To Love Lock Or Not To Love Lock ...

in psychology •  3 months ago

Have you ever felt such a love that does not just make your heart miss a beat ... it weakens your very persona?


... to the point that you'd do everything that person you're offering such love to - asks you to do, believe every single thing they say, forget stepping on your feelings' breaks giving in to trusting that person a hundred percent, ending up being called blind by the people around you for not seeing the flaws they see of that person ...

... for loving that person so~~ ... unconditionally, you didn't bother leaving even a pinch of expectation of being love the same way, in return within the relationship.

Yes ... such a kind of love exists, some call it "pure love", some call it "first love", some gave it the name "true love" ...

I wonder, have you ever felt loving someone with that kind of love?

If I were to receive such love I would probably be the luckiest person on earth ... probably the most powerful person in the relationship with the person who'd offer me that kind of love ... for remember, it could weaken you ...

but you see ... it has become very rare to find among adults nowadays, for almost everyone who's experienced feeling such love ... got hurt, some were betrayed and been played by the very person they've offered such "pure love" to.

... and so, they've became weary ...
... and very much alert ...
... they've become pretty cautious ...
... some even started having trust issues ...
... most ... have a hard time opening their hearts to the idea of being in a relationship with someone, loving them with that same kind of "pure love", again.

I wonder whether it's because of the fear of once again, getting hurt ... that makes them hesitate to allow themselves to ever feel to love like that or was it that they're heart went through to so much pain it got numb to feeling such a kind of love .. again.

It must require a lot for another soul who'd ever love someone who's gone through such hurt to prove their love to them. The later must be requiring too many a tangible things that would prove that unseen .. but rather felt .. emotion - they call "love".. more so, any mention of that "pure love" I mentioned above.


I wonder whether it's one of the reasons the many love locks exist in the world, not only among lovers but also among friends ... with I wonder, what for promises or pact has been written or said and locked up with them.


I wonder how much of that "love" word has been tarnished that bridges of these love locks now exists and nowadays, they seem to be present on so many travel adventure destinations, too. Surely, it must be doing the lock market so much good.

After taking a selfie like the so many other tourists did to prove I've been up there, I stood in the corner admiring the view up there while thinking to myself, how much more of these love locks would the place be able to hold and in between watching another couple click their locks to close, I caught myself wondering ...


How many of the owners of these love locks are still going strong? How many of the promises made these locks symbolize, haven't yet been broken? How many of them, have sealed these locks feeling that "pure love" for the person they've come up to lock them here, with. How many more of these love locks would be hang here in the future?

I also wonder, is someone here, feeling that "pure love" for someone right now, too? To whom or from whom?

Did you also have to join the many who hang their love locks to prove your love to the other person? .. or .. did you have to prove it in another way, different to hanging love locks but one that also involves tangible things. Why? What good would it do your relationship with that person you're offering your pure love with?

Isn't the fact that love itself is unconditional, enough? If it happens that you are already out of it, would you share what made you snap out of it?

Would you dare disclose your answers to the questions above ?

Yes, am dying to know, how many of you here have to prove to the person how much you love them or is it you who required the proving? How did you or they do it? With a love lock? ...How?

While you collect every courage you have to admit even just the fact that you have felt such "pure love" or that you've also participated in doing the "love locking tradition" that's been started by the new generation ...

.. whether you are that person feeling that "pure love" to another soul ...
.. or the person it's being empowered now ...


... here's to wishing you ... that your love may be reciprocated ...
... and that you are happy ...

love lots,

This content's 100% mine . I took some of the pics with my D Eye and some with my smartphones.

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Thank you for posting these enchanting photographs and thoughtful prose @englishtchrivy.

The bumblebee is looking a bit he yours? ^__^

To lock or not to lock......since it would be a defacing of property.....not for bleujay.

Love can only be sustained if there is virtue. In a romance the progression is firstly, attraction, then compatability....then fusion.

Thank you for the opportunity to think on these things.



yes, that's I- bee ;)

well, it's allowed there I suppose
many were doing it up there and my husband happened to chit chat with one of the male staff but he didn't tell any of those people doing it up there not to
I find it not necessary .. lock rusts anyway :D

What is love?

Is it when your heart knocks for another person and you feel a kind of happiness.
Yes, maybe, get confused.

That's one of the reasons we see such padlocks around the world.
Hehe, think about the padlocks could talk and tell their story.

I have been married for 40 years, but have never hung up such a lock.
My heart still knocks for my wife and it's a joy in itself.

Once you've been married for 40 years, much becomes a habit in everyday life.
And the love is there, but it's a little different than it was in the younger days of our lives. Hehe, maybe it's like charging a battery to boost it as it once was

I have probably not answered your questions directly, but believe that many will give you some answers here



isn't it ?
I can't imagine a bridge of it telling love tales
though it would be another idea for some locks
they should invent one that could record vows ;)
and when someone presses it
it should talk about it and that it should be solar powered hahaha
who knows it may happen later
it's been thought of first in the blockchain - by me hahahaha

wow, you're married for 40 years?
congratulations! Missus must be very happy I hope she get to read what you wrote that's very sweet!

