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Would you like a new and complete Steemit video course showing how to get started? Enjoy 3+ hours of new HD tutorials featuring everything needed to make a strong start on Steemit for free using this coupon with unlimited redemption at

Hopefully this course will be very helpful for use in getting friends to sign up, learning how to buy and sell Steem/SBD, and making it feel easy to get started here! All videos from this course were filmed by me within the last two months making it the world's newest and most complete Steemit HD video class available anywhere! Enjoy all of the courses I offer free on my website at

Here is the release video announcement on YouTube!

Course description!

Would you like to see how we earn Steem, a top cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, by making and voting on Steemit posts? Get inspired to make and level up your Steemit account today by seeing how generous the community has been in helping me earn Steem in my first weeks at!

Steem is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and hundreds of others which is made and managed by users online instead of banks and governments.

Steemit is the social media platform powered by Steem where it literally pays to upvote posts, submit a story, and write a comment! How much? Within my first month, one post paid over $3,000 worth of Steem and SteemDollars or SBD which are worth $1 of Steem.

As bloggers, artists, video producers, musicians, social media enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs we have the opportunity of a lifetime today to be one of the first users on Steemit which may become so popular that it will be the top network of choice instead of Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat or Twitter or any other website not giving us anything in return for our time and energy!

When we realize that our posts, comments, and shares are worth a lot of money AND we have the opportunity to actually get paid that income on Steemit, the choice is obvious to leave behind all other social networks and go where we are given the most back in exchange for our curation and creation on social media! We choose to post pictures on Steemit instead of Instagram because when our friends upvote them we make a little bit of cash or maybe a lot sometimes! We choose to invite our friends from Facebook to upvote our posts on Steemit and return the favor because we enjoy helping our friends get paid for creating what we love reading. We choose to post short updates as comments on Steemit instead of Twitter because we can often make $1 or more just for a comment!

With the potential for Steemit so high, the question is where do we quickly learn the basics all in one place? Would you take this video course to join us in knowing exactly how to give the very best to the Steemit community and how to get the highest return on the time you invest in getting started and growing on Steemit?

Course Curriculum featuring 36 video lectures and 1 text link to my Steem resources list!

  1. #1 New Social Media and Blogging Website? Steemit!
  2. Steem is a cryptocurrency that powers Steemit a social network.
  3. What are cryptocurrencies? What is Bitcoin?
  4. $503 a day for my first month on Steemit!
  5. Is Steemit going viral now? Huge growth in one month!
  6. Steem, Steem Power, and SteemDollars or SBD explained.
  7. Blog, comments, replies, and rewards explained.
  8. The home, new, hot, trending, and promoted feeds on Steemit.
  9. Steemit guides and helpful links!
  10. Creating a post on Steemit by submitting a story.
  11. Case studies from my friends starting on Steemit.
  12. Earn just by commenting!
  13. Trending post case studies and a simple way to get there!
  14. 8 websites to change fiat like USD to Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.
  15. is where I bought my Bitcoin which I then used to buy Steem.
  16. has support for most countries
  17. offers a great selection of altcoins to fiat.
  18. 3 more cryptocurrency exchanges if Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Kraken do not work for you.
  19. Buy Bitcoin with Cash on!
  20. Buy Bitcoin directly from third party sellers in nearly any country with
  21. is my current favorite cryptocurrency exchange for buying Steem.
  22. Bittrex has 170+ cryptocurrencies with simple security using two factor authentication.
  23. Making a deposit on Bittrex.
  24. Selling SBD to BTC and buying anything with Bitcoin.
  25. Cashing out on Coinbase to USD
  26. makes changing BTC, ETH, LTC, and more to Steem easy.
  27. The blocktrades transaction completes within minutes and I power my Steem up.
  28. Different types of posts I make on Steemit.
  29. How much do top authors post?
  30. Publishing Steemit posts automatically to Facebook and Twitter Free with Zapier and Streemian.
  31. Earning more followers on Steemit.
  32. Built in crowdfunding!
  33. Crowdfund anything on Steemit from health emergencies to new apps.
  34. Redeeming Steemit Rewards.
  35. SBD Market with Steemit Tax Payment and Calculation System.
  36. Blocktrades tutorial for instant exchanges with Bitcoin, Ether, Steem, SBD, and Litecoin.
  37. Thank you for finishing the course!


