunch beleiver of different strokes for different folks. What works for you may not work for me . That's why I don't really pay attention to articles on how to live better.

I think it would be more interesting to look at it in terms of Abraham Maslow's point of view.

What I know in the theory of healthy personality there are some points that are described about Maslow's approach to personality. Where one of them Maslow investigate psychological health, where the only people who are studied is a healthy person. As we know Maslow is a humanistic psychologist. And the humanistic school does not recognize that humans are pushed and pulled by mechanical forces, one of stimuli and reinforcements (behaviorism) or conscious instinctive impulses (psychoanalysis).

This flow focuses on the potential that exists in the human itself. They believe that human beings are trying to level up abilities. Humans seek the limits of creativity, the highest reaches of consciousness and wisdom. It has been labeled "fully functional person", "healthy personality", or as Maslow calls this level, "person-self-actualization." According to him, all human beings are required to be struggled or a tendency that is brought from birth to actualize themselves. human beings are driven by universal and inborn needs, which are arranged in a level, from the strongest to the weakest.

Thanks master ! | 👏 For @rok-sivante

By : @ponpase | From Indonesia

A very useful post @rok-sivante.. I really like it...👍👍


Even more discomforting is the fact that some health struggles don't come as a result of careless or poor lifestyle, diet choices or what have you. But due to genetic predispositions. Like, I'll be on Earth could someone be that unfortunate?

About, other factors, I think everyone should just be careful 'cos as you rightly pointed out, "these bodies are frail"

I can only read your writing. Immediately, I felt ashamed. because I can not write as good as you.

such shame is probably not very constructive.

there might be some element of natural talent, though more than anything, the difference in our qualities of writing may come down to a matter of (years more of) time invested in study and practice.

and of course, there is the matter that English is not your first language - thus an extra challenge to develop skills in English as well as writing.

If you wanted to write as good as me, you probably could - perhaps even better.

though, it would take years of diligent study and practice.

That would be a more constructive utilization of time & energy than shame... ;-)

Thank you @rok-sivante

It is great to read your post. As much information and knowledge as I can get, I will look forward to my next post.

wealth means nothing without health. because wealth will be useless without being able to be enjoyed. health remains number one

Thank you @rok-sivante. Regard from Indonesia

hello @rok-sivante ,, i have a project , where i can contact you ,
so we have fast respond...
or maybe you need to look our project whitepaper first

  ·  last year (edited)

Very enlightening, neat and traceable. There are sentences whose meaning is quite profound, so I have to repeat the reading three times. Incredibly his contribution to a thought.

Leaving all the motivational dogma and "entrepreneurial wisdom" - Addictive. and many other meaningful newly realized.

And it turns out, you ever lived in Bali.

Young age is the golden age for all human beings, so that such deadlines can all occur and apply, whereby the groaning of freedom from within the struggling soul to come out and declare to the world, I am the #Raja, using all his strength, using all to his ego, using everything in want and expected by his young soul, when it's all false the days go by weeks and months go by and year also change, arrive when old age tanla feels age is on the verge of twilight, all memory back, all memories back te rhadap aya ever applied and to what has been passed, but #raja once dashing must admit the state of the world, which is now all paced luxury, all-round majestic and all run so quickly.

The awareness of the soul in old age gives so much to be repeated, and so deeply regretted that time has passed, just sitting stunned by recalling every mistake and sin without leaving the slightest to give, indeed all human beings are empty, on the verge of destruction, their soul and body without capital without power to restart what has passed.
In this case it is based on my experience and thought alone. a tremendous amount of you @rok-sivante thank you for sharing me with your admirer

By. @helmibireuen

Some people sacrifice health for money and pleasure. Others should sacrifice pleasure and money for health. Ideally - I think - is to live by maintaining a balance between body, mind, and soul.

life is not out of trouble, this is the story of a human life, sometimes have health problems and sometimes have economic problems, all this is the case of our life!

I really touched reading your content Sir, it is written here describe your thoughts health problems, but I also feel that almost the same, many health sometimes interrupted with mental health or mind having stress with problems that he pundaki, so the face of someone not reasonable stare old at the age of 30 years but they have such as age 45, this effect to the disease psychology he face

very interesting discussion that you explain. Between the gift and the curse, well the above discussion is very understandable.

Lots of well-recommended advice is given out. (Often with deeper-layered unconsciousintentions as well, whether for monetary profit or simply to validate one's own belief system). But, the nature of our individual challenges go well-beyond the scope of others to fully know and deem to have our responsibility for healing delegated to.

As your snippet said above, it's just that I believe that the advice given by these people is definitely something to be hoped for, especially monetary gains. We can not deny that everyone needs financially to use in their lives. But sometimes the way people do that is not good and look for any gap to give suggestions from him for his own needs. We should be cautious.
Thank you Mr. @ rok-sivante for the information you have provided, I wait for the inspirational information from you. See you soon, Regards @helmidvallen (from ACEH)

the long struggle and we must go through it, though it is too late to realize it the strength and spirit of life must still exist, the positive energy of nature that we continue to absorb must be a counterweight by the way we think positive so that our inner and outer health will feel with gratitude.
thanks for the enlightenment of your experience and this we feel may we always be given health.

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really my senior said after i find out about you, that you ever settled in bali. and I do not stop looking for you after pouring so much good. hopefully one day I can be a good person for others. keep in good health the best friend. you are healthier than those who say they are healthy. you are best for us.

one day I would like to meet you and say a thousand thanks. man only plan and god is decisive.

greetings from me who have admired you, and been motivated in your every word and kindness.

sorry if there is any mistake in writing, because i am very limited in english. and I always try to understand every word you write. once again sorry my english is not good

Aceh, Indonesia.
Best regards. @jubagarang

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this is a long long talk. i can not understand everything you said @rok-sivante may be it's because of my poor english and lack of knowledment. what i can get from your long talk is that you talk something about health . i don't want to lie to you and my self by commenting some good words to get your attention, just like i understand everything you said. of course i need your attention, but not by lying right? no.. i'm not such that guy. I need your help, it's yes. may be by commenting your post you want to come and visit my blog sometimes. if you really want to do it. i appreciate it, really appreciate it. nice to be your follower.

thank you so much for your reply, it's really mean so much for me. thank you.