#YANGGANG Steem & Twitter Awareness Campaign!

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Since Andrew Yang isn’t getting much airtime during the debates, we should level the playing field and do a grassroots movement on our opensource, grassroots social media platforms built on Steem!

The hashtag #YangGang is a very popular Twitter tag to promote Presidential Candidate, Andrew Yang.

Andrew Yang is a perfect fit for Steem. First of all, he is pro crypto! He believes in universal basic income (UBI) - Steem does not take from its users it pays its users, to the tune of $100,000,000!

He also dislikes sites that sell users data without cutting them a check. Steem is a decentralized blockchain owned by the users, not a single CEO.

Most importantly, he is actively being suppressed by mainstream media and relies on alternative social media to get his name out there.


andrew  yang.png

He also believes robots may take over the world... if we don't act now! Well, maybe not that dramatic, but he believes robots will displace many jobs, a big one being trucking. He is a very interesting person, and Steemians should learn more about him.

I think Andrew Yang would make a fine Steemian, how about you? I want to do a contest to promote the tag #YangGang here on Steem to see if we can help spread awareness about Andrew Yang!

Contest: Make a post on STEEM using the hashtag #yanggang talking about what you think about his ideas, chances of winning or him as a presidential candidate. Or talk about how you may be against him being suppressed by mainstream media outlets...

If you support him, why?

Don’t like his policies, why?

If you don’t follow him much, you can write something like why you think Andrew Yang would like Steem (he is someone being actively censored, pro crypto, pro UBI & against data farming sites like Facebook.)

RULES: In order to receive a big upvote from @ocdb & me, you must make a Tweet with your Steem post using the hashtag #YangGang & tagging Andrew Yang (@andrewyang on Twitter) Andrew Yang Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndrewYang - The more effort you put into your post, the bigger the upvote you will receive.
Edit: Please add #LetYangSpeak in your Tweet and Steem tags as well. Thanks!

Please post a link to your Tweet below!

This is a great opportunity to show the power of Steem to the world!

Post Beneficiaries: 50% @sbdpotato / 50% @null


I fully support this idea. I believe Yang is the only when speaking the truth about the reality of where our world is going and the only ready to do something immediate. Bernie and Warren are great I wish all the three could partner up and set this world straight.

been squatting on @yang2020 fyi lmk if ya need it :)

Sweet, keep it in the back pocket just in case.

Added my supportive Tweet! I would recommend people include the tag #LetYangSpeak , as it is highly used by his supporters following the last debdate.


Great idea! thanks!


Those who don't have Twitter (like me) can also participate by writing a post to promote the campaign only on Steem and be upvoted if the post is worth it?

Sure, if you're not on Twitter, it's fine. Twitter is just a great spot to advertise Steem ATM, lots of passionate #YangGang peeps out there that would love Steem IMO.

May I propose Reddit as an alternative to Twitter?

i really like him, he's the most human, common sense person i've seen for years, in our evolution as a species, common sense and adjusting to what's an issue in our world today, we need innovation and inspiration.

forget the $1000 per adult a month figure, just imagine if we all could, on the same day, use a stipend to evolve past the slog of regular life and live out our dreams of building out a new future for ourselves, our families future, if everyone spun up a company, invested in token economies, actually used that human HP to build XP in each other.

that would be a world that i would very much love to be a part of.

will support this and make my post today.

Andrew Yang is one of the most intelligent and interesting person I currently know of. Here's my Twitter with link containing a drawing to create awareness for Andrew. I hope to see him on steemit soon.


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I also support this effort, there's a lot of synergy between his campaign and policies and steem. Even though I'm not fully on board, I've been watching his campaign with interest and thinking about how Steem could be a good fit.

His subreddit moderators are very wary of crypto though. I guess from their point of view it may not help them with mainstreaming their own candidate and may even be detrimental if the mainstream view is also wary of crypto.

I think we need to get this viral on Twitter so that Yang may join steemit. Him joining steemit would really help us

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Agreed. He is pro-crypto as well, could be a nice moment for us

Sweet Dan, so sweet, I'll get to it in the morning and, so any method of writing about the Yanggang is allowed?

Ya. The best way would prob be just your thoughts on his ideas and if your support him why. But anything is cool.