  1. Why not just make the course available free without signup or free coupons? My main business prior to Steemit was teaching classes online which now is #2 after Steemit. With 1,500+ videos free on YouTube already, the added value of taking my courses is better organization and editing. Making the course cost $180 and then giving a free coupon based on my experience testing courses just free produces a way higher enrollment and course usage rate. I put the course on my website instead of YouTube because I already have enough free Steemit tutorials there and because I hope some students enrolling in the course will convert to my all courses subscription or lifetime bundle. Signing up on The University of Jerry Banfield also helps me to use email marketing for communication about future new courses with an easy one click unsubscribe option available on every email.
  2. Will I keep making new courses on Steemit? Yes I plan to do a video course on becoming a Steem witness and more advanced Steemit classes going forward.
  3. Why not charge for the course and make good money? With our generosity here in upvoting my posts, I am happy to give this course away for free to help as many people see it as possible. Anyone that wants to pay is welcome to do so!
  4. Will I keep making new courses that are not about Steemit? Definitely I have several more courses planned!
  5. Are all of my courses free? Most of the new courses I create will require payment to view while the 80 or so I have already created and uploaded will have free coupons everywhere.
  6. Can I earn as an affiliate? Yes all partners at are allowed to participate as affiliates earning a 50% lifetime commission on every single sign up. For example, if you refer someone using my free coupon to my Steemit course that later converts to a $27 a month subscriber, you get $13 a month for life on their subscription which is $152 a year! Becoming a partner includes many more rewards including reading your Steemit posts first and costs $49 a month on Patreon or $999 for lifetime access because I prefer to work with a small number of motivated partners instead of trying to serve everyone poorly.

Thank you very much for learning about the new Earn Steem on Steemit video course I released today! If you appreciate the work I did to film the 36 videos for this class which I then am making available free here with an unlimited use coupon, would you please upvote this post 100% (or 1UP) because this will continue to motivate me to do the same for future Steem courses?

Jerry Banfield

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@jerrybanfield You are a machine with this content creation, I love how you are promoting the heck out of steem becaues it's going to keep bringing in more and more users which will only strengthen the platform.

I see you are already using the 1UP :)

Maxsteemed as always.



Keep them coming @jerrybanfield love your videos!


If it wasn't for him i wouldnt be here too.




Me! Me! Me! This guy is amazing. I need a break from him so I can complete all my new tasks :)


Thank you @jerrybanfield for showing me this opportunity. your courses are always amazing.


wow awesome jerry great post ^^ l love your channel in youtube !)

Great post :D


agree @inuk always enjoying @jerrybanfield posts!

Seeing how active and committed you are promoting Steem and reinvesting in it just makes me wanna invest more and more daily

Thanks a lot

Big Jer! yes.....this is amazing. Thank you! #Banfieldbandwagon


I agree! Jerry is the man and his videos helped out when I first started (a week ago)

Wow, thanks for this great content for free!


Yeah free is awesome. Not many people think like this way.


How does Jerry have so much time, to create all this awesome content??


He is working full time in this business.of crypto specially steemit community.

I have a day job but still trying to be active here and trade as well.

Signed up:)

Jerry, you are the reason I am on steemit and that I jumped into DASH. If you promote steemit like you did DASH, you should bring in a lot of people who would not have taken a second look at steemit. Keep it up!


Same is the case with me. I came on steemit after seeing jerry FB add. Also the prediction he made about steem. Loving it.


aaaaand that makes 3 of us! lol.


There are many and more will come specially who are in crypto trading world.


He is extremely thorough and does his research to create quality content. Not many people do that.


I agree totally. His videos have helped me get started & I continue to learn how to navigate from his videos. A+


I wish I would have been listening more seriously to Mr. Banfield sooner. I really missed the great expansion this past month in several currencies.

Hi Jerry,
Your videos are amazing and a great watch.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Keep up the good work work.

Really interested on this one. Keep them coming. More power bro! 1UP'ed!


It is not just steemit. I keep looking for his predictions of crypto currencies to add up in my trading


Yeah, for some weird reason he is right most of the time, and when it does happen it does big time.

Lucky today I signed up and received this gift within hours. I have already watched hours of your videos about trading and investing in cryptos, so thanks again for sharing the course - should get me up to steemit speed.

@jerrybanfield great post! Probz from germany

Very good idea which will help new and old members to be a big success here and be more effective and efficient in recruiting new members to steemit-a win win strategy for all. Steemit is great because of people like you @jerrybanfield using their talent for our common good. Upvoted and following you in order to get more from you and send in my support.
I AM IN...

Go Jerry! Thanks!

Extremely generous of you to offer 100% off @jerrybanfield, I feel your enthusiasm and pay it forward mindset is really hitting home with a ton of people. Steemit FTW!!!

