Current Active Steem Initiatives to Earn Upvotes

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Steem Initiatives are ways to earn upvotes by helping spread awareness about Steem. We don’t just want to shill Steem blindly, we want to help show people the powerful use case of decentralized social media built on public blockchains.

Each initiative is tailored in a way to be a win/win, where the people we are spreading awareness about Steem to can benefit from Steem themselves.

If you’d like to take part in helping spread Steem awareness, we currently have 4 active initiatives listed below.

The most recent active initiative is the Proof of Purchase found here:

Another active one is the World Unrest Awareness Initiative found here:

The next active one is the Quora Onboarding Initiative found here:

The last active Initiative is the YangGang Steem & Twitter Awareness Campaign found here:

These are on-going efforts, complete initiatives and use the tag #promo-steem (put this tag last on Steem, put more relevant information as the first tag) and I will find you, and I will upvote you.


Just recieved business cards for front end, gonna get those babies out everywhere I can. Post coming. X

Sounds Awesome! Thank-you so much for your great energy. Hugs ❤❤❤

Sweet, LMK when you make that post.

Personally I love the Quora Onboarding Initiative really because it's spans to another network of audience, I'm personally thinking I'll embark on it as soon as possible to also spread the word. The Yanggang intitiative is also coming nicely.

Looking forward to checking these two out. And, hopefully getting involved if it all goes well. This could be energy well spent for sure. ❤

The Quora initiative is working out quite well. The Steem Space there is at almost 1k users, and we are getting thousands of views a month on our answer on average. I will be on the lookout for your post under the Steem tag #promo-steem - cheers!

Oh yes! I am glad for the reminder. I started on the quota project a week or so ago, and need to keep it up. Thanks, @theycallmedan. It takes a village!

Thanks for the support. I am very pleased at the response so far.

This is a very nice initiative and I hope to put in more submissions soon. Steem to the Moon.

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I am the delighted with the #promo-steem & #posh steem interaction tags, I am urging more Steemers to board on this boat and increase their daily earnings.

Using the tags #steem & #steemit on twitter by sharing your blog post on twitter is one of the ways to get valuable upvotes from steemers on this blockchain Community.


  1. don't forget to add the words (I ❤️ Steem)* on your twitter display name.
  2. Remember to share your twitter link as a comment on the post you published and shared on twitter. #posh

I am so grateful for @theycallmedan and the whole team behind #promo-steem. Steemers need more of such givers to help boost their earnings and steem power.
Long Live all the #promo-steem participants!


Blessings On Blessings!

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Oh yeah!, that great initiative you are really promoting steem, I just created a post in support of your project this recently. I am staunch supporter of this initiative ongoing in steem: @yanggang, #world #unrest, @Quora, #proof of #purchase and many more. We can do it together, and very soon I will show Steemians how I am also promoting steem.

Awesome. Thank you for all you for our steem. I recently launched this proof of love to humanity campaign with #proofoflove in addition to my Twitter campaign to bring the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) to steem.

We'll keep pushing for the good of our blockchain.

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Will resteem this and put the tag in one of my posts..

This is outstanding really great work @theycallmedan

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@theycallmedan, Right efforts always brings up deserving rewards. Keep up the good work brother and keep encouraging fellow Steemains. Stay blessed.

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Huge opportunity here with Quora & Yang Gang! This is getting me really excited about Steem. Awesome initiatives! Whoo! Let's Go 💯❤🔥

Thanks for these great initiatives to promote Steem outside Steem 🙏

I'm actually in for all initiative. It is a great idea and innovative mind as well. STEEMit Community needs more engagement. Thanks Mr Dan!

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Thanks for your information @theycallmedan, so when I can do that?

You doing your level best to take this community forward all the best best wishes :)

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Firt of all I would like to say this and similar efforts are to be commended. Nevertheless, untill Steemit.Inc implements an easy an effective solution for organically onboarding new members, the plaftorm is unlikely to gain awareness amoung the public at large and will suffer stagnation. Onboardinng has been a issue that has plagued the platform since its inception. Let's hope this is
soon resolved.

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I didn't know how to categorize this post in your protest initiative around the world, but I think the content is somehow directly linked to your proposal:

I hope the post conforms to the rules you set.


This is my new post for your initiative to support Andrew Yang, now the focus is on showing that he is expanding his alliances: