Classroom Challenge - win $1000+ and start earning money with social media

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Dear classrooms all over the world,

update 25th January. Please use this post to reply/rules. The challenge is extended to 1 February.

  • Did you ever hear from social media website Steemit?
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Enter the:

Classroom challenge

To start :

please first request an account here

Please note that an account has to be approved. This can take some time. Why? Steemit.Inc must delegate you some Steem cryptocurrency before you can start interacting on the network. To avoid abuse the approval can take some time.

What is the classroom challenge?

This challenge is to promote Steemit worldwide. Facebook started on a college and YOU are the future and can help us bring Steemit to the next level.

What does my class get?

The @jerrybanfield fund will sponsor 200 Steem which is about $1000 dollar now.

Make money, really?

Just look to this post of 5 hours ago days ago.

This post has a value of $600+
So yes, for each post or reply, different then Facebook / Instagram you have the opportunity to receive upvotes (likes) which represents real money!!

Good luck and enjoy the power of Steemit. You will be amazed how nice this community will be and remember you are still an early pioneer of this social media platform.

Kind regards,


For the Sponsors:

Thank you @jerrybanfield for the funding of this classroom challenge.

Thank you @adsactly for promoting this post.
Last but not least:
Participants please follow Jerry Banfield and Adsactly on Steemit. They have fantastic information how you can grow in this community.

Some links with information how to use Steemit:

Go Jerry

Go Adsactly

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We are happy to see the contest relaunched and I hope a classroom completes it!


thanks for the contest and more for the idea about organizing signups in colleges,

I and @valarmorg have scheduled appointment with a college in our area for this contest, and hope to enroll more than 20 in our class, if successful we will visit other colleges in our area as well,

i would like to ask a question regarding group enrollments in colleges.

Account creation generally takes around a day, is it possible to get accounts aprooved faster for the contest participants?

Nice idee dad

Very interested in this contest..I also go to UCF like @thomas.steem I will work on talking to some professors to get them onboard. I have helped recruit over 10 peers of mine at UCF onto the platform and have no plans on stopping until we hit the moon..I will be sure to keep you updated



Great idea @rival . As a fellow Steemian and student at the University of Central Florida, I believe Steemit could be beneficial to many classes. Several classes that I have taken require discussion posts and feedback from other students. By using SteemIt to post and discuss, it would allow feedback from not only students, but intelligent people such as yourself and others, all while getting paid in Steem! Great share.


Please resteem and make it go viral!!

This is now my opportunity.
I think I'll win this. Thanx @jerrybanfield for this amazing opportunity given to us the minnows to also compete for this.
Am looking forward to winning this challenge


Good luck, please check all rules and keep steeming!!

My 20 student will be joining steemit by Monday but i just got to know that this promo has ended 1st of february....

What a badluck on my side

A great opportunity for me to participate in this contest. Thank you so so much for this wonderful opportunity, i can't afford to miss this.

May God bless you sir @jerrybanfield for this.

Wow what a great contest by groupings. I will try make here a classroom challenge with my co steemians as well as my workmates too.


why can i not vote

@jerrybanfield @rival Okay have found this post after banging my head against the wall for the last 2 hours. I have been here for 3 weeks and i understand that the vote of my weight only carries 0.01 and that im best not voting to the point where my steem power drops below 80% within a 24 hour period.

BUT and this is where i feel like crying and sobbing like an absolute kid because ive stayed up till 5am preparing material because I just cant seem to find help here and I don't want my team to go through such a tough lonely learning curve as most people would have given up by now. ive already been slammed by someone who tried to pull rank on me who didnt understand what emailing marketing was and wrote spammer all over my last blog post which was actually a steemit intro post to those I was openly inviting to come and have a look and who also would not let me post in a FB group unless i had 0.10 to give him and badgered me to write blogs about the FB group, any way sorry so stressed and up set that twice I have brought steem powered up to about 17 from 15 then upvoted once and been knocked back to 15 but even though im at 100% now my vote carries Nothing and I see loads of newbies not realising that they are voting way past the 80% mark. That is not the mistake im making i just feel robbed right now. Ive klived on a freakin sofa for 3 weeks with a discord channel that ive prepared to educate my team as they come in. Im in trouble guys i now have over 150 people to get back to but i have to hold tight because i cant vote. What am I doing wrong?

my vote goes to people that have less steem power than me and the big whales I resteem there posts as well as the newbies. I have 3 youtube videos related to steemit 2 of which I have ranked 1st page "Join Steemit" and "steemit review" crazy traffic going on in instagram and twitter with capture pages and a follow up email sequence partially because the verification takes so long, it took mine 2 weeks and i have about 9 people who have been waiting about 5 days now. i love this class room idea but my class room is a discord channel because of my past online marketing experience but im here living and breathing steemit making notes on all videos some people teach other things but tend to stick to Jerrys advice. Please help i have a little band of steemian troopers forming im interested in getting involved with #promo-steem and taking this out into my community all my social media is plastered with this eveb FB banned mre from using my fan pages and groups for a week which turned out to be a blessing rather than a curse because my twitter and instagram is constantly pingin because im touting bloggers fashion photography food musicians especially because im a saxophonist freestyle. i am sorry for such a long post but im hoping someone sees my desperation to get this right because i want to help others and contribute towards a really cool interactive community we have here its just its very hard for us newbies to get heard though. apart from the one person who has destroyed the purpose of my last blog post i love everyone here :)

wawoow its really an unique idea to have a competition on classroom its really required a brillant brain to do this!

i will share this to my FB account to promote and invite others this is a good promotion!

Wow ,this is great contest to me


nice, check out the rules carefully and enjoy the challenge.


@rival can old account that are just few weeks on steemit join the 20 people?


Only 1 older account is allowed, the purpose of this challenge is to have new people on board.

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This is really lovely....
Spreading the word about steemit.....

@rival good idee dad We are happy to see the contest relaunched and I hope a classroom completes it

I’m teaching 4 sections of ethics courses this semester and I’ve incorporated blockchain into the course. As we go along, I’ll introduce Steemit to approximately 90 students. This should be a lot of fun!


yes go ahead and join the challenge.. you can start for free on steem without any investment!!

it is very good working in groups and useful if you want to grow on steemit

i am seeing this late. I want to know if the contest is still on. If it is still on, i will like to participate. Please get back to me @rival @jerrybanfield

chould you learning me about power steem

I will share this on my son's college fb page. hope students join. The engineering college that he is studying in, is also planning to hold a talk on blockchain technology


the period of this challenge has expired. I am planning a new one in the future.. but of course you can always share it. the more people who know steem the better.


yes, thanks for the response. I shared it on the fb page. I got the link just a few hours before on discord. will follow you for updates. Thanks again

Nice contest... Like it.