1UP! ..... Appreciate this and have already shared one of your videos that brought over a new Steemit user that has 15,000 followers on Instagram.

Giving people the chance to watch a video or check out quality material provides leverage of your time and lets people see for themselves if Steemit is right for them. So much easier than trying to explain it to them yourself! And for the most part third party credibility is more powerful.

Thank you for putting out the new Earn Steem on Steemit video course. That's education that works... it actually will make the you money and you don't need a student loan. So awesome, steem on!!

Great...Keep steeming

Everyone who is new and needs a steemit course... @jerrybanfield is the go to guy... He knows what he is doing!


He knows the system more than anyone in steemit who is trying to help newbies. It is good for all of us.

Thanks, @jerrybanfield i already signup for this amazing course, i am enjoying it.
Thanks, you are awesome

Great post

Thank you Jerry......... you got me started in crypto and now in steemit. You are one of the few who I really trust with quality content.

OMG I'm VEGAN too! You ROCK dude!

People, you should take this opportunity. I got started by watching Jerry's videos. He can really shorten the learning curve for you. Great deal!
And Jerry, when do you have time to go to the bathroom? I've never seen anyone pump out so much info. Thanks

I have learned so much from your posts already and would be very grateful for anymore!!! Cheers buddy :-)

Nice guy :)

Lets make the french world crypto !!


Hi @jerrybanfield. I am wondering what you think of ONG.SOCIAL? I just joined and from what I see, you can post from there to all channels: facebook, youtube etc. and soon Steemit. They reward good content in crypto too (ICO next month). It's just starting up though, so I wonder if you think it's gonna be as big as Steemit and worthwhile getting into.
Would appreciate your thoughts :)

I am reading this because @hexdek16 gave you his like. I hope to do what you do here. Verry Big!

I have enrolled in this course and found it very helpful for new users! :)

Wow, that is amazing @jerrybanfield! Thank you very much. That is amazing. You deserve every sent you make online. Well done.

I think Steemit should pay you more for all the good work you are doing.

@jerrybanfield Totally off-topic, no offence, but are you straight or gay? Just wondering, no homo :)

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

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@jerrybanfield I admire how quick you are! Doing a great job teaching people and growing steemit community!

Just enrolled :)

Yay!! I was told by my brother @goplayonline to watch your tutorials. I can't wait to learn from you! Thank you for sharing your wisdom! 😍❤

Super epic! Just signed up and look forward to reviewing the videos here today. No time like the present!

@Jerrybanfield thank you for your amazing generosity​. I am really happy to see you on your path of success. UDEMY seems like so many ages ago...
Against all odds you made it buddy
Rock on...

i am really interested on this one interesting

Great post Maan......liked it ...nice one

@jerrybanfield, 36 videos on every thing that one needs to know on crypto currencies and steemit in particular. It's a lot, lot of video to watch. I need to keep half a day separate for these videos. Perhaps tomorrow is the day I watch all of them.

Thanks Jerry, you are so prolific and making things easy for lot of new steemians out there.

You have my gratitude.

Thanks Jerry for putting out such quality content

Great stuff, Jerry! I admire all your work!

Thanks for all your efforts in equipping everyone on this great platform. I will take my time and learn everything you've detailed.

Thanks for helping so much with constant great informational content!
And for bringing so many Facebook users to here, been watching your ads and the views are amazing !!!

Keep it up @jerrybanfield

Woah man, keep it coming with the great quality content!!
Now i know how I'm spending my Sunday haha!
This platform needs more users like you, all the best mate 🙏🙏

Thank you. It is beneficial information.

thank you! I think I know what I'm gonna do this evening )

Thank you Jerry very much for this course i am thinking to make a course like you about how to post on steemit : the fondamentals.

@@ -146,8 +146,42 @@
udio! :)

    • Also, I resteemed this Post. ;)

Your every post is knowledgeable and i love your blog post..You are the guru of steemit..i also joined your Facebook page and youtube channel...
Why not sir, i follow all of your activity..this is a delicious cake for me..i will take yoir course as a birthday cake..
Love you jerry for your hard work and i know steemit is your favourite platform and you support it ...🖤🖤🖤

Jerry!! Where were you before I spent ten hours creating my Introduction and posting it yesterday? I could have been doing something productive instead! The "get started" guide will save lots of minnow time! Thanks loads.

Thank you jerry for the course. Will watch later; happy for you being so successful on steem.

