Facebook/ Google/ Amazon: Trinet (or the "Walled Garden" Future of the Internet)

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André Staltz thinks the Internet began dying in 2014...

"It looks like nothing has changed since 2014, but (Google, Amazon, and Facebook) now have direct influence over 70% + of internet traffic".

Imagine Internet service providers (ISP's) selling connection packages that let you access only Google, Amazon and Facebook, and nothing else! If you want the extra access... pay more. But why should you? Perhaps the reader can find many reasons why, but what about the masses accessing mostly those networks and needing everything outside less and less as time passes.

That's what Staltz is foreseeing, a future where everyone access the Internet through those three gateways:
The social internet, the knowledge internet, and the commerce internet. A future where is no longer an option to build your own website and expect people to find its way to it by the now anachronic web exploration. Refferals from Facebook and good positioning in Google's search engine now amounts to most of the traffic for particular sites.

Having grown to monstrosity and monopolizing their own niches, these giants are now the most dangerous threat to a free, neutral Internet.

Even worse when we consider how they are being (wittingly) manipulated by the Deep State to crack down on free speech under the guise of fighting "Fake News". What we can expect if this dystopia takes place is what specialists call...

Walled Gardens


Facebook attempted to build one in India recently with its Free Basic Initiative. It was supposed to include Bing as search engine, obviously the social network itself and... "some news websites". And yes, one should be afraid to ask which ones. The answer is, by all means, mainstream, establishment-friendly media.

But India knew better and Save the Internet fought it back stating that "Facebook will offer micro-network access that will only benefit the company itself and the websites it chooses to put online for free", and referring to the idea as "Facebook's little ghetto".

If we understand that demographics and personal information is very valuable for Facebook to own and sell to other corporations, and we also consider the fact that the American Deep State constantly tries, and succeeds, on spying on social media and data collecting networks through PRISM and other "projects", then fearing the obvious reinforcement of our Orwellian reality is not only rational but indispensable.

PRISM pick.png
The Guardian article

Another Bastard Child...

As Staltz quotes, Google's Eric Schmidt's "vision of the future is one where the internet services are ubiquitous and personalized, as opposed to an experience contained in web browsers in desktop machines".

Ubiquitous as 1984's Big Brother and personalized as in "we know everything about you..."???

But who is exactly Eric Schmidt and what is Google? The "don´t be evil" corporation's origins are somehow opaque and not talked about in mainstream media. But it's a documented fact that DARPA funded Sergey Brin and Larry Page development of Google since its beginning at Stanford University, as Nafeez Ahmed detailed in his research: How the CIA made Google.

Julian Assange also covered the subject a few years ago in Google is Not what it Seems, where he quotes a defense contractor Stratfor's executive:

"Google is getting WH [White House] and State Dept support and air cover. In reality they are doing things the CIA cannot do . . . [Cohen] is going to get himself kidnapped or killed. Might be the best thing to happen to expose Google’s covert role in foaming up-risings, to be blunt. The US Gov’t can then disavow knowledge and Google is left holding the shit-bag".

He refers to Jared Cohen, who in 2010 took the direction of Google Ideas. Both Cohen and Schmidt had extensive and deep ties to the Obama/ Clinton State Department and are recurring members of the Highlands Forum.

Google is another bastard, unrecognized child of the Deep State. Beware.



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Relevance:Detailing Google's origin and information denial tactics.

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