My heart still knocks for my wife and it's a joy in itself.

thank you for sharing it here!
I haven't been married that long so we're still in lovey dovey mode
but if it gets to 40 years I'd also want my hubby to tell the world how much his heart still beats
every woman would want that!
and probably every man, too

Other than the first one, lots of these are a scam started by some enterprising joker. We have on in Singapore.
Right beside is a vending machine selling..... locks, right?
Inside the mall, I remember seeing another lock vending machine.


oh really?
so his joke made him much money huh
I thought it started in the Orient
but brought to Paris
so it's started as a joke
and that vending machine lol


I think that guy just got the idea from Paris.

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As always a lot of thinking and your own thoughts it is nice to hear your considerations and to see what brought that everything up. I believe this is a great feeling and very magical tha brings all the chemical reaction in the humans body up because of that it is really unique. It is really nice to see how many people decided to put a lock in the name of love so high in Magnificent Alps with the hope that their feeling will last forever. As every human been we would like to believe without hope the human will not survive :)


so true ...

To be honest have been there

it sure is great and nothing else can be compare to that feeling and it is exactly like the words that you described

While have felt that and was pretty young to felt that felling
so no regrets either !

Time changes everything :)


ah, there you go -
finally, one to admit
thank you!

so you've felt it when you were young
makes me wonder ... do you find yourself still able or unable to feeling the same kind of love for someone ever again?
sure, you may not have to reply to that last question I asked


I really do not want to !


I totally understand :D

The love is locked and it will spread love everywhere :)

Wow.. Awesome post 📪 beautiful photo 📷 i like it.. I always follow you.

"pure love" - it's a great feeling, but the second time I probably can't get through it, I didn't know it was too painful.
A great topic for discussion:) I also asked myself such a question that how many of these locks still hold real feelings. It is always nice to see such symbols of love. They still give hope that true love exists. :)


aw, perhaps you just haven't found the one who'd make you feel that again
I hope you do ..

I can relate to how much you must have felt
but I guess am more naive than you are back when I allowed my heart to feel a love like that, only that time I made sure I gave it to someone who made me feel so much love like that, too and I have no regrets

yes, it does exists
you probably still hold it in you, too


Life is hard.... I know many people who have a lot of unspent love inside, but they are afraid to open their heart again. I feel about the same way. The first time is always easier because you don't know yet, but the second time you're afraid of getting burned again. It seems like it has to be someone special. This is how such people walk with their unspent love, afraid to open their hearts again. I must be an incorrigible romantic, ha ha. but in another way is not desirable, because you already know the price of your love :)


yes, I totally agree
the second time I felt it for someone he already made me feel that way first and then I married him hahahaha I wasn't really sure I could open my heart to such love again, it took me 5 long years to look for the right guy, yes I looked, waiting doesn't work anymore hahaha
I wasn't thinking of getting married at first
in fact, I was scared of that word - marriage but he made me feel such love
so how can I say no - it really weakens you no matter how on guard you become after than first heartbreak :)

Oh well madlen, those who can love like this
and holds a love like this in their hearts
deserve to get reciprocated with such love - imho :)
so you'll never know
maybe Mr. Right is just reading you already hihihi ^ ^


Time is a good doctor. Everything will pass and I agree that one day it can happen again :). Perhaps the other person will have to make more effort and be more sensitive and patient and persistent in this matter. And if he succeeded, he gets all the best in return :). That must be really cool. Well, it's probably the jackpot or the prize , ha ha

Love locks are the worst metaphor ever. What does love have to do with being locked together and the key being thrown away? Love is being able to leave at all times, but choosing not to. What a horribly repressive image.

Not to mention that the weight of the locks, when they are too numerous, is really detrimental to the bridges, and irritatingly blind to the architectural design.

I am actually glad someone is making fun of it and throwing that stuff away.

Spectacular view/place👌
Thank you for sharing
Love lots, @pranto


thank you

I have to admit, I felt the same about them being too much these days
and some .. actually meaningless

wow! damn nice view @englishtchivy
Especially, i love this spectacular/beautiful place in Switzerland

Actually putting locks on bridges li
ke that weighs them down until so many weekly flings have declared their mark and caused the bridge to collapse. You have just saved the life of a Who which will live for many more years until an insanely rich idiot drives a yacht into it.

However, These all are beautiful photography.
Keep moving forward
All the best


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Really this is extraordinary place best ever in Switzerland. Especially i love their calture, language etc. And these all photography really nice/beautiful...Fascinated me...

However, we also have a “love lock” bridge here in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, but the bridge design is completely different so the way the locks are is also different. The most locks are in the center of the bridge. But the weight of all of them is affecting the bridge so they will eventually have to remove all of them.
Spectacular view...
Thank you...
Steem on!


thank you

as I mentioned, this tradition seems to be spreading worldwide
I think it all started in Paris - but am not sure of that
I've seen this in a pic of a friend who went to Korea and there's a whole bunch, too, very very colorful
I was surprised to find them in Switzerland, too
I don't think it's originally Swiss, in fact, many of the locks have Cn and Kr characters and a few I could recognize
so I wonder where it all started and what was the original intent

Wow @englishtchrivy such a good creation and word used by you my new friend... The word in the sonnet or in the poem used by you is very creative and amazing my friend lovely to see you here....

And pictures clicked by are aslo awesome...
Nice pictures...

Lovely and must me appricated and welcomed and upvote and resteem i we done..


Well Englishtchrivy, I have gone though all those things you describe as the so called "pure love" and lived the consequences derived from not being corresponded to my whim or so, and I agree with you and testify that everything you say is true.


I wonder whether we shall all be subjected to experiencing such love and heartbreak, too