This is truly amazing! 3+ hour of quality material. This course looks like it will make a home run. Thank you for your hard work!

i was trying to save my power but now you've done this im going to have to upvote it!

great job Jerry! I'm doing the same thing but in more simple terms for all the newbies, as its too over whelming with all this new information ;) good stuff thou!! well done!

Why i never get upvoted :<

awesome as always jerry ! Plsplsplspls do a review on SIACOIN

Thanks for sharing us

Thanks, I really appreciate this. You really don't disappoint.

I have already completed few of your courses, looking forward to take this one aswell

it would be interesting to see it yes...upvoted to support!

Jerry, I watched this tutorial yesterday and some of the videos aren't complete. Adding to that, please add some more material regarding upvoting and and all the relevant term that one newbie needs to know.
Appreciate your efforts!

Excellent and truly inspirational work here. Lets pledge to expand this network by leaps and bounds and LETS MAKE THE PEOPLE LEARN TO UTILISE THEIR TIME INSTEAD OF WASTING. THUMBS UP BUDDY 👍

Thanks Jerry for the info. You've been a great help.

Thanks for sharing @jerrybanfield this is one of the reasons why you should follow jerry on steemit. Learn first and every other thing shall be added unto you.

Thanks for sharing am following you now

As always .Great content and resteemed =)

I lose it everytime he says ''Would you?'' ahaha I love you

you're awesome Jerry

wow its awesome rules... like this new steem... go ahead... 😍

Yes most definitely jerry. Bring it on. Your steem videos are always dope

Just an Update: Gave this a FB Post & Twitter "Tweet"! Getting the word out!! :)

Wow Jerry this is an extensive and wonderful post! I have been following you on YouTube for some time and am still new to Steemit. I invite you over to view my posts and stay tuned in with me. I am loving the Steem community and I have already learned so much from you!! Thank you Jerry!

The Last Sage

Great Jerry, upvoted, follow me guys ;)

Thank you for making available all your great guidance in one place in the form of the video course. Will certainly check it out. You are an inspiration to minnows like me. The main reason I am on Steemit is because I watched your youtube videos.

I would be honored if you check my latest blogs when you have time. I have posted the first of my tiger pictures with a story of that encounter. Your comments will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

A minnow (8 days old and counting)

You rock @jerrybanfield! I am new in this community and must confess, sometimes I have no idea what am I doing. For example I forgot about reputation, so I thought that number next to name represents ages
(because I had a reputation 25 and I am 25 years old).
But I want to learn and understand how steemit works so thank you, thank you, thank you on this content.
And please upvote.

Awesome! Thanks Jerry :)

this is so amazing

You are just a supper Steemian. I cannot forget your post on your losses on cryptocurrency. You are just a strong fellow, an inspiration to many. Weldone

Finally it's here
Had been waiting for it , excited to enroll @jerrybanfield

Also can you include queries and make a seperate video answering queries ?

Hi Jerry, Great idea for the course, I signed up.
I was on your YT live yesterday, I wanna say thanks again for the upvote.
I have a suggestion for your next Live Stream, Schedule your live event 2 or 3 days out and post it on Steemit. You can do the live stream on Steemit (and still have the live chat on YT)and people can stay on Steemit and vote you up while you are on live. It is pretty simple, but if you need to know how, let me know and I will help you. Keep up the good work.

Nice will see yet another great course from you @jerrybanfield! ...thanks for sharing :)

As a new user, definitely going to check it out, thanks!

WOW ! That's something. I just signed up. Can't wait to read all that. Thanks a bunch :)

Resteemed! I missed you live video on Youtube of that free upvote 😭

Waiting for next one!

Wow!, you invested a lot of work into this tutorial!, congrats!

Awsome stream yesterday

Thank you so much for the GREAT sharing :)

I'm gonna go check out the courses you have on your website first to get familiar with whats going on in the Steemit Community. Thanks for all of your hard work Jerry, much appreciated.

Thanks Jerry! Really looking forward to watching this video series!

I admire you @Jerrybanfield
You are very helpful and supportive
I wish you a lovely time

Best Regards Andrei 👦

You are real Machine,Jerry!

Super detailed post, thanks for that. Much appreciated, keep up the good work, and FULL STEEM AHEAD!

wow! Jerry Banfield you are such a hardworking person, a good teacher. Infact, you introduced me to steemit through your video on facebook.
I would like you to talk on voting power. What does 2votes/24hrs 92.993 votes mean?

Getting this course right now! Thanks!! Steemit is getting popularity cuz of your vids!