Hello my amigo Dan, my idea was to translate your original post to Spanish, so it can reach more people. Hope you like it.


Well done! I appreciate it!

Have you checked out: @yangsupport?

Amazing! I'm pretty sure the #yanggang will find Steem to be a nice home for them since we work pretty much towards a similar goal!

This is something I'd been thinking about for a while anyway. Here's a link to my entry


I would but I'm one on those blacklisted members for promoting cryptocurrency in 2016. Facebook kicked my out too. I'll try to sneak a profile in tho.

Twitter dsnt have a KYC, vpn + burner email ;)

I just tweeted

I think that brilliant thinking must be supported by all voters. This is an opportunity to improve the impact of modern civilization. Grow moral and economic responsibility from an automation

Good initiative. He is the most pro crypto of the bunch, and it's not really even close.

Agreed, I think with @scottsantens support, we can make this go viral.

This is a fantastic idea. I'm entering ASAP

Cheers! Thanks for the support.

i like twitter guerilla marketing a lot

It works if done well and consistantly.

I've done my part sir. I think we need someone like him on here.

Cheers, thanks for being the first entry!

I think me making a post about his ideas would be counterproductive to getting him to join Steem. That being said, he should join instead of wasting his time on Twitter irrespective whether I agree with him or not. There is no purpose in spending time on something that keeps getting manipulated.

With that said, if you don't like his policies, please do share why if you have the time. This isn't about rainbows and sunshine; it is about opening a discussion up for people to debate.

Agreed. Steem is about no censorship, and it is great we have people like you that understand how that is important. People may not agree with his policies but believe he should have a place to talk that isn't being manipulated be centralized forces.

Yes, which is why I joined myself. Posting on an unalterable blockchain is the next best thing to only posting on your own website/digital private property.

The Democrats have become a toxic wasteland, its time to #walkaway. Make America Great Again! Trump2020 🇱🇷

I love Andrew Yang, seriously.. I really just think the guy is fantasticfor the world. He gets me as a confused millennial lol, he's an actual person and not a shill. Thanks for this contest regardless, very cool.



We dont need andrew yang to pump cryptocurrency prices. He is a socialist since UBI is impossible to fund. Also he is an open borders politician meaning UBI gets more expensive as time goes by which then increases taxes for every citizen.


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Then write about it and tell us why you feel this way. I am not pro or anti Andrew Yang, that’s not the point at all. I am pro freedom of speech and right now he is being censored. Steem is far more then a get rich scheme for me, we have an actual life changing usecase.

i really like him, he's the most human, common sense person i've seen for years, in our evolution as a species, common sense and adjusting to what's an issue in our world today, we need innovation and inspiration.

forget the $1000 per adult a month figure, just imagine if we all could, on the same day, use a stipend to evolve past the slog of regular life and live out our dreams of building out a new future for ourselves, our families future, if everyone spun up a company, invested in token economies, actually used that human HP to build XP in each other.

that would be a world that i would very much love to be a part of.

will support this and make my post today.

fk, just realised i didn't tag him, gonna do another one now for that.

Man you should sell vacation packages. No, your right. It sounds like a nice world.

After the line said by Mr. Yang - it’s time for Facebook to grow up
Make me his supporter and big fan of his thoughts
Here is my post on Twitter:-https://twitter.com/sumit_10698/status/1197762398767087616?s=21

Im not much into politics my friend but he does sound like a nice guy. Haaa. Sorry funny. But no I hate to get stuck in the illusion that is politics but i do like the way this guy sounds. Ill have to do some more research but i always root for the underdogs. Interesting read. Tweeted

https://partiko.app/@endless.drugs/i-hope-that-i-get-a-refund-from-steemvote-steemvote-i-need-63-steem-back-made-by-mama-anarchy?referrer=mama.anarchy Guys I lost 63 STEEM to @upvotebot since well I paid that by accident because my country is in a communist civil war (Chile) and well it was 3 AM when I traded. We need that STEEM. In both of our accounts (I'm @endless.drugs ) we need more support and folllowers! I am also trying to get Chileans into SteemIt and well I'm getting several new users every single day! I love this place! I wish I could be one of the big fishes one day. :(

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I have done with love and respect. #yanggang

This is my Tweet link

The #YangGang awareness campaign is here, feel free to share on Twitter for more awareness 😊

Great work. I like it.

Thank you so much for sharing this post.

Very good contest steem friends

I create blogs so makes one for it on dtube hope all will like it.

My tweet:-

Mr. yang is an very great person and this campaign make me know about him more than I know before. #yanggang

Here is my tweet:-

Andrew yang is an candidate who got support from elon musk anything else you want to know, I don’t think so

My tweet -


Life is painful, I do not understand where to go.
One person says this and another says do it.
Show the right road in which direction you can succeed.

What is the deadline for the post submission?

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We are with you..
Checkout link
Gassrooting is on ✊

we perfectly believe in your initiative. We support it fully. Pls check our post to our community


As of yet; I have not made a decision about any Presidential Candidate. I do vote in just about all elections, not just Presidential Elections.

Nevertheless; I am behind this initiative/project. I have made two Tweets to do my little part.

If you are American remember, Your Vote Counts. Don't be discouraged. Keep our Nation a Democracy!

Bad things happen when good people do nothing. Apathy is a sin in my book.

I will be sure to use the tag #yanggang on any further participation in this initiative. Thank you again and again @theycallmedan, along with: @clixmoney (founder of @dcooperation), @pennsif and so many others for all your hard work in marketing our blockchain!

Just finished reading the Everipedia Article on Mr. Andrew Yang. Looks to be a very interesting fellow. I will have to keep an eye on the Internet's Favorite Candidate.

I've created a post and tweeted it out.


Steem would be a great home for the #yanggang

Twitter Awareness: https://steemit.com/yanggang/@dfacademy/promoting-steem-on-twitter-andrew-yang

Thanks Dan for all the good work on Steem 🙏

As a libertarian that leans slightly conservative. I really like Yang better than all the other Democratic nominees. Yang seems much more realistic and he seems like he would be able to work on both sides of the aisle when it comes to getting things done.

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Is he a Republican or Democrat?
Or a male Tulsi?
Who can you trust in the government "box"?

This almost makes me want to be on Twitter but I'll have to just support the tag on steem.
This obviously has the stats for the first two-night debate. I wonder how it broke down for the last one. I'm a Gabbard fan and was focused on how much time she got (much more than the last two debates) but don't remember Yang's getting much time in this last debate either. He's bringing very important info to us. Thanks for supporting him.

Hello theycallmedan!

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Hello @theycallmedan,

I do love his thoughts and mostly because he is in the favour of Crypto and Blockchain tech. I he becomes the US President then it would be a boon for all the CRYPTO Peeps !

I too made a video About Andrew Yang :)

I added the support by tweet..
I really think that although Media constantly ignored him. People will acknowledge him soon. All the best for the future.

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So revealing....I loved reading about Yang's Policies. They are indeed facinating and praise worthy.
Here is why I also support Yang

My tweet

#yanggang , #andrewyang , #letyangspeak

This is really great news! Personally I'm also excited about the fact that Andrew Yang is a US Presidential Candidate.

Even though part of the rewards on this post are being burned, I gave it a 100% upvote! I do not see it as a wasted vote. This is a fantastic initiative and I am 100% behind it! Good for you @theycallmedan.

I am glad that @mrnightmare shared this post on the last #PYPT Show. This is a great grassroots idea. Hopefully other blockchains are doing something similar.

Appreciate your untiring marketing efforts on behalf of the STEEM Community!

Why would a non-US citizen like me waste his time promoting this platform to an US politician/entrepreneur/whatever which promotes steal money from some people to give them to other ones (a.k.a ballot buying)? -Rhetoric question-

Steemians get rewarded after their own effort, not because of enforced donations. He promotes the opposite values of Steem-like projects.

It would be great to see him over here with his own account, but I wouldn't be wasting time promoting that so it could become a reality.

Not every initiative is tailormade for every Steemian. The answer to your question is you don't, you move on. Maybe the next initiative you might want to do, it involves promoting Steem on Quora. https://steemit.com/promo-steem/@theycallmedan/quora-onboarding-initiative

Thanks for the post.

I support Andrew Yang
Please read my article on Yang and it is a way to express my support and discuss on his policies


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